Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting back on tack

OK OK I'm going to get this back on track, no posts for a couple days and then several posts in one day isn't cutting it.

TODAY Monday June 29th 2009, we are back in Raccoon Valley RV Park to complete this stage of our commitment with the Escapees RV Club. We are scheduled to be here until the end of July, and the managers has Marcia helping close the monthly books so her last day will be July 31st, unless things change, and we do write all our plans in sand. (jello is too runny)

Marcia left me sleeping in bed this AM when she walked to the office. After the wild weekend I was ready to sleep in. I did manage to get up around 8:30 and ate my breakfast bar. (yea) After breakfast I got the little pressure washer out because someone wanted to borrow it to wash their rig. This washer is nice for that because it is strong enough to clean, but not so strong you have to worry about cutting into anything.

On the schedule for today was to put my brothers motorcycle on Craigslist, update this blog, check on some parts for the bike, enjoy lunch with Marcia, help out with the laundry, put out the awning, and enjoy the beautiful weather we have today. I cleared my schedule with the exception of going to the Kawasaki Dealer to get the bike parts, only because they are closed on Mondays, and I knew that so I should have looked at my watch to see what day it was. The only reason I ware a watch is to know what day of the week it is.

I used the pressure washer after it was returned to clean the M/C, and then waited for Marcia to close the office so we could ride to "Ambers" for supper. After all it is my day to cook. We both had the breakfast special, 2 eggs, bacon, toast, grits, and jelly.
Once we got back to the rig it was time for a game of hoof and mouth, or Skip-Bo style hand and foot. Marcia was kicking my butt until near the end. I caught her good, before she had a chance to spread, I went down, into my foot, and OUT all in one turn. I was impressed, Marcia was crying because she had the 75 points to go down.
The hand turned the game around and instead of being behind 300 points I was winning by 300 points. But one hand wasn't enough, Marcia came back and won by 30 points. Sorry guys, but it is all in my plan to acheive another goal.

Now we are sitting in the rig blogging and watching TV. Tomorrow will be another day, and I will take Marcia with me to the Kawasaki Dealer so she won't be surprised if I ride off with more than the parts for Scott's bike.....

Marcia's REUNION

June 25th and 26th was the Middlesboro High School Class of 1979 Reunion, and Marcia and I was in attendance. Friday at 6PM the festivities started at Park in Middlesboro with a family picnic. I thought that was a great ideal, and a chance for all the attendees to get re-acquainted.

I think everyone had a good time, and everyone started leaving the park between 8 and 9 PM. Some were meeting at other places, Marcia and myself were headed back to the rig. We had already been up since 6 AM, took the rig to the shop, (so no nap) and had been going strong all day. I was ready for some rest and relaxation.

Back at the park there was an older class A parked behind us in a primitive site running their generator. They ran it ALL NIGHT LONG, and it was still running the next morning when they left the park. (I was sure glad they left)

Saturday the reunion was set for 7 PM at the Middlesboro Country Club, (which happens to be the oldest established golf course in the United States) but we had many things to do before the reunion. Like install the new Heat pump, attend a family gathering back in Heiskell TN, and Marcia had to get a new outfit for the reunion, so I was already beat by the time we got to the reunion.

At the CC they started off with a memorial to the class members that have passed on to the after life. Renee did a great job of writing a poem and reading it to us. Bobby then instructed us to some of the happenings, then Someone ask the blessing over the food, and then it was time for the class pictures.

After the class pictures it was time to dig into all the food that had been prepared. There was meatballs, shrimp, chips and dips, watermelon, chicken, rolls, sausages,and so many other things I can't remember all the items. (remember I have C R S) There was also 4-5 things to dip into the chocolate that was flowing over a couple fountains they had over the bowls.

After everyone filled their bellies it was time to dance the night away. Marcia and our old neighbor Debbie did more dancing than anyone else, although there were a few that was on the dance floor almost as much as Marcia and Debbie. Myself: I did manage to get in ONE dance with Marcia. My main duty was to keep the Margarator going.

Although we share margaritas with anyone that wants one when we have the Margarator going, it had to be in the kitchen so most of the guests didn't get to sample the famous juice flowing from the Margarator.

