Friday, July 31, 2009

One of those days

Today started out to be one of those days for me, crawling out of bed was a real struggle, but crawling back into bed was easy. Needless to say the morning went by pretty fast for me.

Marcia was working her last day for Jim and Kris, Marleen takes over the park tomorrow. We will be here for two more weeks due to one of the hosts have some kind of surgery.

This afternoon I changed out the antenna on the rig, the new one isn't any better than the old one except it cranks up and rotates a lot easier. Maybe I will find another day to change out the booster since the new antenna came with a new booster.

Tonight we went with Jim and Kris to Outback Steak House for dinner. Even with the 15 meals under $15 starting at $9.95 it is a little on the pricey side for me to go there too often. The steak wasn't the best, nor was it the worst I have ever had. The service was real good once we got plates, and the staff was really friendly.

We said our good-byes to Jim and Kris since they will be pulling out EARLY in the AM. We really enjoy working for them at the Escapees RV Parks, Jim knows how to "manage" a place. Maybe we will head to NM to see them this fall. Now it is time to beat Marcia in a game of hoof and mouth....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

When will the rain STOP???

Today we woke up to more rain, and the few times I woke up last night it was raining too. Although we are not getting the heavy rains that caused the flood a few weeks ago, which is a good thing.

Marcia made dad and myself a big breakfast this AM, and I broke my "reduction diet", but now I'm back on track. We had a good visit with dad today, and it was really good to see he is feeling a lot better.

I ran into a few snags while setting up dad's bills to pay on-line, it seems like all the bills he has needs to be paid by cash or check, or they charge a convenience charge. So with half of them wanting to charge extra for online services we figured it wouldn't be a good ideal for me to handle them.

Nellie stopped by just before dad left to drive home, and brought him some large copies of a check book register so he can keep it up himself. (I'm sure she would be willing to drive over there a couple times a month to keep it straight for him.

Jenelle and Marcia tried their best to beat me at hoof and mouth, but even though I gave them a 500 point lead they couldn't cross the 1500 mark before I did. I think I should have let them set me on the last hand just to be a nice guy, but that wouldn't have been as much fun.

Tomorrow I will try again to install the new antenna, today was a wash out due to the rain.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dad Visiting and I am BIKE-LESS

Dad came over today to spend a day or two with us, and I am very happy he is feeling much better than he was last week. I had offered to drive over to pick him up, but he wanted his wheels here in case he decides he wants to leave. How independent we are!!!

While dad was here Dan, a guy that saw the bike on Craigs List came by and looked the DR 650 over. He wound up buying it, although I didn't get as much as I had hoped to get, I did get RID of the motorcycle. I'm happy, dad is happy Scott is happy, and I hope Dan is happy.

We took dad by to see Jenelle's new house tonight after trying out a new (for us) diner. Hunter's on Hwy 33 just north of Emery road isn't much to look at but they do serve some good sandwiches. Dad had a Ruben, Marcia had a BBQ, and I had a small burger, and they all were pretty good.

Tomorrow I get to install the new bat-wing antenna....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That dirty four letter word

Today I had to do that dirty four letter word, work, it is almost as bad as SNOW,COLD,RAIN,or a few others I won't mention. Last night when we pulled in at the rig we had a nice big package waiting on us. It was the new "half time" microwave we had ordered. Since our old microwave required a very lucky hand running across the key pad to make it work we upgraded to a convection/half time/ microwave.

Today I installed it, and that really turned out to be WORK, because like everything else when you upgrade it doesn't fit the old hole. I had to build a frame to encase the new one, and then screw it to the existing cabinet, cut down the trim to get it to where I don't worry about it falling out while we are driving down the road.

I think it turned out pretty good for a quick install job, and Marcia is happy with it so all is well.

Tonight Jim and Kris are taking all the Hosts and work campers out for dinner. I'm not sure where we are going, but I know Jim and Kris well enough to know the food will be good. Maybe tomorrow Marcia will try out the new half time microwave?

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today we drove to Middlesboro so I could get things ready to do dads bills online. Since dad can't write because of his Parkinson, and the person that has been doing his check book has left, I volunteered to do them for him if I could set them up to do online.

As it looks the local garbage bill will be the only one I can't do online, but we can set it up as an automatic bank draft. I dislike automatic bank drafts because it makes keeping a checking account a lot more difficult, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Later we went to Corey and Jennifer's to cook dinner. The menu was deep fried chickens, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and rolls. Desert was cookies and cherry delight, but I had to pass on the cherry delight myself.

We sat around watching Miss Jaelynn play with her jeep and other toys. She is such a pleasure to watch, and she can make you laugh anytime. Jenelle kept an eye on Miss Jaelynn while Corey cleaned out some gutters, Marcia and Jennifer cleaned up after supper, and dad and myself ate desert.

