Thursday, September 22, 2011

What did we do?

September 20th, 2011 Marcia's 50th birthday. We celebrated Marcia's birthday several times this year, after all she did hit the big 50. After the Escapade Molly suggested having her a party since we weren't going to be with friends or family on her birthday, and that was all Donna needed to get the ball rolling. All the friends that were still there did a great job of throwing together a very special party.

Marcia told me she wanted to go to a casino on her birthday, so me being a guy that wants to please his wife, we left the awe-inspiring beauty of Moab and headed to New Mexico. On the 19th we had breakfast in Utah, then we did lunch in Colorado, and supper in New Mexico. We stopped at a small casino near Shiprock New Mexico and spent the night.

Tuesday we drove to Farmington NM to another casino, a larger one, but it still wasn't as glamorous as the casinos we are used to. We stayed the night at the fairgrounds, which the casino is kind of part of with the horse racing track. We spent most of the day in the casino, although Marcia wasn't winning anything she was having fun.

That evening we had a nice steak and shrimp dinner, and then we returned to the casino. We stayed in the casino until late thirty! We did make it back to the rig and ate some birthday cake that was left over from the party in Gillette and Marcia drank some of the wine she got in Gillette ( Donna said it was women's Viagra) . Marcia had frozen the cake so we could have it on her birthday.

Now we are sitting at another casino in Rio Rancho. This is more like the casinos we think of when we say casino. It has the resort included, and isn't just building filled with slot machines like you find at many Indian casinos we've been to, or the bars with a few poker machines we found in Rapid City.

We will leave here later today and go to a Passport America park, or to the fam-camp at Kirtland AFB where we will hang out until the balloon fest next week...............

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We arrived here in Moab last Sunday with the intentions of staying a week. We have done a few 4x4 trails and enjoyed them 110%. We met Bill and Priscilla one morning, we saw the Escapee sticker on their RV and stopped to say hi. As it turned out it was a good stop because we have enjoyed their company all week.

 We had dinner a couple times, and we did a great 4x4 trail with them. Tower arch, is shown as a moderate trail in the books, but we found it to be a bit more than we wanted to a second time. Some of the places were climbing up and over huge steep slickrocks, some parts were almost straight up rocky climbs, and some deep sandy hills to crawl through. It was a great ride, and seeing the dinosaur foot prints again was awesome.

 Today was our planned departure but yesterday the etch-a-sketch got shook up a bit when we saw Mark and Lidia parked it the park, we met Mark and Lidia in Yellowstone a couple weeks ago. After sitting around talking with Mark, Lidia, Bill, and Priscilla, Marcia and I decided to spend an extra day in Moab so we could all do the "onion creek" trail today, since the rain spoiled any 4x4 rides Saturday.

 We checked to see if we all could extend an extra day at the OK RV Park. 2 out of 3 wasn't bad, our site had been reserved for tonight so we had to move. All the sites were either taken or reserved so we had a choice of doubling up on Bill and Priscilla's site, or move into a dry camping area. As it turned out their site was plenty long enough for us both, and there was an extra power pedestal so we chose that option.

 Around 10:30 we all loaded up in the jeeps and headed for Onion Creek by way of the last section of the La Sal Loop. Through town and east on 128 we went. After thirty some miles on the black top we hit the dirt roads. Once we got to the top of the mtn we stopped for lunch. Bill had been fighting a stomach bug all day so they headed back the black top road once we came down off the mtn, and we turned down another dirt road.

 We were doing the same roads Marcia and I had taken earlier in the week, we found them so awe-inspiring that we wanted to share the "awe" with everyone else. The trails were a lot rougher after the heavy rains Friday than when we had done them before, but still not as rough as the Tower Arch trail. Mark and Lidia enjoyed the ride, and I kept hearing AWE, from the back seat. It really is an awe-inspiring ride.

 The ride ended with dinner at McStiffs in Moab, the food was pretty good with no complaints, the company was great, and we got to chat with a few guys at the next table, visiting the US from Denmark.
Tomorrow we will leave Moab and all the fantastic 4x4 trails and beautiful scenery in hopes of finding more beautiful scenery and new friends on down the road. We know our paths will cross again with our new found friends and we will share more stories with them, and maybe even do some wheeling......

PS: pictures will come later..............

Monday, September 12, 2011

You heard the story now see the pics

After leaving Gillette our first stop was at a fishing hole going into Yellowstone. We walked down to the river and had to cross this little stream before we got to the river. Marcia was having a hard time keeping her ballance.
From a small island in the river this is what we saw.

This is the view from our window in the rig.

Once in Yellowstone this is one of the areas where steam comes out of the ground.

In honor of Jay Carter we had donuts the day he was burried. Jay loved his Crispy Creams.

Our rig in the CG in Yellowstone, and the sattelite on the roof picked up a signal.

One of the waterfalls you can find in Yellowstone.

Entering the Grand Teton from Yellowstone we stopped at this lake for a picture.
You have to look close, maybe even enlarge the pics following, but there is a mommy bear and three cubs. Remember these pics are from my cell phone.

