Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

 We were raised a few miles from CGNHP and took it for granted most of our lives. Now that we have seen other National Parks and stay in State and National parks a lot we have grown to appreciate them a whole lot more. We have also decided to give some of our time to the park.

 Marcia will be helping out in the visitor center a few days a week, (or where ever they need help) and I will help out where ever they need me or can use me. They gave us nice shirts and hats to wear so everyone knows that we are officially helping out. They also are providing a very nice place for us to park the rig, right between a favorite picnic area and the rangers station.

 We will be here for the month of May, and if things work out for us and the park we will hang around for the month of June too. This really works well for us since we will be in the area any way because of dad's health issues. The etch-a-sketch shows us hanging around here until dad is better, so we won't be spending much $$ on diesel fuel for the next few months.

 Dad was put back into ICU tonight, he had started retaining fluids so they moved him back to the hospital room to treat his lungs. Once he was moved to a hospital room they did an EKG and found his heart rate was too high so they had to give him a cardiac drip, and with the drip he has to be under a close watch so ICU is where he wound up.

 The move was mainly because of insurance, they only pay for so many days of rehab, and the doctor didn't want to waste those days while he was treating his lungs. Which turned out to be a good thing because the found the elevated heart rate with the EKG and he will get that taken care of before it causes additional problems.

 With all the new changes tonight dad is doing a lot better. He walked to the bathroom and back by himself tonight. He was out of breath when he got back to the bed, but that is a big improvement from him not being able to lift his legs. One of his goals is to take off with us this summer to Montana, so if he gets well enough we will be headed to Lima Montana.

 Its late and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow in Lexington so this is it for this blog post, I'll be back for another soon.......................... I hope..........................

Friday, April 15, 2011

Th excitement Continues

Yes the excitement continues here in Southeastern Kentucky, it just isn't the excitement we want.

 We returned to Cumberland Gap National Park because dad was having major health issues. March the 20th he was admitted to ARH hospital with congestive heart failure and phenomena. He spent the next 12 days in ICU. He was then released from ICU and the hospital and sent to Tri State Health Care for rehab. The problem accrued because the doctor didn't send the script for his meds, which resulted in dad being rushed back to ARH with a 160 heart rate, on the 4th of April.
 Dad spent the next two days back in ICU where everything started improving because he was getting his meds. Another problem accrued when his regular doctor increased his meds causing his PB to bottom out the day after he was returned to Tri State. That triggered another trip to the ER where he was treated and released back to Tri State, but the ER doctor took him off his meds, and the doctors at Tri State wouldn't start them back.
 Monday the 11th one of the nurses at Tri State attempted to give day a sleeping pill at 7:30 AM. Thankfully dad and Scott caught the mistake. Some other things happened causing Tri State to limit all of dads visits, and when they told us to say our good-byes and tell dad we would be back at 4 PM I told them to get dads discharge papers because we were leaving.
 Tri State contacted Pineville hospital and rehab center for us and it was set up for us to take dad to Pineville. He has spent the past week in Pineville hospital where he has been getting better treatment resulting in him getting better physically. Today he was moved to the rehab center at the Pineville Community Hospital and doing A LOT better. So we have had plenty excitement, it just isn't the excitement we like.

 As for what we have been doing, we got to visit with three of my cousins from the Lima Ohio Area that I haven't seen in years. Beverly, Linda and Jamie came down to see dad and we got to spend a few hours together at the RV. I really think they liked the idea of us living in our RV full time.

 We have been getting our bingo fix too. Marcia goes several times a week, and I join her a couple times a week. It really helps when we are able to yell B I N G O, and they bring us the $$$. The jeep got a new set of shoes today. I had ordered a set of Cragar Mags, ( the hottest wheels made back in the 70's) and today we had them put on with a new set of Wrangler tires. We also have a new soft top to put on it next week, and a set of driving lights. The lights have smiley face covers to match the spare tire cover they put on it when the repaired it after the lady rear-ended Marcia in FL a few months ago.

 The "etch-a-sketch" is kind of broken until dad gets his health issues under control, but the Cumberland Gap National Park is a pretty good place for us to stay while we wait, and maybe we will be able to get some sightseeing in over the next couple of weeks.

 If you happen to be in the area let us know, we would love to show you around some......................

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving Day

Today was our moving day, we drove all the way to the dump station and then parked the rig across the street from where it was yesterday. At least I did get the tanks filled and dumped, and turned the wheels.

 Friday dad was released from ICU and transferred to a rehab center about 6 miles away. Even though it was only 6 miles he did cross state lines. Crossing the state line created problems with his meds because the quack doctor that is filling in for his regular doctor didn't write the orders for his meds.

 Monday dad started his therapy and all was really good. He did several sets of therapy because his shortness of breath limits him in how long he can do it. The doctor he has at the rehab center has never seen dad, but after we had complained about dad not getting his meds it was decided he needed an EKG. The EKG showed that his heart rate was way too high, so he was sent back to the hospital where he was admitted back into ICU.

 So now that his regular doctor will be back Tuesday, and that he will be getting his heart meds maybe his stay in ICU will be short and he can get back to his therapy so he can get built back up and go home.

 Marcia and I are enjoying being close to family despite the weather and the hospitals. The park is terrific if only we could spend a little more time in it, and Marcia is getting her BINGO fix almost every night. We will be here for another two weeks before we need to dump the tanks again, and maybe we will move to the other side of the park for a change then.