I was happy for us to spend time with two of our three kids, our grand daughter, and my dad. I know quality time like today won't happen everyday....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today it was raining at 6 AM, 7 AM, and by 9 Am I was back in the bed. With the rain falling it made for a good day to be lazy, and by afternoon the rain had stopped, but I still made the rest of the day being lazy.

I did manage to re-wire the lights on the top of the tracker. I now have one of those fancy coiled cables to run from the M/C carrier to the tracker, with the plugs on the tracker and the M/C carrier. I am thinking about getting rid of the blue ox brake system and going back to the surge type brake.

The surge brake works with a cable attached to the brake peddle, and would help at all speeds, where as the expensive brake system only works in emergency stops about 35 MPH. I'm convinced blue ox and the other tow bar systems are WAY OVER PRICED, and from what I hear their service isn't what it used to be. For now I will use the expensive gadget.

Nellie came over to visit this evening, and after we ate we played a game of Hoof and Mouth, (hand and foot with skip-bo cards). Marcia jumped out to a substantial lead, but it wasn't enough because I came back and won. They both were in shock and couldn't believe that I pulled off the VICTORY.

Tomorrow we are deep frying a few chickens at Corey's house....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

London Gathering

Today was our planned meeting with Paul and Connie in London Kentucky. We crawled out of bed and I hurried up to the clubhouse to eat breakfast. This is Jim and Kris's last weekend so they were having a mixture for breakfast. Biscuits, gravy, pancakes, toast, sausage, hash browns,eggs, and juice, any and all for $3.

After I ate we loaded up the tracker and headed for London, since dad had said he wasn't up for a long day out just yet we decided to head straight up I-75. We arrived at the flea market early so Marcia and I walked through looking for deals. Well all the deals must have been at another flea market, or like most full timers we just don't need anything.

Just after 11:30 AM Paul and Connie pull in. It was a joy to see them again. If any of you know Connie and Paul you know you won't be around them very long until you are laughing, or you will be hiding hoping nobody sees you with them. We love to laugh so there was no hiding.

After out initial hugs we walked inside and found a seat so we could just talk and enjoy to moment in the cool AC. After a while we all decided it was time to find food. Isn't that what we are all about anyway?

We knew of a nice Mexican joint where the food was good, the prices were fair, and it wasn't too far away. Although the sweet tea wasn't like any other Paul managed to drink it all gone. The waiter was kind enough to snap a couple pictures of us while we posed. We talked until we all got cold from the AC, It really was good being with good friends again, and we hope to meet up with them later in MI.

After we left the Mexican joint we went to the "Dog Patch Trading Post" just north of London to look around and spend quality time together. In front of the store they have these big pictures with holes so you can take your picture (of your face) with different bodies. Paul and Connie got a little mixed up.

And then I just had to make a face or two and Pual caught one of them with the camera.

Inside the store we had a good time looking around, and acting like kids again. This was one time I was hiding, I even pulled Marcia away from Connie yelling that she should keep away from the local hillbillies.

It was great laughing as much as we did and even better seeing and spending a few hours with Paul and Connie.

Since dad couldn't make it, Connie baked us two cakes, she said something about dad not getting any if she only baked one. I wander what gave her that ideal???

Friday, July 24, 2009

How does it get so dirty?

I can't figure out how the rig gets so dirty just sitting. Today I used the pressure washer I bought in Tulsa when Jay and Fay took us to the flea market. It works really well on the roof, not powerful enough to cause damage to the roof, but it will wash away the dirt.

There were a few places I used a brush to try to get some of the stains off. Parking under trees doesn't help, and the humidity here allows for mold to start growing. The passengers side and the awning was next. The awning was really bad where the moisture collects, the mold was really bad there, but a lot of scrubbing and the pressure washer cleaned it up pretty good.

Tomorrow we go to London to meet up with Paul and Connie....

Thursday, July 23, 2009


After sitting here for almost two months I'm ready to get these wheels moving. Today I went to check on Jenelle's car, and got the bad news. Blown intake gasket, and maybe worse, but they can't check anything else until they fix that, and after that is fixed if something else is wrong that will have to be fixed again. OH WELL it's only time and money.

Then I met Corey at the shop so he could get his truck repaired, when it rains it pours. We left the shop and went straight to Burger King to eat lunch. from there it was to dads so we could take him to the doctor. That went well, and I got to watch Jaelynn while Corey talked to the doctor with dad. He knows a lot more about the medical stuff, and I wanted to spend time with Jaelynn.

Although I got to spend time with her, I didn't get any pictures because she had me too strung out for a camera. Later Corey got the meds straightened out and I came back to the rig.

