Sunday, February 17, 2013

NASKW in Feb

 Here it is already the 17th of Feb 2013. The weather here in KW has been almost perfect for me, the highs have been in the upper 70's and the lows have been in the lower 70's. Today that changed, it got down to 53 last night, and the high barely made it to 60. I sure am glad it is only one day that the high won't be in the 70's.

 We have not used our "Mr Buddy" heater since we left AZ last year, although I would have it out today if this cold spell was going to last more than one day. We did use the heat pump on top of the RV while we were in full hook-ups for a couple nights. Maybe this will be the last cold snap and we won't have to dig it out.

 KW being a tourist trap outside of the Navel Air Station we have kept to the confines of the Base for most of our time here. We do take the occasional trip down Duval St to watch the people, and of course being a member of the LEO club we do venture out to eat several times a week. My two favorite places are McDonald's (thanks to Corey giving us the discount card) and Denny's where they have to $2 $4 $6 & $8 menu. We have patronized some of the local places but it is hard to justify spending the extra $$ just to say we have eaten there.

 Marcia has volunteered to help out during the Blue Angles Air Show next month so I guess we will be hanging out in KW until the end of March or the first of April. We really have no plans except being back in KY for June and July where we volunteer at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, and stopping at Cummings South in Orlando to get the generator repaired. It quit working a couple days after they replaced the filters in Jan.

 Not much exciting is going on so I don't have a lot to tell about our stay here in KW and besides I do keep everyone informed on FaceBook, so until the next time.....