Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Etch-A-Sketch gets shaken up

Last Sunday we left the Cumberland Gap NP headed south, Sunday night we were parked at Camping World in Spartinburg SC. Monday morning we turned the rig around and headed right back to the Cumberland Gap NP.

 We got a call Sunday night telling us dad was admitted back in the hospital Sunday evening. He had phenomena and his heart rate was too high and fluttering, and that was enough to convince me to spend a few extra weeks in this area. we all know I try my best to avoid cold weather, but I really want to be here for dad in case he needs me in any way.

 So we have been spending a lot of time at the hospital keeping dad company. We have been making our donations to the bingo halls too. As much as my wife likes to play bingo, and as many places we have played all across the US, Middlesboro has the best bingo we have found.

 For $10 at the "yellow building" you can get a computer with 72 chances to win, or for $8 you get 16 chances on paper. The games range from $50 to $1000, but the bingo halls really make their money selling pull tabs. That is a lot better than paying $15 to win $50 like some places we have been to.

 We are also blessed by getting to spend time with our kids. Miss Jaelyen has really got us wrapped around her finger, but it is well worth it, and the best thing is we can give her back any time we want to.

 We really have no idea when we will leave here, but we will enjoy everything except the cold................

Sunday, March 20, 2011


We made it to KY, I had the ct scan, spent some time with dad, played bingo, (and won), and now we are headed south.

It was cool while we were at Raccoon Valley, but I got to watch the UK Wild Cats win the SEC tourmemnet, and we got to spend some time with Jenelle. On the way to Middlesboro we stopped to fill up the MH. $3.67 a gallon was a bargain considering it was over $4 a gallon in some places in FL.

 You gotta love the country folks in the hills of KY, the lady that took my money for the diesel ask me in the most sincere tone, " do you have someone famous in there". Referring to the MH, I said no not really, and then she said, "I seen the "KOUNTRY STAR" on the side and thought you might have one of those country singers in there".

 I had a little accident with the MH backing into a site at the park, the front end got into the dirt and some damage so we will be putting it in a shop to get it fixed as soon as we find a shop we think will do a good job. I called the factory but they are booked up for several months so maybe we will find one here in SC.

 Dad is doing OK, he still gets really short of breath if he walks around any, but I think summer weather will help him as much as anything else will. Scott has really improved, he is getting around on his bad leg as if nothing happened.

 Monday night we went to bingo, and I won the $1000. game, (they have three a night) . After all the times I have been to bingo that was the first time I hit the big game. We went every night after that and didn't win anything, but I can now say I have won the $1000.

 Today we left Middlesboro and started south, we made it to Camping World in Spartinburg SC. We will spend the night here and get an estimate on the fix for the damage I did at the park, and then we will head deeper south to try to avoid the cold front coming through later in the week.

Stay tuned to see what happens next....................

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It has been too long

 I know it has been too long since I last updated my blog, but what can I say?

 We left Wauchula and drove the 100 + or - miles to Sumter Oaks. As soon as we parked the Kountry Star on a lot we jumped in the jeep and drove to Flagship RV to pick up the Santara. Flagship RV has had our Santara since we dropped it off back in April of last year. They were going to sell it for us, but all I got from them was a call telling us the starter was out and it was going to cost $450 to replace it. They did call one other time with a low-ball offer from a dealer up north somewhere.

 Once we pulled it into a site at Sumter Oaks Dave and Maryann looked it over and told us they wanted it. It being late Friday afternoon we decided to do the paper work on Monday, but we told them they were welcome to move in anytime. Maryann was excited so they started moving in right away.

 Friday night Norm and Peg, Marcia and myself, and Dave and Maryann took a drive to werda-hekamiat, (I am not sure about the spelling) for the fish dinner. All you can eat for $10, and the first plate they brought out was all any of us could eat. It was a good night out for everyone.

 Saturday we helped Dave and Maryann move into their new rig, and I answered all of Dave's questions, at least all I could answer. We also moved the Kountry Star to a site right next to Dave and Maryann so we would be close in case they had any questions, or needed anything we could help them with.

 Sunday was a relaxation day for us, although I did get really tired watching Dave move stuff from their class C to the Santara. I did get to watch the KENTUCKY Wildcats beat the TN Vols in the last regular season game. It was a bad first half with TN up by 10, but the second half KY came back to a 6 point victory.  Later we did do the Mexican place across from Wal-Mart, they have good Mexican food, at a reasonable price and we try to eat there every time we are at Sumter Oaks.