I just want to figure out which way we should turn, or where are we going to park the rig tonight....

A few EXTRA minuets

OK I know I had said I would get some pictures uploaded, but I failed to yesterday due to the fact that we ran all day, (after I crawled out of bed) so while waiting on a phone call today I thought I would post a few pictures.
What a smile this little girl has.

Do you think she is CAMERA SHY??????

Here she is playing peek-a-boo.

This is the same road in the park after the repairs from the flood last week.

Here is the swimming pool after Jim got the water cleaned, it was all muddy from the flood, and the deck was covered in mud too.

Here is the hummingbird nest, it looks like a little one in there.???

I know a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll try to type less and post more pictures.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Day

Today started out pretty good, but things got really busy after lunch. I went back to bed this AM feeling a little under the weather. At 11:30 I did manage to crawl out of the bed, and intended on going back to bed, but Marcia said the insurance adjuster would be here around 1 PM.

So instead of going back to bed Marcia made our lunch and we started eating, and before we finished the insurance adjusted pulled in, a lot early! He took all kinds of pictures of the roof where the bubbles have never went down from when they installed the new roof back in March of 08. It has a lifetime warranty because we used "their preferred" shop, and I am not satisfied with it, so we will see what they do to satisfy me.

Next we tried to put the new microwave/convection oven in, but it was way too big for the hole, so we had to return it to Sears. As we pulled back into the driveway after returning the microwave I started gathering the tools to change to oil in the tracker. And then the phone rang, Corey told me Jenelle was talking to him on the phone when she said she had to go because her car was making a noise.

I called her and she told me it had over heated and she was sitting on the side of the road near where she works. Marcia and I grabbed some tools and water and went to help. I changed the radiator hose and filled it back up with water and we started back to the rig. We didn't make it to the rig when it started getting hot again so we stopped at a Raceway.

When it wouldn't start after we filled it up with water again she called for a tow truck to haul it to a shop to have it fixed. Tomorrow I will have to go check on it when I go to take dad to the doctor. Oh yea, Corey went to get him from the hospital today when he was released, so he is home and tomorrow is a scheduled appointment.

After the tow truck drive left with the Malibu on the rollback we started looking for a place to eat. We for a really nice Mexican Restaurant in Powell called El Rey Azteca in the strip mall just off of Clinton Hwy. The salsa was real good, with lots of substance, not runny, not so hot that it burnt, and the chips were warm. Me being on my reduction diet I had a chicken burrito, Marcia had a chicken nachos, and Jenelle had burrito supreme. The total bill after I got the senior discount was only $16.02.

Now with Jenelle's car in the shop she has reverted back to driving the Saturn so it was a good thing she didn't sell it. We did have to get a gas can and take some gas to put in it because she has shown it to so many people without driving it. We did manage to get back to the rig after 9 PM so now I'm ready to finish this and get in bed, so until tomorrow....

Half a day for Marcia

Today was Marcia's half day, so as soon as she finished it we were off to Middlesboro to see dad, Corey, Jaelynn, and Jenifer. We met Corey at Sears because he was having his tires rotated and he didn't want to hang around the mall while they worked on his truck.

We went to McDonnalds across from the hospital to catch a late lunch. Miss Jaelynn was awakened from her nap way too early, but unlike most kids in the situation she was smiling and enjoying the ketchup with her fries. With her allergies she is very limited to what she can eat and McDonnalds fries are on her do not eat list, but she tolerates a few with a cup of ketchup.

The it was across the street to see dad. I guess I woke him up from his nap too, because he didn't answer either of the phones when I called and when I walked in the door startled him. He had slept off and on most of the dad today, and most of last night so I was happy knowing he was catching up on some much needed rest.

His sores caused by the antibiotics were a lot better today, and he says the doctor told him he would be going home tomorrow. I really like the attention he has been getting in the hospital, three meals a day, nurses shaving him, and changing his bed everyday.

This week I am going to "try" to talk to him and Scott about hiring someone to come in and clean for them once or twice a week. Their house is so large that it takes help from everyone to keep it neat, and dad and Scott aren't able to keep up their end. I think that would make it easier for Heather and Little Scott as well.

Later we picked up a few things from dads that we will be needing this winter, and since I'm in the process of cleaning out out storage bins I thought it would be best if I had everything we plan on carrying here when I re-arrange everything.

The next couple weeks I will be doing a lot of cleaning and re-arranging on the rig. We need to go through everything and get rid of all the stuff we have been carrying around the past two years and have not used. I figure if we haven't used it in two years we don't really need to haul it around.

