Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is here

  With all the crazy weather we have been having in the US the past few years it is hard to say what the normal weather should be at any given time or place. We left KW thinking we could follow the warmth as it migrated north. Well we were wrong, we did avoid any 30's, but we had 40's a couple times since leaving KW. With the low hitting 57 while we were in KW we have seen colder temps in May and June, but summer is officially here and we "should" be good to go until next year.

  We are close to half way through our volunteer position here at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park this year, and the buck list of things to get done here is no where close to being half way. I keep trying to figure out where the time goes and what we have done since we have been here and all I can see is we eat a lot.

 We have done a few things, the Gap Cave tour is one we do every year, and this year Miss Jaelynn was able to go. She enjoyed it but not as enthused as I thought she would be. We also spent fathers day with Jenelle and Corey at Hensley's settlement. Several people were dressed in era clothes and demonstrating how they lived there back in the early 1900's. Marcia and Corey had a booth set up selling wares for Eastern National, and Jenelle and I wandered around seeing and learning about how life was 100 years ago on top of the mtn.

 I think I have pretty much got all my doctors appointments set up to do when we are here, and this year everything is going really well. I had cyst removed from my back, had my ex-rays, and my annual doctor appointment. Next week I do the follow up on the surgery, and the first week in July I will do my hearing tests. I think I will wind up getting hearing aids because everyone I know has started talking softer and quieter.

 We will be here until the 1st day of Aug. + or - a day, and where we go from here all depends on the "etch-a-sketch". The only plans so far is being back in Key West the first week in Oct so Marcia can start her camp-hosting position. That allows us 2 months to get to KW, I guess I'll have to rush a bit but I think we can do it........................

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good for another year

We got moved to our little site the CGNHP provides us while we volunteer. This year we pulled into the site to give us a little more privacy, and everything worked out well. Except the trees have grown some and I haven't been able to find the satellite for direct TV. So we ordered a Winegard Carryout so maybe it will find the satellite and we will have TV again. I get to set it up today.

 The 4th was my annual doctor appointment, and my eye appointment, and the 5th I had ex-rays, and an appointment to have a place removed from my right armpit so we got a room at the Hyatt and spent the night in Lexington.

 The Dr appointment went well, he refilled all my meds and gave me a good examination. He found an irregularity in my prostate so he referred me to an urologist which I got to see on the 5th. He found the same irregularity and decided it was nothing major but we needed to keep an eye, (or finger) on it so I go back next year.

 The eye doctor said all was well and my prescription hadn't changed much since my last exam and he wrote me a presciption so I could get new glasses. I spent the rest of the day with my eyes dilated so I was fighting the sunshine, but that part was all over and done with. A trip to Sam's club and I now have a new set of glasses being sent to me.

 Then we checked into the Hyatt, it is connected to Rupp Arena where the UK wildcats play their home basketball games. A huge place, a very over priced hotel, and down town Lexington. After we got settled in the room I took a nap hoping my eyes would be back to normal when I got up. The nap wasn't long enough but it was time to eat so we started walking around the area looking for a place to eat.

 I have never felt more like a fish out of water as I did walking around amongst all those big buildings, handicapped by dilated eyes. We passed by several pubs with tables on the sidewalks, but nothing really jumped out and said eat here. After a while we came upon one pub and I sat down and said how about here? Marcia was quick to notice the 93 score by the health department and said no. So we made it back to the hotel parking lot and took the truck, we wound up at MacDonald's because they had easy parking.

 After a sleepless night, (I like my bed, and my pillows) we headed to the VA hospital to get ex-rays, meds filled, and EKG, and general surgery. There were a few mix-ups so I was able to see the urologist between all the other appointments I had to do. The problem spot in my armpit doesn't seam to be a problem any more so we all (the doctors, Marcia and myself) elected to remove a cyst from my back that had been getting larger and bothering me, so into surgery I went.

 They just numbed it to cut it out, I think they used something like a plasma cutter to cut it out. They put a "grounding" patch on my leg and every time she started cutting I heard a sound very much like a welding machine makes when someone is welding. Then the worst part came, I smelled the burning flesh, and knew it was my flesh that was burning. But all went well, I wasn't hurt too much, the cyst was gone, and the doctor got a little experience.

 Now we are back home and I'm having another sleepless night, but the doctors should be done for another year when we get to repeat it all again, less the surgery...............
OK I'm not writing a book so until the next time........................