Back to the reunion, the DJ played all kinds of music, (some he could have left home) and he could have turned the volume down a few notches, but over all he did a fair job keeping people on the dance floor.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a Weekend

Today we returned to Heiskell TN from a terrific and dramatized weekend. Thursday we drove the rig to Middlesboro where we spent the night in the city parking lot. It was a sleepless night for me, I guess I was just worried about getting the rig in the shop Friday AM.

Friday we dropped the rig off at Dodson's Truck Repairs where Granville assured us he would have it ready for us around 2PM. We went to visit dad while we waited, and since dad sleeps in a lot we were able to help with a few things around the house while he slept.

Later we ran a few errands, Marcia looked for a new outfit for the reunion, and wound up back at dads for lunch. Dad slept in longer than he has in a long time, it was noon when I couldn't take it any longer and went in to wake him.

After dad had got himself composed and going we went to the cemetery to mow. It was hot and humid, and by the time I finished mowing I was ready to take a nap, but that wasn't happening today. Marcia and I loaded the new heat pump which had been delivered to dads for the RV. (Granville (the mechanic) had offered to set the heat pump on the roof for us, so we wanted to have it when we went to pick up the rig.

Now picking up the rig was another disaster. The expensive Koni Shocks I had ordered didn't come with dust covers, and the OEM dust covers that were on the rig wouldn't fit the Koni shocks. The parking brake wasn't fixed, (although Granville did adjust it some) because Ford doesn't sell parts for the parking brake, you have to buy the entire unit, and it was $1100. I was really glad to hear they could send it back and not be charged.

With the temperatures in the 90's and the humidity about the same I was in no mood to be up on the roof of the rig changing out the AC unit, so we just paid the bill and took off to the Cumberland Gap National Park so we could get the rig plugged into the 50 amp service and get the rear AC blowing. ( I have to get that Onan Gen Set fixed )

Saturday AM I got up feeling very energetic, so I got everything set up so Marcia and I could change out the AC unit with the new heat pump. It was a sight to see when we slid the heat pump up the ladder. Marcia was on the roof pulling the rope and I was pushing the unit up the ladder. I am impressed with the way Marcia pulled that thing up there.

Hooking the new heat pump up wasn't really bad, nor was it hard, after all it has a remote and the only wires to hook up was the 115V (3 wires), the 12V (2 wires) and the aux heat wires (2 wires). I had just finished when dad pulled up.

Marcia drove dad and myself back to Heiskell TN where my aunt was hosting a family gathering. (1/2 mile from Raccoon Valley RV Park) It was a good visit with plenty great food, but we had to leave early so we could get back to Middlesboro and get ready for Marcia's High School Reunion.

The reunion will come in a separate blog after I get the pictures loaded on the Laptop.

Sunday turned out to be a very stressful day because my brother (the one that crashed the motorcycle for the third time about 6 weeks ago) gave us all a hard time about me bringing the two motorcycles back to Heiskell to sell. I was glad my nephew Cody and his wife and baby were in town visiting for the weekend. He rode one of the bikes and I rode the other one back to the rig.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to spend much time with Cody, Nichole, and their 1 year old son. But then we didn't get to spend much time with Corey, Jenifer, and our 15 month old grand daughter either.

Marcia and I missed the thunderstorms on our drive back to Raccoon Valley. The new Koni shocks are an improvement over the OEM shocks, but they are not worth the extra money. If I could do it over I would buy the Bilstine shocks and save the extra money. ($90 vs $160) I bet the Bilstines even come with dust boots.

We are now parked in lot 24 at Raccoon Valley. Tomorrow I will try to get a post about the reunion. (the MARGARATOR was working overtime).....

Friday, June 26, 2009


Why do we spend hours typing out our day? Why do we spend the time posting all the pictures?

For me I started out "blogging" for two reasons,
1) was to keep all our friends and family informed. Things like where we are, what we are doing, and so they could see the things we are seeing. I really wish I would have started one two and 1/2 years ago when we first thought about selling our house and buying a rig to live in.
2) is to keep a record of where we have been, ( my C R S is getting worse ) and the things we do.