We did lighten our load some while we were in MO after we had the six new tires put on. We no longer carry a spare tire, or the spare rim I bought in IN to replace the one I bent when that curb jumped out in front of the wheels. We also will not need all the motorcycle gear we have been hauling around. Maybe I will keep my jacket unless I sell this other bike before we leave Raccoon Valley.

Tomorrow will be a maintenance day for the tracker, and maybe I'll get one side of the rig washed.....( and maybe I'll be able to upload some pictures )

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Happy DaY

Today has turned out to be a very happy day for me. The weather has been beautiful, and a guy called around noon to talk about the Honda I have been trying to sell. He came and looked it over and then the green hit the mahogany!

We went to find a notary to sign the title over to him. He left the bike to go get his daughter so she could follow him home. So now I only have one motorcycle for sale, and I will just buy it myself if I don't sell it in the next two weeks.

Dad is doing better except the antibiotics (we think) has caused sores in his mouth and he is having trouble eating now. Why do doctors give people medicines that cause problems like that? I really don't understand doctors.

First off why would anyone want to be a doctor? They work way too many hours for me, they have to keep studying to keep up with all the changes, and they are on call way too much. I am really glad some people are and want to be doctors because I sure wouldn't want that job.

Tomorrow we will drive back to Middlesboro to check on dad....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good weather again

I'm not sure how long the good weather will last this time, looks good through Wednesday. We really enjoy good weather, and when it is stormy or cold we want to roll away, but for the next couple weeks we are committed here, and then I will have DR appointments for the first two weeks of Aug.

Today we had another no show on the motorcycles, (this is getting disgusting) and after we give the guy ample time we left and headed back to Middlesboro to see dad. He is doing a LOT better, and the nurses said he had a good night and had slept almost all day.

Around 4-5 we headed back to Knoxville, we stopped at Jenelle's and took her to eat. The restaurant wasn't very good, Marcia's garlic chicken was like the garlic chicken I got it TX that was tasteless. They did doctor hers up with some brown sauce but it wasn't good garlic chicken. Mine and Nellie's was pretty good, but having to get the manager to get Marcia's eatable set a bad taste for that place in general.

Oh well I guess you can't always get good food and service when you eat out....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Love my DAD

Yesterday was a planned visit to Middlesboro, where my brother Scott,(the one that crashed the bike about 6-8 weeks ago) and my dad live. When we got there we found dad feeling under the weather. Scott had tried Thursday to get dad to go to the ER but dad always insists he is doing better, or he has an appointment in a couple weeks and he will see the DR then.

After us spending a couple hours with them dad had the same answers for us, so we left to go play bingo with the knowledge we would return to check on dad. When we returned to check on him we found him worse, but he still insisted he would be OK.

Marcia being the relentless person she can be insisted that we take him. Well they diagnosed him phenomena, and admitted him. The problem came after the DR told us he was going to admit him. There was two other people that came into the ER that needed to flown to a larger hospital, and that caused the DR not to get the order in until after 4 AM. We got dad settled in and got back to his house around 5AM this AM.

Today dad was much better, his fever broke shortly after noon, and by 4 PM he was showered and ready for a nap. We headed back to the rig for some REST and a shower ourselves.

There was a blow up between me and my brother today, I talked to his daughter-in-law about her and Little Scott stepping up with the house and taking care of dad since Scott's wife left him last month, and Scott is healing from the M/C crash. As it looks Marcia and I are going to be the ones stepping up to help with the house and dad.

We have talked about parking the rig and moving in with Scott and Dad to take care of them. My dad is my dad and he deserves a lot better than he has been getting the past few years. I'm really hoping things don't get to the point that we do have to park the rig, but we will do what ever it takes to make sure dad is taken GOOD care of.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Clean up

If you recall last Sunday the park got flooded out, another thing that got flooded was the swimming pool. Not a very pretty site, looking into a swimming pool and seeing muddy water. I volunteered to use the pressure washer to clean the patio around the pool. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me, and tomorrow we will be going to Middlesboro so today was the day.

I got up early and get the gas powered pressure washer out. It hadn't been started since who knows when, so I had to pull the spark plug and squirt some gas in the cylinder to get it started, but after that it did a good job the rest of the day.

I wound up a muddy mess myself, cleaning the mud from the cracks caused a lot of "back splash" and most of the back splash wound up on me. When I finished I was a one whupped puppy.

Later we were sitting out side playing hoof and mouth when our neighbors John and Donna came over and introduced themselves. We had a good evening sitting around talking. we also found out our friends Neile and Sue are going to have to return to the Huston Area because Neile has to have some medical tests. We hope all goes well with the tests, and they can come back soon.

