Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today was our last day at Rainbows End. YEA we are able to roll again. Marcia finished her commitment today at 12:30, we tied up a few loose ends, and tomorrow AM we are out of here. (unless the weather decides to keep us here)

The joy of full timing, and not being committed to be somewhere at a specific time is you can let the weather dictate where and when you travel. We have two stops to make before we wind up at the Escapade. 1) is to see some very special friends we met at Quartzsite back in Jan on 2008, Rodger and Brenda. Rodger rides a KLR like the one I had, (except newer) and we tried to hook up for a ride in Q but were never on the same schedule.

We did hook up in the Big Bend area of TX in Feb of 08 and they visited us here and in Branson when we were there. All I can say is they are two great people to know, and we adopted them into the "Class of 2007" since they started full timing in 04 and there wasn't a class then.

The next stop will be near Tulsa OK to visit Fay and Jay Carter, two more very special people we met at Q in Jan of 08. Fay delt with Jay when he had ankle surgery last spring, and now Jay is dealing with Fay because she had knee surgery a few days ago. They will be hard to keep up with now that they both have had their limbs worked on.

Here is a picture of the six of them in Branson. Marcia, Rodger, Brenda, Fay, Sitting is Jay recovering from his surgery and holding LULU. I had to take the picture.

Good-bye Lvingston.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 More Day

You never really know what you might see in an RV Campground, we have seen some very strange things. Like this Medium duty Truck pulling this Casita trailer, it looks like the trailer could fit on the back of the truck. I've seen small cars pulling them at times, but to see this big truck pulling it makes it look way out of place.

Then we look back in time and imagine a few RVers finding a piece of ground, buying it, and dreaming of one day having a campground. Back in 1984 (I think) Joe and Kay Peterson with their daughter bought a wooded piece of ground near Livingston TX with the dream of having a CG and the Escapees Headquarters on it. This picture shows the original location of the first power pole.

There was about 13 rigs with cords run to this pole the first year. The club has grown to about 30,000 + or - members in the 30 years since Joe and Kay acted on their dream. Joe and Kay are Escapee # 1, we joined in 2007 and our number is 97020, and today the number issued to the next escapee member will be 103,382. That means there has been 103,381 families joined the Escapees.
Now the number is only re-used in special cases and if someone drops out of the club their number is not used again,so that number doesn't represent the number of current members, it is just how many have joined. Now there is about 30,000 active members.

I didn't do much of anything today, and tomorrow I will get the rig ready to roll out of here Friday morning. It has been good to see where the headquarters started, but I AM READY TO ROLL......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flooding in Houston

We have had PLENTY of rain the past day or two, Houston was hammered with so much rain last night and this morning people were stranded in the cars, evacuated from their homes and had a hard time navigating around the flooded streets.

Here in Livingstone we had heavy rain this morning and last night, although there was no major flooding. I spent the day piddling around the house and staying dry. after Marcia got off her shift in the office we had dinner at CI-Ci'S with the too crazy ladies, Beth and Red, and Frank and Marlene. It was good spending time with and getting to know them all a little better.

Maybe tomorrow will be a little more exciting, and I'll try to find a picture to post.

Better days, and painting complete

Today was a much better day, I guess the 30+ hours of sleep did the trick, at least for this round. Although I didn't do very much today, I did manage to accomplish a few things.

The break away switch that I picked up at the Care Center Yard Sale is now attached to the tracker, the wiring is installed, and everything is ready for our departure on Friday.

Marcia should have finished the painting yesterday, but someone was sleeping in the bed which just happened to be in the one room she needed to paint. Today with me out of her way she finished.

While we had the mattress out of the bed room I took advantage of not having it in the way while I run some new drains to the fresh water tank that is located under our bed. I'll have to do some research on how they should be because when I filled the tank the drains became a siphon hose and was collapsing the tank.

We tried one of the Chinese restaurants tonight, the hot and sour soup was terrific, the egg rolls were pretty good, but the chicken and broccoli was bland. There was almost no taste to it, and when the waitress ask, I just had to tell her.

The manager was called and he had the chef re-cook it. It was a little better the second time, but when I re-heat it for supper Wednesday night I will have to doctor it up with something.

We try to avoid buffets for several reasons, 1) we always eat too much, 2) they always cost more than a regular meal, and 3) you don't get to bring home a dogie box. Most Chinese restaurants give you enough in a dinner for two or three meals, and for less money than the buffet.

Tomorrow AM Marcia starts her last 20 hours at Rainbows End, 8 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, and 4 Thursday, and Friday we are free until we get back to Raccoon Valley in Knoxville TN. in June. And that is 63 miles from our home town of Middlesboro KY so we will be getting out family fix for two months.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lost Days

I don't talk about my medical conditions very much, or very often. I don't want sympathy or special treatment, although I do take advantage of my Golden Access Pass, and the handicap parking pass at times.