By reading my blog everyone can get an ideal of what I think about an area, like I;m sure everyone knows Livingston TX doesn't rank to high on my must see or visit list. (with the exception of visiting the Escapees headquarters) (and that should be done in the fall, just before going to your winter spot)

Now after having a blog for a couple months I find myself wanting to keep it up. And it does give me something to do at 3:30 AM when I can't sleep.

We made it to Middlesboro today, Corey, Jenifer, Jaelynn, Justin, Joshua, Jonathan David (JD), and Jenelle came by this afternoon. Marcia had ask me this AM if I wanted pancakes for breakfast, and I ask her if she would fix them around 1:30 PM. (That is when the kids were going to be there) and Marcia being the loving wife and friend that she is said yes.

So around 1:30 (ish for some people) Jenelle drove up and she and I enjoyed fresh pancakes while we waited for Corey and his truck load. When the rest arrived we had already eaten and that made room in the rig for them all to eat. Corey LOVES pancakes!

They were all on their way to see the new transformers movie at the I-Max (?). when they left Marcia and I hung around waiting for it to cool off some before we hit the road. With the gen set acting up and the front AC out I was wanting to avoid most of the heat without being plugged in.

Once we got to Middlesboro we went to visit dad and Scott. We found they had delivered the new AC unit at dads, and the "STUPID DRIVER" left the AC unit right in the middle of the driveway. Why he didn't put it off to one side I'll find out tomorrow when I call to complain. (someone will get an ear full)

Yesterday I had told everyone not to expect a posting for today, or maybe all weekend, but I guess I am just too committed, LOL (maybe I should be committed!)

In a few hours the rig goes in the shop, and hopefully this afternoon it will come out with new shocks, new belts, and a clean bill of health so we will be ready to roll on across the USA. (as soon as my doctors appointments are finished)....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tomorrow will be a moving day.

YEA, today is our last day at Raccoon Valley for this week. Marcia finished her 20 today, and tomorrow afternoon we will be moving the rig back to Middlesboro. I'm excited about getting to move the rig, even if it is only 60 miles back to Middlesboro.

Today I piddled around the rig getting things ready to roll, sitting in one spot makes you get lazy about some things and I did a lot of catching up today. We now have new wood in our bay for putting under the jacks, (if we need them) the oil has been checked, and now all we need to do is the regular stuff we do when ever we move.

Jenelle informed me tonight that we couldn't leave until she gets with us tomorrow, something about the rest of my fathers day present, so I guess we will be hanging around until 3 or 4. Really there is no hurry to get over there, we don't put it in the shop until Friday AM.

So with us leaving so late tomorrow I may not get around to making a post tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday is Marcia's reunion so we may be pretty busy until we get back to Raccoon Valley on Sunday. So until the next time, take care, be safe and HAVE FUN.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Miracle

As I said yesterday Corey and Jenifer had the day planned out for us. We met them in Pigeon Forge after Marcia completed her 4 hours today. We met at the Miracle Theater on the Parkway. Corey and Jenifer had dad and two of the grand sons.

Jenifer had already obtained the tickets, so we hung around until time for the show to start. We saw this strange building.

Study the picture and see if you see anything strange about the building.

Once we got inside the building we all took our seats and waited. They had their usual advertisements and then the show started. Angels flying over our heads to the stage. The show told the story of Jesus from before his birth until after the resurrection.

The costumes were terrific, the actors and actresses were great, and the story was unbelievable, (unless the spirit leads you). I won't go into the details, if you believe it is pretty good, if your an unbeliever you should see it with an open mind.

We all had a good time and enjoyed the presentation. I got a few pictures of some of the cast, you decide how well they looked.

The only problem I had with it was the cost. I think spreading the gospel shouldn't be something you charge for. But I wander if they could pay the bills on donations?

Earlier this week, or later last week I told about a guy that made his own R C Plane and I finally downloaded the pictures and want to share them with you all. So here they are.
The little blue dot is the plane way out there.

Here is the plane.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainy Monday

After missing all the storms and rain yesterday mother nature made up for it today. Needless to say I didn't have a very good day. I kept going back to bed hoping the weather would change when I got up. 7 AM it was foggy and damp, 11 AM it had just quit raining.

Some time after 12:30 PM the storm hit, raining cats and dogs, (so the old saying goes), but by 4PM things were clearing off. By 6:30 PM when I got out of bed the last time the weather was pretty nice, except for the high humidity.