Tomorrow we will be in Middlesboro for the day, and Marcia will get her bingo fix....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grilling the steaks

Today Marcia spent her time in the office, and I didn't do much of anything. I was recouping from the long day yesterday, and the weather wasn't helping. We suffered through another round of thunder storms today. All the work that was done to the roads in the park was wasted when the heavy rains started washing them out again today. The park really needs some drainage tiles put in to divert the run off water to the creeks.

Jenelle came over around 3 and we spent some time together while we waited on Marcia to finish up her shift. When Marcia made it home I had the grill out and Jenelle had the salad almost made. Marcia baked the potatoes and I grilled some beautiful steaks we had picked up at Sams yesterday.

Extra thick New York Strip steaks, a baked potato, and an awesome salad made for a meal fit for royalty, and satisfied our hunger desires with ease. Later Jenelle cleaned our clocks in a game of hoof and mouth. (I just let her and Marcia get too much of a lead before I started playing)


Today was my day to visit the doctor. I have been seeing the same VA doctor for 17 years, that is almost unheard of in the VA system. I really like my doctor, he has always been overly cautious when it comes to tests, or finding out the root of a problem. I really think that is a good quality.

Marcia drove us up to Lexington, after getting a late start, ( I didn't realize it was as far is it is ) and having to return to the rig to get a couple things we forgot, we were going to be a few minuets late so I called and warned them. As it turned out everyone was running late because the parking garage where the veterans park is under construction and all the veterans have to park a few blocs away and catch a shuttle van to the Hospital.

Marcia dropped me off at the hospital and went to park the tracker so I could get to my appointment. When I walked up the clerk behind the counter ask if I was Joseph Jones as if she knew me. I answered and she explained the doctor would see me in about 30 minuets, and that I should go on over to the lab and have them drain my blood.

I was really ready to make the urine deposit, after all we had just rode 175 miles, but when I saw how many of those little bottles the vampire pulled out I knew they were taking a lot of my blood. I do have to hand it to the vampire, when he stuck the needle in I didn't even feel the little stick they always say you are about to feel just before they ram that needle into your arm.

As I walked out of the lab I heard someone say here he comes, and pointing to a nurse says she is calling you. I limped on over and she explained the doctor was ready to see me. I thought to myself, "maybe I should be late more often" because my wait time was less than two minuets, and that was signing in for the doctor and signing in for the lab.

After seeing the doctor I had to go to "release of medical records" to ask them to ask the doctor to write a letter for me to turn into the medical review board. I guess every outfit has its own way of doing things, but when I ask the doctor about the letter he told me I would have to ask them to ask him, and he would write it and send it to them and they would in turn send it to me. A bit complicated don't you think?

The doctors nurse set me up for an eye exam at the VA hospital across town on Leestown road, and we had just enough time to drive across town and stop at McDonnalds and grab a chicken sandwich. We ate as we drove so I wouldn't be late again. Once there they took pictures of my eyes with a very expensive camera and said the doctor would call if there was anything wrong. They didn't even have to dilate my eyes.

With everything completed, except the waiting on the appointments to be set up, we were off to Sams Club. We did our shopping, in record time, and now we would be able to make it to Middlesboro in time for bingo. Marcia was so good about driving me to the doctor I thought I would treat her to bingo.

After making our donation to the bingo hall we stopped by Corey and Jenifer's to sat hi and get a quick glimpse of 3 of the 4 grand babies. We like to get them hugs from the grand babies when ever we can, and if they happen to be sleeping like Jaelynn was we just peek in and wish we were hugging.

Tomorrow Jenelle is coming over to cook us supper since Marcia will be working until 5:30.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Clear skies again

Today started out cloudy, but t soon cleared off to partly cloudy. The temps was a bit high, and the humidity sux, but I'll take it over cold any day.

I sold a seat my brother had for his bike, the stock seats have a lot to be desired, so he had an aftermarket seat. I had to make a box for it so I could ship it to Canada. The cost to ship to Canada is outrageous, but the buyer was paying the shipping charges.

The clean up from the flood yesterday started today, limbs were gathered, and I got to use my chain saw to cut up a couple trees that had fallen. The roads and the pool will take some more work, the pool is a brownish color, and the road has big ruts everywhere.

Tomorrow we make the trip to Lexington to visit my doctor, I;m hoping he doesn't want too many "tests".

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today we did nothing much, Marcia cleaned on the rig, and I cleaned out my tool box. Until we sat down for supper not much had happened. I told Marcia I was going to wash the car after we ate, and she said in the rain? I said it isn't going to rain, more hoping it wouldn't than anything else.

Well it started raining around 5:30, and is still raining now at 8:30. Although it has slacked up now it rained hard for 1-2 hours. we watched the creek next to us rise, and spill out over its banks. The roads were like creeks themselves, and the lightening was striking everywhere. The wind blew for a short time, but it blew hard enough to blow over my Class of 2007 satellite dish, which has not been blown over since we have been here.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy.


