Monday, June 18, 2012

Time sure does fly by

 It really blows my mind to see how quickly the time between my posts goes by. I guess keeping busy with family, doctors, and the park has a lot to do with it. So I'll give you all the quick version of the past few weeks.

 Several weeks ago I had an in-grown toenail taken care of, but two days before my two week check up it got infected. So that resulted in the doctor removing the entire toenail. OUCH, so now I have to soak it daily for two or three weeks, and keep it wrapped until I go back for the two week check up which will be the second two week check up, but it doesn't hurt too much, (unless Marcia steps on it).

 Marcia had an annual physical and we are waiting on the blood tests to come back before we know anything, She will have a few other tests done before we leave the area. She also had an ingrown toenail taken care of, and because of the problems I have had with mine we are being extra careful treating hers.

 Marcia has wanted LASIK surgery on her eyes for years, and I have told her to do the research and have it done. Last week she had an appointment to see if LASIK would help her, and they scheduled the surgery for this past Friday. We got up really early and drove the 80 + or - miles to be there before 7 am. They let me watch the whole thing, and all I can say is, modern medicine has came a long way. Maybe I will do a separate blog on just the surgery?

 8 hours after the surgery we returned for a check up. (not two weeks) The doctor said she was doing great, and was seeing 20/30 and reading some of the 20/25 line. Now that doesn't sound really good until you think that they had put a lot of medicines in her eyes that day, and they cut a layer of her eye off and put it back after they took the laser to it. She has a follow up appointment Thursday.

 Marcia is really enjoying her duties at the CGNHP, and I have pretty much been a no show at the park leaving it all up to Marcia. I "might" help her out some when my toe gets better, or should I milk this out as long as I can???

 We are also getting to see family and friends a lot, getting Marcia's BINGO fix satisfied, and just enjoying until the next time....................