 Monday the jeep was hard to start, and then it wouldn't start. Dave walked back to our site and got Norm to bring his truck up to jump the jeep off. Once it was started I took it to Auto Zone and everyone else went to Webster to the flea market. I joined them after buying a new battery for the jeep. The price of batteries has jumped up since I bought the one we put in the tracker.  It was a good day at the flea market, everyone found something they couldn't live without.

 It was late by the time the banks did the transfer of $$ so it was Tuesday before we went to the DMV in Bushnell so I could sign the title of the Santara over to Dave, but we got it all taken care of. I really hope they are satisfied with the Santara, although I told them if they added a couple zeros they could move into the Kountry Star and we would move back into the Santara.

 Tomorrow we will leave Sumter Oaks and start or meandering towards Kentucky for my doctors appointment on the 17th. That is if the "etch-a-sketch" doesn't get shook up too much tonight, and the rain moves out early enough for us to get out of here. The plan it to drive the 300 miles to Twin Oaks RV Park so we can soak in the hot tub a couple days before getting in the cold up in KY.

I really hope things warm up in KY or we may not stay there too long.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011


 We came to the SKP Resort here in Wauchula for two reasons. The first being it was going to be a few degrees warmer than in Bushnell And the second was the Jeep dealer here was on the preferred list of the insurance company of the the lady that rear ended Marcia's jeep a few weeks ago, and I wanted a jeep dealer to repair it.

 Now that the weather is warm enough here in most of FL that the few degrees doesn't effect me too much we could leave this area and explore another part of FL., except the jeep is still in the shop. Skip is the guy in charge of the repairing of the jeep and he told us it would be ready by Friday. Not Friday March the 4th, we were talking Friday Feb the 26th. The 25th he said the first of this week, and then Monday it was the middle of the week, and yesterday he said it will be ready on Friday.

  I tried to explain that I really wanted to be rolling down the road Friday AM, so later today we will see if they can get it put back together and have it ready for us to pick up by close of business Thursday. We have went by to check on it almost every day, and I did take a few pictures so I could look back some day and see what they did. Although the pictures will more than likely wind up in some folder on the pc and I won't be able to find them when I decide I do want to see them.

So I think I will post them here so I will know where they are, if you aren't interested in seeing the damage, and progress of repairs you don't have to look. (if I can remember how to post pics.)

This picture shows some of the damage done inside the bed of the jeep.

 This is the rear of the jeep after they took it apart to start the repairs.

 Here he has cut out the bent up corner panel enough to cut the welds where it is welded together.

 another one of the cut away area

 In this one he has started putting the new pieces on.

 Here it is back together with new metal, he just has to straighten out a spot under the door and it will be ready for paint.

 Now it is in the paint booth, where they will put several layers of primer and paint, before going into the bake cycle.

 And here it is after the paint work. It needs to set a few hours before they put everything back together and replace the decals I had put on to match the Kountry Star.
 I really hope we are able to drive it home Thursday afternoon, so we will be able to roll the wheels on the Kountry Star Friday AM.

  It hasn't been all about the jeep here at Wauchula, we got to attend our first Pioneer Days today, (Wednesday). We saw some amazing tractors, and a lot of "hit -n-miss" engines, the old ones that sound so funny running. The flea market was good, but the guy that told us there would be lots of RV stuff was wrong. I enjoyed it enough that I may just go back Thursday since the jeep won't be ready early enough for us to head out Thursday.

 Later we decided to go out for Mexican food. We stopped and ask John and Char to join us, and they were pleased to drop everything and jump in the truck and go with us. John and I had a good time harassing the waitress, she was really busy with a large group so when she got to our table to take our order she said she was sorry. I told her that was an odd name for a person, Sorry? She explained to us that her name was Heidi, but it was too late, John and I called her by sorry the rest of the time.

 Later it was bingo, and I must have offended them here because they haven't let me win but once since the first night when they let me and Marcia win. Although Marcia is still in their good graces because they let her split one pot with someone else. Any way it is always fun to play bingo here at the SKP Resort.

 Now it is time to play with the "Etch-A-Sketch" and hope the jeep dealer doesn't shake it up for us Thursday afternoon..................