I started today off with a pancake breakfast here at the park. They have all you can eat (for me that is 2) pancakes, sausage, juice, and coffee for $3 here almost every Saturday. Sometimes it is eggs and bacon, or biscuits and gravy.

After breakfast Marcia and I did the flea markets and a few yard sales. We found a good deal on vitamins, and a few other items. I was surprised to see Granger County Tomatoes cheaper in the chain stores than they were at the flea markets.

Granger County Tomatoes are (really were) the best tomatoes on the market, but for the past few years they try way too hard to get them ready to pick too early, and try to keep them coming way too late. Most of them are grown around Cherokee Lake and they use the lake to water them. Years ago you could only get them for maybe 6-8 weeks out of the year, but now they start selling them in April until October.

When we got back to the rig Marcia had green beans cooking, she cooked some of the fresh corn on the cob we bought, she sliced up some fresh cucumbers and some of those famous Granger County Tomatoes. We had a feast fit for a king, good old home cooking fresh from someone's garden.

I really like this time of year, people around here that put out gardens are often too eager to share the bounty. Some eat all they want, and can until they are sick of canning, and then they give the remains to who ever will take it. Since I never could grow anything I am always eager to accept it.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to finishing off the leftovers from today...

( I did do pretty good on my reduction diet, I didn't go back for seconds.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marcia wins at BINGO YEA

Today had a planned trip to Middlesboro, we left around 10, stopped at a few yard sales, and met Corey at his house to grab Jaelynn. We took her to McDonnalds, and then to dads.

After visiting with dad (and I took a nap on the couch) we met Corey at Paloncho's for dinner, or supper, it was good, but the best was watching Jaelynn. She was excited to see her daddy, and was laughing so much several of the staff had to come by to check her out. (Nick, she wasn't unruly, she was just very happy)

After eating we let Corey take Jaelynn and we went visiting some more. After seeing Scott, Little Scottie, and Heather we drove over to see Ruby and Jordyn. Jordyn is really growing up. (way too fast). I should have taken some pictures but I didn't. Shame on me!!!

We left Jordyn and Ruby in time to hit the bingo hall. Our bingo packs were $10 each and Marcia hit the inside frame for $200. I am really glad she had broken out of her slump. A friend of ours girlfriend hit the letter T for $1000, and I was only close on one game, and that was the one Marcia won.

Then it was the 60 mile drive back to the rig. I made Marcia do the driving and I tried to rest, but that didn't work.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm not a sales man

I have my brothers bike and his wife's bike here at the rig trying to sell them because my brother procrastinates too much. Yesterday I had two buyers looking at it, one gave a low ball offer, the other was going to the bank today. The guy with the low offer called this AM and wanted it at my price, but the other couple was going to the bank, so I thought.

Tonight the one going to the bank has not called, and the other guy is buying a different bike. I despise lairs with a passion, especially when it knocks me out of a sale. I think what I should do is put both bikes on E-Bay and sell them for whatever they bring. I really don't want or need the hassles.

Today Corey brought Jaelynn over and visited most of the day. Marcia was working so they kept her company at the office part of the time. Later I grilled some bologna and made the famous grill bologna sandwiches like Marcia's dad did when he ran a restaurant. They were really good, and having bologna that you slice your self makes it easy to get the extra thick slices needed for the grill.

Pictures will be later....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raccoon Valley RV Park gets a new SIGN.

The Escapees sprung for a new sign here at Raccoon Valley.

It was time too, the old sign got thrown out into the scrap pile.

Today was a disappointment at the Verizon Store, when we went in and ask for the 10% discount Nick told us about they told me the discount didn't apply to data plans. Well that is all we have with Verizon, the air card. Our Verizon phone is on our daughters plan and we just have an added line, since we have the AT&T phones, and the only reason we have the Verizon is so we can talk to others with Verizon without using minutes, and we can talk to our daughter for the $10 a month.

So I was not in a real good mood after we left the Verizon store headed to the AT&T store. Well things got worse at the AT&T store, when the guy signed us up using my VA hospital card as proof, he informed us they charge $36 to enroll us for the 15% discount. Well I ask how long we had on our contract, (14 months) so I did the math and said sign us up. I was really in no mood to discuss anything with them there because I knew I would wind up saying some things that I shouldn't say, so we just left it at that.

We did some visiting, ate lunch and then headed back to the rig. I ask Marcia to drive so I could call 611 and really complain about the $36. I really shocked myself, I was real polite, and courteous when I talked to an American, English Speaking person at AT&T. After discussing their ridiculous fees, and asking just how much it would cost to terminate our plans early, the lady talked to two of her supervisors and I wound up getting $25 and 3000 roll over minutes added to our account.