We had fresh green beans for supper, green beans, corn bread, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a tall glass of butter milk, what more can I person want? I did stick to my "reduction diet" and didn;t go back for seconds.

Tomorrow Corey and Jenifer has a special day planned for us all, so tune in tomorrow for a full report....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day June 21st 2009

Today being Fathers Day and us being close enough to visit a trip to see my dad was a must. We drove over to Middlesboro stopping at the flea market in Tazewell Tn. We found cantaloupes for $1 each so I bought 4.

Once we got to dads we found him napping in his chair, which is really normal. Dad is 72, he has survived several heart attacks, he has Parkinson disease, arthritis, and a few other things not in his favor, but he is still going strong.

Dad grew up the youngest of 9, and like many of our dads he walked 5 miles to school, (when he went) in the snow, and only got one pair of shoes a year. at least that is the story I got growing up.

Dads arthritis doctor told him last year there was nothing else he could do for him. He told him when he started seeing him 10 years ago he thought dad had about three years to live and he wanted to keep dad from drawing up like a lot of people do with arthritis.

Dad couldn't get out of a chair several years ago, he stayed in his chair except to go to the bathroom. This doctor started him on some treatment he gets through an IV an within three weeks dad was outside playing basketball.

My dad is the best, (but I guess many people say that), he is my hero.

Back to today .... Marcia turned the stove on and got the fixings out after saying hi to dad. It was almost 1 PM and the kids were told 1 PM was when the biscuits and gravy would be ready. I washed up and started sifting the flower, greased the pan, and started mixing the Crisco,flower and butter milk. Soon I had the first pan of biscuits ready to go into the oven.

I started on the second pan while Marcia was frying the eggs, and sausage, and getting things ready to make the gravy.

Out of the over came these...

Everyone ate all they wanted, I could have eaten a lot more than I did but yesterday I started on my "reduction" diet. I figure a little less each meal will prevent me from getting on one of those diets Marcia had us on for the first three months this year.

I did get one picture of Jenelle with dad before we took off.

We left to go make another donation to the bingo hall only to return later when Corey and Jenifer was there with Jaelynn, Joshua, and Justin. Scott's kids all showed up too. We had a great time visiting.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today was very hot and humid here in Heiskell TN. Them temperature was in the low 90's but the humidity was was in the 80's, not a good mix. So with the heat we didn't do much or stray far from the rig.

Phil and Linda left the park headed back to Lancaster Ohio where they live. Phil has a golf league he plays in and it will be starting soon. They did manage to make a fast trip to ND stopping by to see the big mall in WI or MN where ever it is. It was sad seeing them leave, but I know our paths will cross again.

Jenelle came over and cleaned out the Saturn, so maybe it will get sold on Graigs List pretty quick. She did have one guy e-mail her a low ball offer, but I told her she would be loosing too much $$, I hope I didn't mess up telling her that.

The 50 amp side of the park is almost full, I guess most people want to use that second AC unit in this heat. The 30 amp side has quite a few open sites, even though they are a bit smaller over there, and that may be the reason everyone wants this side of the park.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day so we will be making a trip to Middlesboro. Dad will get one of his favorite meals tomorrow, biscuits and gravy. I'll be making the biscuits, and Marcia will make the gravy, and we will all eat way too much.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Where are the Pictures?

Well you won't find any pictures today, sorry, but I will tell you about my day.

It started off early this AM, I was headed to an auto auction by 8:30 am. Our daughter was in desperate need of transportation. She has been driving a 98 Saturn SC1, the air didn't work, the headliner was falling out, and the transmition was acting up (only when she drove it).

So today I met my cousin that owns a used car lot at a dealers auction near Knoxville. We looked over several cars I thought she might be interested in, and wouldn't be a shamed to drive. Remember she is 22! After passing on the B M W 238I I gave the go ahead for my cousin to try to buy her a one owner Malibu.

The bidding stopped just short of my "all I'll go" so she is now the proud owner of a 2001 Malibu.