Yes that is SN*W on that mtn, and Bobbie did a three day hike up there.

On our way to Moab we stopped on the top of this mtn to eat lunch. What a view.

About 40 miles north of Green River we found this rest area where we spent the night.

The rest area views.

Our first day ride in Moab brought us some AWESOME VIEWS.

We wind up where you see the clouds meeting the mtns. The Colorado Rives is at the bottom of those mtns.

But first we have to drive through this.

There is a trail going between those mtns.

We saw many rock formations like this one.

The sign at Arches National Park says it best.

Marcia had to attack this goat.

We have seen so much neat stuff, and so many neat places, I can't understand how anyone could sit in one place their entire life. I love living in our RV and changing our backyard when ever we chose to......

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Too Cold for me!!!!

 The etch-a-sketch has been bounced around a lot the past few days, the plan to spend some time in Lima MT was scrapped when we found out the friend we were going to visit was working out of town. A plan to meet him at the house he is building was foiled by bad cell service and worse directions. So we drew up new plans on the etch-a-sketch, a visit to the Grand Teton National Park was sketched in.

 It was late when we returned to the rig after a nice ride around earthquake lake where we couldn't find our friend so we elected to spend one night in Yellowstone National Park. We weren't impressed with Yellowstone 4 years ago when we were there, and not much has changed so one night was stretching it for us. They were very help full at the CG, even offered us two sites for the price of one so we would have room to park the jeep. (it turned out we didn't need the extra site).

 At the CG we met Mark and Lidia, they have been full timing for 5 months.( I remembered we had been full timing 4 months when we visited Yeller Stone the first time.) We had a good time talking with them, and hope we meet up down the road to compair stories. When I crawled out of bed the following morning it was 55 degrees in the rig, and outside it was right around the 30 degree mark. That is just too much below the 70 mark for me to hang around,  so we packed up and headed SOUTH.

 We didn't go far enough south the next day to escape the frigid overnight temps. We stopped at Colter Bay in the Grand Teton NP where class mates Bobbie and Sal have been all summer. We checked in at the CG and they told us Bobbie was on a three day hike that was ending today, and they contacted Sal by radio for us. As we got the rig set up Sal came by, (it was GREAT to see him), he was having a busy day so we made plans for dinner later. I had to ask Sal where we could see a bear since he had been here all summer, and he directed us in the right direction.

 We had several hours before we were getting together with Bobbie and Sal so we went bear hunting. Loaded with our cell phone cameras we headed in the direction we were told that the bears had been sighted. We drove up one dirt road to find a horse stables at the end, another dirt road ended at a day use area near the twin lakes. By now it was around 2 pm and a perfect 74 degrees with plenty of sunshine.

 As we headed back to the main road we got caught in a "bear jam" a bear jam is where someone spots a bear and stops in the middle of the road, and then someone else stops to see why the other car had stopped, and before long there are 50 cars blocking the road and most get out and watch the bears. (this happens with almost any animal in the park).

 We were lucky enough to be really close to the bear and three cubs. we watched as they ate berries and migrated on around the hillside. We did get some pics on our cell phone cameras, and I'll post them someday.  The fed-ex guy wasn't impressed with the bear, he really wanted to get through the traffic so eventually all the cars were moved to one side of the road so traffic could pass, and since we had to move and the bears were past us we decided to try and find some moose or elk.

 OK I'm sorry, this is TMI (too much information) after all this is a blog not a book. We meet up with Sal and Bobbie later, had a terrific dinner, then Sal drove us around looking for a moose that we couldn't find. When it got dark we sat in the Kountry Star reminiscing about the past few years, and the next few months. It was really a thrill to spend some time with them, and I would have enjoyed spending a few days with them, but the lows were too close to the freezing mark for me to hang around another day.

 We were able to see a wolf, bears, elk, eagles, osprey, and other smaller animals but no moose would let us have a peek. We left Friday AM and wound up in Ogden UT where we will rest a couple days at a PA park before we wind up in Moab UT..............

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grand Teton National Park Colter Bay CG

We are at Colter Bay CG for ONE night, (too cold for two). We missed seeing our friend Randy yesterday due to a bad connection on the cell phones, but tonight we hope to see Bobbie and Sal. We met Bobbie and Sal in Q back in 08 and have followed their blog since then. Bobbie gets some awesome pictures.

The cell service here is pretty spotty, I hope I get enough signal to post this.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Night in Gillette and the big 50

After the Escapade many chose to hang out at the Cam-Plex to avoid traveling on a Holiday weekend. We had fun, one night it was a potato bake, 20-30 gathered together with a baked potato and a topping. We had so many toppings, just putting a little of each one on the potato caused the potato to too much to eat, and then there was deserts on top of that. After everyone ate we played "corn hole", and ladder ball.

The next night it was going to be just a happy hour, but you all know what happens when a bunch of SKPs get together. There was enough food to feed a small army, and Mark even brought some of his special "home brew". The happy hour moved into the sunshine where the "corn hole" and Ladder Ball took over again. I even got a yard stick and two clothes pins out to keep score. (CRS doesn't effect the yard stick).