Not as good as I had hoped for, but the cost of early termination was way more than I wanted to pay out for something we were getting rid of. So we get 3000 roll over minutes (we loose minutes every month because we don't use enough) ( I guess I need to call more) and the 15% discount for $11. I think they should have told me about the discount when they first started giving it, but I didn't ask so....

The bottom line is if your a veteran you can get a discount off your cell phone bill with AT&T or Verizon (on voice plans) and all you need is proof you served.

Marcia had to make a trip to Middlesboro today to take care of some insurance issues and I showed the Rebel to a couple people. One guy made an offer but I felt it was too low, and the next couple came and looked the bike over and said they would go to the bank tomorrow and bring me the money. I'll wait until the green hits the mahogany before I say it is sold.

Tomorrow will be another day....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clean UP Time

Every now and then you just have to clean out the compartments, get rid of all that stuff you have carried around without using. That was today for us. The chainsaw I got several years ago from the boys on my birthday, that I haven't used since spending time in the desert in 2007 will not be going back into the compartment, or maybe it will. I know as soon as I get rid of it I'll need it.

Jenelle came over and we played hoof and mouth, but we didn't finish because she had to leave at 7PM. We did keep the score so we can finish later. Several people e-mailed me about the bikes, and the girl that was so interested didn't call back, so I' back to square one.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Verizon to get my 10% discount, and I'll stop by AT&T to try and get the same deal. Tune in tomorrow to see if AT&T matches Verizon's discount.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wash Day

No it wasn't the clothes that got the wash job, it was our sons truck, and the MH wheels. Corey was coming to Knoxville to do some shopping and offered to stop by and pick up his truck we borrowed Thursday when Marcia got left at the lake. So I thought the least I could do for him was to wash his truck, and while I had the pressure washer out I did the wheels on the MH.

I now have clean wheels, and covers over the wheels to keep them clean and to keep the sun off the new tires. Corey was impressed that his truck looked so good and even accused me of waxing it. No it was the wash/wax car wash stuff I used, and the fact that he keeps all his "stuff" clean and neat.

Later a woman came by to look at the Honda Rebel I am selling for my brothers wife. She was really interested, but it wasn't shifting right while the bike was idling. I'm almost 100% sure it just needs an oil change. The bike only has 1,397 miles on it and I would almost bet that the oil hasn't been changed in several years. anyway she said she would check with some friends and let me know tonight sometime.

I really hope she comes back tomorrow and slides the green across the mahogany. I'm getting tired of fooling around with my brothers bikes trying to sell them. Oh well I guess that is what big brothers are for.

We took Corey, Jenifer, and Jaelynn out for Mexican food tonight, La Fiesta in Lake City. It was pretty good, and it is also the only Mexican Buffet I have ever seen. They have the buffet on Sundays so we just ordered off the menu tonight.

After we ate Marcia and I took the long way back to the rig, we drove across Noris Dam, and drove through the west campground. The sites were pretty short on the outside loop, and the inside loop looked like it would be hard to get a long rig leveled.

Sorry we didn't have the cameras with us so we don't have any pictures to share. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dreary Day

Today has been a dreary day here in east TN, but it has been a good day to just kick back and relax. I slept in late, took a nap, and plan on turning in early. we did walk up to the clubhouse to eat supper with Jim and Kris, we had the left overs from yesterdays cookout.

I did manage to switch the um150 over to the um175 without too much trouble, and now I am using the Wilson Truckers antenna with the UM175 into the Craddlepoint 500. I think it might be a little faster, but I didn't run any tests.

Now I'm getting the evil eye because Marcia's PC isn't connecting. I'll report tomorrow on her PC now I had better get off here and fix her PC so she can harvest some crops....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


First off I want to wish the United States of America a very Happy Birthday, second I want to wish the Escapees RV Club a happy birthday. Now thank you too all the men and women that have served in the armed forces for their service, and a special thank you to the ones that are serving now.

Can you imagine where this country would be if nobody stepped up and served the country? I also know some were forced to serve, and others volunteered, and today they all volunteered. THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS. Would we be like Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, or would we be under the control of several countries?

As bad as you and I think the United States has gotten, I still think it is the best choice as to a place to live and raise a family. I think a lot about going to Mexico to live, my dollar would go a lot farther each month, and my kids are all grown so I wouldn't worry about that part. The summers would be hot, but the winters would be nice. Maybe I should think about spending the winters in Mexico and the summers in the US.

Anyway, back to today, we had 46 people turn out for the raccoon Valley RV Park 4th of July cookout. we had hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, cake, and tea or coffee. I know I ate way too much for one meal, and for $4 I think it was a bargain.