Later back at the park I helped Phil seal some cracks in the caulking around a couple of their vents. Marcia and I washed Jenelle's Saturn while she took the Malibu to get some freon. Now the Saturn has cold air, a fresh wash job, and tomorrow it will get a god cleaning inside before she lists it on Craigs List.

As much as I am enjoying being close to family, I'm ready to hit the road so I quit spending so much money.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Grand Baby FIX

Today our son Corey brought the 4 grand babies over to visit us grand parents, really to play in the pool, but we can say to visit us. We met them at Fife Guys Hamburgers and Fries for a nice lunch. Then the storm came, we doubted if there was going to be any swimming.

Around 2 PM the clouds started disappearing so we all headed for the pool. I don't see how kids can have so much energy, but they do and we don't, so it became a tag team battle to watch them playing in the pool. Good thing our son was on our team, because I give up really fast.

Later we took our friends Phil and Linda on a site seeing tour of the area. We rode through Big Rodge State Park. It has been 30+ years since I had actually been to the park so it was interesting for all of us. They have several RV sites with water and electric for $20 a night. $5 discount for TN seniors and handicaps which makes it $15 a night for up to four people on the site.

Tomorrow I am going to a dealers auto auction looking for our daughter a car. I have a cousin that is a dealer and he has offered to let me tag along to see if I can find one for her. So it is early to bed tonight.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spending time with friends

Today our friends Phil and Linda arrived with their three dogs. Marcia was working so she checked them in, and then we spent a good part of the day just hanging out talking. Linda did fix some ribs, sour kraut, corn, and topped it off with fresh brownies. (with nuts!!!!!)

Now a storm has moved in and we are just waiting.........

2 years and 8 days ago

Today it has been 2 years and 8 days since we left Middlesboro chasing the 70s. It really has been a lot of fun and we have meet some of the nicest people. Many of them just happened to go FT the same year as we did.

Last night I got a call from one of the first couples we met while on the road. Phil and Linda Roberts, they haven't given up their sticks and bricks but are enjoying their MH. They will be joining us here at Raccoon Valley tomorrow.

We met them near Cody WY in Sept of 2007, we played leap frog following each other to Cody until their MH broke down on them. Linda wouldn't let their dogs ride in the MH while it was being pulled because the driver of the tow truck said it wasn't safe for her to ride in it while it was being towed.

Imagine what was going through Phil's mind when we took Linda and the three dogs and didn't meet them in Cody.( we had met them a few hours earlier at an information center just off the interstate) The tow truck driver gave me bad directions to his shop so we were waiting on them on another street. We didn't let him worry too long before we drove around to find them.

We visited them at their home in Ohio last summer, and they came to Sumter Oaks to visit us back in the winter. Then they returned to Ohio for the sn** and CO**. Dirty four letter words.

I did manage to mount the Wilson Truckers Antenna today, now I'm waiting on the adapter for the Wilson to the UM 175 air card I picked up the other day. The um150 was working good, but I was due an up-grade so I thought I would just buy the adapter for the the new air card, so I up-graded.

After two years and 8 days we are still getting rid of "STUFF", I listed some of my motorcycle stuff on and had to meet a guy in Middlesboro to collect some $$ and give him the stuff. And since we were already in Middlesboro we got to visit family, eat with our grand daughter and her daddy, and then we had to make another donation to the bingo hall.

Every time we go there I swear it is my last time going. But I LOVE my wife so I keep going back........

We hav

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another job finished

Monday has always been a dreaded day, and today was no exception. This morning Marcia went to put in the first 8 hours of her 20 hours this week. I however had to start on my list of things to do.

Installing the new backup camera was the task for today. Our in the rig had been giving us some problems with the screen flickering off and on, and sometimes it would take a bang on the dash to get it going again. We had the same problem last year and I was able to put a band aid on it, now that it was doing it again I tried the band aid again and it just working.

I bought one on E-Bay with a 7" monitor, color, and capable of handling 3 cameras. So today I installed it. Chasing the wire down the back of the rig was bad enough, I had to pull the tail light, and one of the markers to get the wire down to the back of the rig. Then it was crawling under the rig running the wire all the way from the back to the front. I wandered all day why I didn't do this while we were parked on blacktop.

