Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Been too long

  It has been a long time since my last blog post, but what can I say? Too much fun, or not much going on, or a little of both.

  I guess it has been a little of both. We have made it to Ft Stewart Ga where our son Jonathan will be stationed. We have no idea how long he will be here, there is a rumor floating around that his unit might be deploying to "the sand box" in September. Either way we will spend some time with him while we can.

 When we decided to spend a few extra days here our #2 son Corey decided to drive down with his daughter and spend a couple days with us. We are really happy that he did come, seeing and spending time with them is always special.

 Thursday we will pull out and point the nose towards the south. No set plans except to be in Bushnell Fl before the 6th of May when we get on the boat for our cruise. I do want to go down the coast before we cut across to Bushnell. But for now we will enjoy the company of Jon, Corey, and Miss Jaelynn..........

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kentucky Basketball

  The month of March is known as "March Madness", which is in reference to the NCAA's tournament which is held in March. The madness starts with the selection of which teams will be playing in the tournament, and what seed, (placement) they will get. Each team that wins their prospective division is an automatic, the rest comes from their record over the past year, and some how they have eight teams play and the winners of those four games get in the tournament.

  After the first four games you have 64 teams playing, 16 teams in four regions. These teams play the first week of the tournament, some Thursday, and some Friday, with the winners playing Saturday and Sunday. The winners of two games move on to the "sweet sixteen", where 16 teams play the following week, and the winners advance to the elite eight. The winners of the elite eight move on to the final four which is played the next week, with the two remaining winning teams playing the following Monday night for the National Championship.

 OK I said all that to lead up to us watching the March Madness. The first game we were in Del Rio and got the games on satellite TV. The next week we were somewhere else and I had to watch KY play on the PC because we couldn't get local channels where we were, so we moved the next day to a place that we could get local TV. And we wound up in New Orleans LA for the final four games, and it wasn't a coincident that the final four games were played in New Orleans.

  As most everyone knows I watch Kentucky Football and Kentucky Basketball, no other sports interest me. So to be in the same town that the final four was being played, and the fact that Kentucky was playing was very exciting for me. Although we didn't spend the $$ for tickets to see the games, ($350.00 - $7000.00 per ticket) we did get to mingle with the crowds in New Orleans. We did get to visit "Bracket Town" which was an area of the convention center set up with all kinds of activities and shows for the fans. Bracket Town is where I got placed in the middle of the Kentucky Wildcats. (the pic on the blog)

 Walking around The French Quarter we saw plenty of Kentucky fans, along with fans from Kansas, Ohio, and Louisville, which were the four teams playing in the final four. It was exciting just to be around that many fans. We had thought we might try to get some tickets to the championship game from some of the fans of the loosing two teams, but that thought went away after we saw how big the super dome was. You would need binoculars just to see the numbers on the players jersey, and I couldn't imagine trying to watch a game from that far away.

 We watched The Kentucky Wildcats knock off the Kansas Jayhawks in the National Championship game from the comforts of our home on the TV. New Orleans had some pretty bad storms just before the game and a lot of rain through out the night so we didn't go down town to celebrate with everyone, but we were celebrating, and we will continue to celebrate until football season starts this fall.

 Congratulations to Coach Cal, and THE KENTUCKY WILDCATS. and all the KY FANS.

We are now parked in Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale AL. We will hang out here for a couple days before heading on to FL. We have about two weeks until we meet up with our son Jon in Ft Stewart GA. Jon is serving in the U S Army, and has returned from a tour in Korea, he will be stationed at Ft Stewart GA.

  If this blog post is a bit confusing you can blame it on me typing it at 3 am......................