That all happened after The park feed us a pancake breakfast with all you can eat pancakes, sausage, juice, and coffee this morning. Marcia didn't cook and we didn't leave the park today, so it was a good day.

Now I'm relaxing, while I should be out walking off all the food I ate today. The only thing missing was the watermelon. My grand paw never would buy a watermelon until the 4th of July, he claimed they weren't ready until then, but I really think he wouldn't spend the money until then because they used to drop the price after the 4th.

Maybe tomorrow I will go out and buy a big watermelon.

I just want to say, I hope everyone gets to celebrate the 4th with the 5th, or a 5th if that is their choosing....

Friday, July 3, 2009

The day before

Today is the day before the big fireworks day, or Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July. OK I figured all of you knew that already, but I was just thinking of what to write about today and thought that would be a good filler.

After the mixup at the lake yesterday when Marcia got left at Corey's house she had to drive his truck back to the rig. Now we have to figure out when we will be taking it back to him. When I left the lake it was understood that Jenelle would be bringing Marcia home. I was going to call them as I went by where they were on my way back to the rig. Well cell service sux when you need it, and my calls didn't go through.

Marcia called about 8PM and I did offer to drive back over to Corey's to get her, but Corey offered his truck and that saved me from a long drive.

Today we did the yard sale thing, looking to find a bargain of a life time, but it just wasn't out there today, but we did enjoy riding around looking. We also did the Sam's club, although Sams wouldn't last long if I was their only customer, because we looked the entire store over and walked out with three items. Peanuts, Pecan pies, and Gatorade Most of the other items we looked at we could buy cheaper elsewhere.

Tonight Marcia made some of her famous Potato Salad, and as usual she did a terrific job at it, and she fried some bacon to make BLT's. (without the L for me) Now I have to walk some to allow it all to settle.

Please enjoy tomorrow, and remember all the soldiers that served or are serving so we can celebrate the day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hummingbird Nest and the Lake

Last night I was piddeling around outside when I spotted a hummingbird sitting in a nest. Knowing Marcia loves animals of any kind I had to point it out to her. We both were amazed at seeing the hummingbird in the nest, first one either of us had ever seen.

Can you see it?

It almost looks like the leaves or moss clumped up on the limb.

Now to the lake: we drove over to Corey's house where he had two of the three grand sons, (one doesn't want to go with Corey very often) and the grand daughter. Marcia jumped right in and made us pancakes for breakfast. When we finished eating we piled everything in the trucks and took off.

Corey led the way pulling the pontoon boat, Marcia followed him pulling the two wave runners, and I brought up the rear in the tracker. I took the tracker in case I didn't want to stay as long as they did. (smart move) Once we arrived at the lake we got everything transferred onto the pontoon boat and Corey backed it into the water with me and the kids on it.

Next was unloading the wave runners into the lake, but the kids and myself didn't stick around for that we were off to the middle of the lake on the pontoon. We couldn't out run the wave runners even with our head start, so they caught us really quick.

Now came time to put the kids on the wave runner with Corey and Marcia. Then I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures only to see the warning "LOW BATTERY" on the camera. Oh well, make a note to self to buy batteries.

I lasted a couple hours before I was ready to head for home, Marcia stayed with the kids and played the day away.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OPPS I missed another day

Sorry folks, but sometimes you just can't do what you want to do. Like last night my laptop was acting up, as it has been for the past few months. Well to make a long story short I did a system restore and last most of the things I had on it.

Needless to say last night, today, and for the next few days I'll be trying to recover what I can. I'm even thinking a long the lines of a NEW laptop. I figure I am going to have to re-install a lot of stuff, and this laptop is 3+ years old, so why not just bite the bullet and get an updated laptop.

I'll do some searching on my elcheapo site and see what is on sale. Tonight we are going out with Jim and Kris, (the managers here) to eat our favorite food, MEXICAN. We really enjoy being around Jim and Kris, they are two energetic people and they do an excellent job as managers for the Escapees RV Club.

I have been elected to sell my brothers M/C, and his wife's M/C, so I have a 2002 DR 650, and a 2001 Honda Rebel here at the park for sale. anyone need or want a motorcycle??? I did have a guy stop by and look at the DR today, he seems interested, but until the green hits the mahogany it is still mine.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day, Corey wants us all to go spend the day at the lake. I used to love going to the lake, but as I've grown older my body won't take the abuse the waverunners dish out, and sitting on a pontoon boat without a fishing rod seems like a waste. I guess I will will go so I can watch the kids enjoy the water, and I can always sit and remember the great times we had at the lake.

So until the next time, be safe and have FUN....