All day it took me: but after I was finished we had a game of hand and foot skip-bo style. Tomorrow I get to install the Wilson Truckers Antenna.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Green acres isn't the place it was

Sunday morning things we good, after breakfast we were undecided as to what to do. Sitting at home being lazy was the first choice, going the the flea market was second. We chose the latter just to see how much better it was on Sunday than it was last Saturday.

Sunday is a lot better for Green Acres Flea Market, but still the flea market was nothing like it was years ago when we would come to TN to the flea market. About half the dealers were Latinos, and there were a lot of empty booths. I don't know if the Latinos drove everyone away or if the weather has them staying home.

after the flea market we stopped at "The Amber restaurant" to take advantage of their $2.95 breakfast special. Their 2 eggs (cooked the way you want) sausage, (or bacon) gravy, (or grits) and toast, (or biscuit), sure beat the South Beach breakfast bar I had earlier.

Jenelle came over to visit later on, we played a game of Skip-Bo hand and foot, (or hoof and mouth). Jenelle was the skip-bo queen today, she beat us pretty bad. I told her she should thank me for her early birthday present.

Now it will be a relaxing evening with my special woman. See you all tomorrow....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A day on the Lake

Friday we spent the day in Middlesboro running errands, visiting family, and making a donation to the bingo hall. (we didn't win anything). On the way back to the rig we stopped off at our sons house and traded the Tracker for his Tacoma with the two waverunners already hitched up.

Today it was breakfast at the clubhouse, biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, and juice. The managers here do a fine job, we spent a couple months with them in FL and they did really good there too. If I had a CG I would have no problem letting them run it.

After breakfast it was off to the lake.

This is near the Big Ridge State Park, the lake is controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority, and have several free boat launches, and well as many private boat docks and marinas. This is one of the free areas.

Here we are ready to launch the waverunners.

Marcia and I road the waverunners around a while waiting on our daughter Jenelle to show up. Since we had Corey's Tacoma we decided that Jenelle should meet us at the lake. Once she arrived the three of us took off to the main part of the lake to an island. We used to camp on the island for a week at a time. The boys always had a good time there, and you know Marcia and I did too.

Here is Nellie taking off, leaving me on the island while "the girls" played around on the back breakers, I mean waverunners.

Marcia had to stop playing long enough for me to get this shot.

I took a few pictures while the girls played. I also spent some time remembering all the great times we had on this island, and on this lake. I have always been told the lake has over 1000 miles of shoreline. We used to come to it all the time, my grandpa had a house really close to it back in my high school days and I spent a lot of the summers there.

I also remembered doing what these guys are doing. I have caught many fish out of this lake.

The girls went back to the truck to fetch our lunch. Marcia dropped the lunch off, but Nellie didn't show so Marcia went back to look for her. I ate lunch while I waited.

I watched for them as I ate and I didn't like what I saw when I did see them. Marcia n her waverunner was pulling Jenelle on the other one.

see the rope connecting the two waverunners?

Once they got to the bank we discovered Jenelle's waverunner was full of water. It has a safety switch that shuts down the motor when things aren't right, and it being full of water wasn't right. We dipped out most of the water and discovered a hole in the bottom. The girls took the good waverunner back to the truck with all the stuff, while I waited.

They had to have the trailer backed into the water so I could get the sinking waverunner on the trailer before it shut off again. The island is about 1 mile from the truck so I would have to limp back trying to keep it from filling up with water.

Marcia was backing the trailer in as I pulled the sinking waverunner onto it. The day at the lake ended with a sinking waverunner, but it was all good. I don't think my back or knees could have handled much more of the back breakers,(I mean waverunners).

Back at the CG I had to take a nap to try to rest from the back breakers, Marcia took the Tacoma and waverunners home, and Jenelle had a party to go to.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One week in the Books

Marcia completed her first week at Raccoon Valley today. Her schedule was Monday 8 hours, Tuesday 4 Hours, and Wednesday 8 hours, but one of the other workers had an emergency and the schedule changed a bit, so Marcia was off yesterday and worked today.

We had another thunderstorm pass through just after 1PM today, the wind blew pretty good, and it rained a lot in a short time. Typical weather for this area this time of year. Other than the afternoon thundershowers the weather has been really nice.

