Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Livin on Island Time

  I haven't figured out why everyone says "living on Island time" because the clocks don't change, drivers don't slow down, and the sun rises and sets the same as anywhere else. Maybe it is for the tourists that come and spend their money, or the retirees that come down to enjoy the weather. What ever the reason we are living on Island time.

  Our friends and class mates Ron and Linda arrived a few days ago, and Marcia had spaghetti waiting on them so they didn't have to worry about cooking on a long travel day. They were able to get the site right next to us and we enjoyed their company, but when our turn came Saturday in the rotation we took the full hook-up site, and left Ron and Linda sitting in the dry-camping area.

 During our move to FH's I did something to my back. At lunch time I knew I was going to have a rough few days ahead of me. I am happy we got all set up after the move and we are on full hook-ups before my back decided to ground me for a few days. By Saturday evening I was pretty much out of commission. Sunday I was able to crawl out of bed long enough to eat and then back to bed. Monday I was able to get up and even walk around the park some, and now I'm OK as long as I don't move too fast or the wrong way, so I'll be even slower than Island Time.

 Our new Sea Eagle Kayak still has never been in the water, the wind has been blowing too much to get out on the water, but maybe I'll be ready by the time the wind dies down. The weather has been so nice, I can't even complain about it. Highs in the upper 70's and lows in the lower 70's. We did have a couple nights where it got down to 67, but hay this is Jan.

 What we do the next few days will be determined by how my back is, so we will just kick back and enjoy the weather........................

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Giving Back

 We have been back in Key West for two weeks now, the weather has been as perfect as anyone could hope for. Highs in the 70's and lows in the 70' for the most part. We have had a couple rain showers pass over, and the wind has blown a few days, but as long as we don't need to run the AC or a heater I'm a happy camper.

 We have found that giving back in the way of volunteering has its rewards. The main reward is knowing that we are helping some where some how, and then there is the tee shirt. Two weeks ago they held a triathlon here in KW and we volunteered to help out. It wasn't one of our better volunteer gigs and we won't be helping them again. The lack of planning and support for the volunteers on the bike ride route was as close to non existing as you can get, so we will let that one pass next year.

 Sunday they had a half marathon and the volunteers were treated right. They had a dinner for us Wednesday at the Turtle Krawal. The food was great and the beer was free and it was a great way for the half marathon staff to say thanks to us volunteers. After the race there were plenty of snacks for everyone and free beer. I really think they could cater to us that don't really care for beer a little better, but free is free so I had to have one before we finished the day. (at 10:30 AM)

 Monday the MWR, (moral, welfare, and recreation) department had a kayak trip set up that we did a long with 33 other people. For $5 you could rent a kayak, and $2 for a bus ride to Boca Chica where we put the kayaks in. A couple guides guided us around the bay and through the mangroves between Boca Chica and Stock Island. It was a tiring couple of hours, but still a lot of fun.

 Sometime this week we should rotate into full hook-ups, these past two weeks have been dry camping. That is without having the advantage of electricity and plumbing provided by the rv park, but then our rv like most rv's are set up fully self contained. We have holding tanks for fresh water, grey water, (shower and sinks) and black water, (toilet). We have an inverter that converts our 12 volt batteries into 110 electricity, and a generator that provides electricity to charge the batteries. We do have to dump the tanks and replenish the fresh water and watch our batteries so when we do rotate into full hook-ups it will be nice to be plugged in.

 Ron and Linda Fleeger arrived here in KW a couple days ago, and there was a spot right next to us open so they took it. It is always good to meet up with class of 2007 mates, but it is extra good when they are parked next to us in Key West FL where the weather is almost perfect..............

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Found the Seventies at last

 Almost six years ago while driving from Lexington KY to our home in Middlesboro KY we made the decision to sell everything, buy an RV, and Chase the Seventies. The decision was made to keep me from going crazy when the temps dropped into the 60's and below because I stayed inside where it was warm so I was spending a lot of time inside the house from November through May.

 We picked a date less than six months away as a goal to start our new life style, and before the date had rolled around we had sold almost everything or had given it away, we had bought a 37" class A motor home, and had moved the mattress out of the house into the RV. Our adventure of " chasing the 70's" had started.

 We spent time in all of the lower 48 states, done the big event in Quartzsite, and spent the winters in the Southwest, Florida, and South Texas. We found out the the 70's are a lot harder to find than we thought they could be. We found the desert of the Southwest to be too cold after the sun set, sometimes there could be a 40 degree swing in the high and low and that didn't help my bones any.

 After freezing our butts off last year in AZ and CA we decided to return to Key West FL for the winter. This winter KW has the perfect weather for me, (so far), The 10 forecast shows the highs to be in the upper seventies, and the lows to be in the lower seventies, with only a slight chance of rain. So for now we have found those allusive seventies......and will be spending several weeks here on the island of Key West.......................

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Where did 2012 go?

 How many times will we write or say 2012 when we all know it is 2013 now? I know every year I try to not make that mistake but find myself doing it, and sometimes it happens six or seven months into the new year.

 Ringing in the new year Marcia and I found the "Etch-a-sketch" uncontrollably shaken up. The plan on it when we left the TT Park in Clermont was a quick stop at Cummins to get a new oil plug, and then for us to be south bound. But: not only did we need a new oil drain plug, we also need a main bearing seal for the motor, and a gasket for the hydraulic reservoir.

 Spartan Chassis is covering the costs on the gasket and drain plug since the leaks started shortly after they serviced the coach, and the extended warranty we purchased back in January should cover the main seal with us only having to pay the deductible.  I said "should" cover the cost, as it turns out they will be sending an inspector out to check the seal.

  The Holiday has caused us to be put on hold while everyone celebrates, which is no real problem, Cummins is providing us with a very nice place to park with water and 50 amp service so we adjusted our plans.

 New Years eve we drove back to the TT park and enjoyed an evening with our friends Dave and Jean. The park threw a big party with live entertainment and we had a table with Dave and Jean and two other couples that are friends with Dave and Jean. It was a good way to ring in the new year.

 New Years day we headed east, as far east as we could drive, and then we walked a couple hundred yards across the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean. What better way to spend New Years Day than basking on a sunny beach watching the waves roll in? The water was a little too cold for us to get wet, but the sun had the sand feeling really good.

 Yesterday we found out we might be here a few more days. Spartan sent the gasket we need by UPS Ground and it won't arrive until Friday, and the extended warranty insurance company will be sending an inspector out to check the leak, and then he has to file a report and send it back to the adjuster assigned to us. Then he will decide what is covered and how much $$ is allowed for the repair. I'm not sure I'm happy with that investment or not.

 I also called my brother Chuck yesterday, he recently took a job at First Southern Bank and his office is in Orlando. When I told him we were camped out at Camp Cummins he figured out that he has their travel trailer parked about 1/2 mile from us. We were able to get together last night for a few hours, and it is always good to spend time with my older brother.

 That brings us back to Cummins and the waiting game, we will hang out here waiting on the parts to get here and the yea or nay from the insurance company. The repairs can be done in a few hours, but the approval has been a six day wait so far. Just another reason I dislike holidays.......