Today everyone started packing and cleaning getting things ready to hit the road tomorrow. Marcia was really disappointed that we weren't having a happy hour, but then she didn't know Molly and Donna had got the wheels rolling to have her a surprise 50th birthday party. All the women did a great job of throwing it together, and I kept Marcia distracted.

Around 3:30 I took Marcia for a ride, she had no idea that we were going to the Chinese place, and I needed to have her there at 6:15. She also didn't know that 38 people would be waiting on us to show up. When we walked into the restaurant she still had no idea what was going on, Bob was taking pictures of us walking in, ands she still hadn't put it together. It wasn't until she saw the balloon with the big 50 on it that she realized it was a surprise party for her.

 We could see the tears of joy running down her face as she went around hugging everyone. That went on for several minuets until she had hugged almost everyone. Everyone filled their bellies before they broke out the cake. The firefighters in the group broke out the fire extinguishers because there were so many candles on the cake. I was really glad they didn't have to use them!

 Then the presents!!!! She got butt-aid, a pregnancy test, prune juice, a cane, 14 boxes of ex lax, anti-aging cream, a set of false teeth that jump around, a bottle of wine labeled "WOMEN'S VIAGRA", and a slew of other gifts. And to top it off someone paid for our meal, (thanks to whom every it was). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and most everyone said it was a blast. I know I had a blast watching everyone.

Then the sad part came, everyone started saying their good-byes, some will be leaving early tomorrow morning, and some will sleep in so the good-byes was done tonight.

Thanks to everyone that made it happen tonight.............

Saturday, September 3, 2011

51st Escapade is over

  Friday was the "hitch-up" breakfast here at the Cam-Plex in Gillette Wyoming, closing ceremonies was Thursday. It was a busy week to say the least, Monday was the first timers happy hour, Tuesday was the class of 2007 Happy Hour followed by B I N G O, Wednesday I was in the popcorn booth handing out free popcorn. Thursday I and 50 others were initiated into the Elks Lodge # 2825, followed by B I N G O.

  The first timers happy hour was the first for us and the Escapade, we were among 5 couples hosting it. We had around 175 people show up, Jim Tidball did a good job with the mic directing everyone to group up with others from the same area. Everyone brought a snack and their drink so we all sat around getting acquainted while we filled our bellies.

 The class of 2007 Happy Hour had around 50 people, and everyone again brought a heavy snack, Marcia brought chicken and dumpling because we weren't going to have time for supper before B I N G O. We adopted 4 couples into the class so there were more adoptees that people that went full time in 2007. I think everyone had a good time, even the couple that came in, sat down and ate, and then left without saying anything. The class of 2007 is an easy bunch and we didn't mind sharing with them, but they would have enjoyed it more if they had stayed and joined in.

 After the happy hour Marcia and I headed to the bingo building. Mary and Gail were training us this year, they had done the bingo for 10 years and this year they were hanging up their keys. Marcia and I had different ideals as to how bingo should be run, but since this was their last year and they were teaching us we followed their lead. Mary started calling, and then I called the last 10 games, and I could call bingo a couple times a week if it were possible.

 Wednesday morning I volunteered to help out in the popcorn booth, there were three of us, one running the popper adding popcorn, and oil, and two were opening bags, salting the popcorn, filling the bags, and stacking them on a table where people were picking them up faster than the popper could pop the popcorn. From 9:30 until 11 am we didn't have a chance to sit down. From 11 to 12 we had plenty popcorn sitting on the table in bags for anyone to grab a bag.

 Thursday I joined the Elks, I and 50 others joined the Elks Lodge # 2825. This lodge had right at 100 members before Thursday, and gained 51 members Thursday.  It was a special initiation and they waived some of the requirements because most if not all of the 51 were full timers and wouldn't be around long enough to do the regular initiation.

  As soon as I was sworn in, paid my dues, and got my card I was rushing to bingo. Marcia Gail, and Mary had things all under control and had already played half the games for the night. We all took a short break and then I took over the calling. Mary was happy to play bingo at an escapade, after being the caller for 10 years. She didn't win but she did enjoy daubing.

 Friday morning the donuts were free as was the coffee and orange juice as most everyone gathered to say good-bye. Many paid extra to stay a few more days because most of us didn't want to be running down the road on Labor day Weekend, but we wished those leaving safe travels, and made promises of meeting up somewhere down the road.

 Friday afternoon/evening we 20-30 of us gathered up for a potato bake. Everyone brought a baked potato and a topping. and some brought deserts too. It is amazing at what you can top a baked potato with, and mine had almost everything on it. After eating we played corn hole, and ladder-ball. The wind made it hard for some to throw the corn-bags accurately, (or maybe we/they just used the wind as an excuse, but either way everyone had a good time.

 Saturday we will southern pot-luck with soup beans, cornbread, and fried tatters, and I'm almost  sure someone will challenge someone to some kind of game........................