When Marcia completed her shift we hopped in the tracker and drove to a new restaurant right down the road. Marcia got the BBQ sandwich special, and I had the breakfast special. $2.95 for two eggs, sausage or bacon, grits or gravy, and toast or a biscuit. Not bad, but they get you on drinks, $1.50 for tea, coffee, coke (a can), and $1.75 for a glass of milk. Still not too bad a complete breakfast for $4.45, and Marcia's special was $4.99.

Back at Raccoon Valley RV Park we walked around the park, that took a whole 10 minuets. I haven't found a good place to fly my plane close by so tonight I took advantage of 0 wind and flew it here in the park. Our little corner of the park has a small popular tree, and there are a few other trees in the park but I figured I could fly it around them and over the RVs.

I was right, I flew it for about 10 minuets over the rigs. I did fly it a bit higher than I normally do because of the trees and RVs, but it was still enjoyable. Tomorrow we will make a trip to Middlesboro, Marcia wants to get her bingo fix, and I want to borrow Corey's truck and waverunners. Saturday we have a trip to the lake planned.

There is a real good chance that there will be no post tomorrow, but I will try to get plenty pictures Saturday....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grand Kids in the POOL

Today our son brought the four, that's right 4, grand babies over to play in the pool and spend the day with us. They arrived around noon, and it was straight to the pool.

they all had a good time playing in the pool.

There was some splashing going on too.

I cooked some hot dogs and just as they got finished Jenelle came by. She had an appointment with the Realtor she has been dealing with on the new house she is having built, and wanted me to go along.

We drove over and he took us to see the lot where her house will be built. The house next door is almost finished and hers will be almost the same. Jenelle will pick out the cabinets, floors, and all the decor stuff.

That is Jenelle with the Realtor and the builder on the porch of the house next door. We walked through it and look things over. I am VERY PROUD of our little girl for being a very responsible person.

I would never buy another two story house, but then I'm not going to be 22 in a couple weeks either.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No post on Monday????

If you have been following my blog you noticed that there was no post yesterday, 06-08-09. That is because I didn't post yesterday. No I didn't forget, I just was too sorry to do it yesterday.

I spent much of the day trying to find parts for the rig, and it is disgusting to hear all the "facts" you get when asking about parts at R V dealers. Everyone of them have the same book they go by, (with their name on the cover), and anyone can order the parts from that book. It is cheaper to order the parts off the internet.

The same Sh** was happening at Escapade, all the vendors were using that same book to price their stuff. I'm not into paying top dollar for everything I buy. If someone wants my money they need to give me better deal than what the "book" says.

Enough of the ranting and raving, I did visit with my cousin at his used car lot in Maryville TN yesterday. I may even go to the "dealer only" auto auction Friday with him.

Last night I spent a quiet evening with Marcia, I had had enough of the computer after searching for parts.

Today I drove over to Middlesboro to help our son Corey mow the family cemetery. After going through 3 weed-eaters we wound up going to Wal-Mart to buy a new one. Later I heard the 10% ethanol gas is hard on weed-eaters.

I visited with dad and Scott, and Scott's good friend Jody stopped by to say hi. I also took pictures of Cindi's bike so Scott can put it on Craigs list this week. He really needs to sell both of those bikes before we leave town.

It wound up being a 130 mile round trip to Middlesboro and back. I took I-75 to 63, to 25 to get there, and 25 to 33 to 170 to get back. It was a pleasant drive all the way around.

Tomorrow Corey is bringing all 4 grand babies over, (I hope they all come).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something wrong with this picture

Today was a beautiful day in East Tennessee, the sun was shining, the temperature was almost perfect, just enough clouds to keep it cool enough. We started it out with a drive through the country winding up at Jenelle's apartment.

Jenelle joined us when we drove back to the park. Marcia made us a bologna sandwich, mine had cheese, tomato, onion, and bologna. Man it was a good sandwich! After we ate it was time for me to start cleaning the roof of the rig.

I gathered up all the necessities, and climbed up on the roof. I just can't understand how a roof can get so dirty in such a short time. The little pressure washer I bought in Tulsa came in handy again today. It has just enough pressure to clean the roof but not enough to cause any damage to it.

Now the problem with the picture was I was up on the roof scrubbing away, while Marcia and Jenelle lay in the sun catching all the rays. I did get some satisfaction by spraying them with water every few minuets. They both wound up a little red, maybe Jenelle was a lot red by the time she left this evening.

Now with the roof and front of the rig clean I will start on the back and sides next week. Tomorrow I need to locate some parts for the rig. The front A C unit started acting up in Sedalia, and the microwave has a mind of its own, and I need to locate the shocks.

I have talked to several on the Escapee's forums about shocks and the majority say to bite the bullet and buy Koni Shocks. They are not cheap, $159 each is the cheapest I have found them so far on the net, and I doubt I will beat that price, but it won't hurt to look while I'm looking for the other things.

Life in an RV has its draw-backs just like living in a house, fix this and that.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sedalia Mud is Gone

Jenelle met us for a pancake breakfast here at the park to start off our day. After filling our tummies we were off to the Green Acres Flea Market. Marcia found a rare cooking thingy, a westbend slow cooker plus, apparently they quit making them a few years ago and Marcia had seen Molly's and wanted one.

The flea market was not very busy today, I guess Sunday is the big day there so we may have to go back tomorrow. We did find a few treasures at some of the yard sales. My best find was some tubes of sunblock, Corey and Jenifer has to put a lot of sunblock on Jaelynn because of her fair skin, so this will be a plus for them.

We got back to the rig around 12:30 and I was beat, and I think Jenelle was missing out on her weekend sleep. Jenelle left to go do her weekend chores and I took my afternoon nap.

After my nap the tracker got a wash job, and all the mud we picked up on the tracker at the Escapade is history. I took the pressure washer to it, and it got all the mud that was caked up in the fender wells.

What will we do tomorrow????

Friday, June 5, 2009

Raccoon Valley SKP Park

Today we said our good-byes to our family in Middlesboro, although we are just about 60 miles away at Raccoon Valley. We were going to see our doctor before we left but we were surprised when we found out his office isn't open on Fridays. Our doctor is a great guy, he told us 2 years ago when we told him we were going full time, to just stop by his office anytime we are in town and he will see us.

We packed up the rig and left the Cumberland Gap National Park and drove the 60 + or - miles to Heiskell TN. Jim was in the office and offered us a choice of sites so we looked and picked out one at the end of the park where there will be the least amount of traffic.(I hope)

Here is the entrance to the park.

This is our site.

Jenelle came over when we got here and we tried "The Golden Girls" restaurant for dinner, Marcia had the catfish, Jenelle had the beef tips, and I had the roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. I wasn't impressed, but Marcia and Jenelle said it was OK.

Tomorrow will be the pancake breakfast here at the park, and then we will do the flea markets and maybe a yard sale or two.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Thursday in Kentucky

This morning the rain was falling, and predicted to fall all day, so our plans to mow the cemetery was put on hold. Corey and myself will try one day next week to spruce up the Family Cemetery.

I went to dad's to repair the mower I tore up the other day. I don't know who lost the crowbar in the yard, but the mower found it. I got lucky and all it did was knock the blade loose, so all I had to do was take it off to check it, and then put it back on.

Later we visited some friends and relatives. That is always enjoyable as long as they don't want us to stay too long. Marcia and I drove over to Noris Lake to look around for a place where we could take the rig if we decided to spend a few days at the lake.
It is T V A , (Tennessee Valley Authority) around most of the lake and boondocking is permitted if you can find a spot.

We then stopped by a few of the campgrounds near the lake to get an ideal of their prices, and to drop off some of the Gypsy Journal News Papers Nick gave us to pass out. $35 a night and $135 a month, but I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone unless they were just going to fish.

Supper time took us to Corey and Jenifer's where Marcia and myself fixed hot dogs. Corey had picked up two of the three grand sons, and Jenelle drove over from Knoxville to spend the evening with us.

We did the cooking and eating under the carport because the rain kept coming off and on.

Our middle grandson is playing with a remote control car.

I caught the oldest grandson eating.

Our daughter Jenelle is not camera shy at all, she loves to pose for the camera.

You really have to be sneaky to catch a shot of Jenifer, and it is easier if Jaelynn is with her.

Our son Corey has no problems getting his picture plaster all over the WWW. and he enjoys showing off our grand daughter.