Well yesterday was one of my bad days, I got out of bed around 7 AM, and by 7:30 I was back in the bed. I wound up spending all day in bed, except for a couple times I tried getting up, and 15 minutes was all I could stand.

Today is going to be a better day, at 6:30 I'm up and enjoying reading Molly's Blog. It brought back the memories of last year when we spent some time with them at Myrtle Beach. They are such good people, and are always fun to be with or around.

OK today I have a couple things I need to finish on the rig in preparation for our departure of Rainbows End. It has been good visiting the Home of the Escapees, but east TX isn't very high on my places to be list.

3 more days and a wake up....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 as in FIVE days and a WAKE UP

Today already in the books we have 5 days remaining here. I guess we could stay longer if we chose to, but after being here 6 weeks, I think we will be heading out. Rain could delay us, high winds could delay us, or just not "having" to be here could delay our departure.

As I have mentioned in the blog I have been helping out with the swimming pool here at Rainbows End. It is about 100 yards from where we are parked, I know/knew nothing about taking care of a pool, but I always wanted to be a pool boy. LOL You know you always hear or see on TV where the rich beautiful woman is chasing the pool boy, well Marcia isn't rich but she is beautiful, and I like her chasing me.

Last night Don and Sue took us out to eat, (Don's treat) it was an appreciation dinner. It was his way of thanking Marcia for her devotion to her work, and me for helping out with the pool. Another couple was with us, and her birthday is next week, so Don was treating her for her birthday. We all enjoyed a good meal at the Catfish King.

Today I've been cleaning up a mess. When we left FL we only had a few days to get to our reunion so I was forced to drive in the rain. Now if you drive in a hard rain where the rain washes the roads off it isn't too bad, but most of our trip was just wet roads and a slight drizzle. I never turned the wipers on higher than the slow delayed setting. Needless to say our rig was a different color by the time we arrived in Boerne TX, and now I'm having to clean the mess.

I did give it a quick wash in Boerne so we didn't get black every time we touched the rig. Yesterday was the roof, (it was brown) and today was getting rid of all the black streaks. The cold, rain, and storms kept me from tackling this task weeks ago, so the rain had washed the dirt down on the sides causing those dreaded black streaks.

Purple Power cleaner from Wal-Mart, (or a parts store) was my choice of cleaners. It does a GREAT job if you are careful with it. If you put it on too strong it will leave those dreaded white streaks. It only took me about 6 hours, but I got-er-done. Now I need to re-organize some of the compartments before we are ready to roll.

Maybe the blog will get a little more interesting once we start rolling again, I know it will be easier to find things to write about....

Friday, April 24, 2009

MR Lucky

Last night at bingo I got lucky again, I split a $150 bingo. Hey $71.25 (after taxes) isn't a bad haul for taking your lady out on the town. After deducting the cost for the bingo packs, and our dinner, I walked out with about $30 in my pocket. Yea for me.

Today was a roof day, this AM I washed our roof, how could it get so dirty in just 6 weeks? (Texas) I guess it was mostly from driving in the misty rain through AL, LA, and part of TX. It is all clean now, and I just have the rest of the rig to clean.

After I finished with our roof I went to the Too Crazy Ladies' rig to attempt the repairs on their roof. I cleaned and chalked everything I could find up there. Their skylight has been leaking and we had planned on replacing it, but it is an odd size, and the RV parts dealer thinks they are made out of gold. I did put a band-aid on it for now.

Tonight Don and Sue ( the park managers) are taking us and some others out to eat. We are going to The Catfish King, we have been there before with a few "07 class mates" and enjoyed it. Maybe we will have the same waitress, she was really proud to be a Texan. LOL....

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today is a honey doo day, I'm trying to get all the little things done while we are sitting. As most everyone knows we painted the inside of our rig just after we bought it, not because we like to paint, because the P O had already done it. So today is painting day, I move things and Marcia paints.

It has been another nice day weather wise, I just wish someone would turn the fans off or at least on low. I had planned on washing the roof this afternoon, but a big Kountry Star pulled in beside us and I don't want the water blowing onto it, so that will be another day.

I have to apologize to everyone that has left a comment, I found out today that I need to approve them before they get posted. I didn't know they were there, so naturally I didn't approve them. I think I have that corrected now.

I am treating Marcia to another night of bingo tonight. She worked really hard painting, and that was after putting in a half day at the office, so I think she deserves a night out. Now if we were in another place the night out might be a little different than bingo, although I don't know of too many things she would rather do than play bingo.

I just looked at the weather forecast for Livingston, 9 out of 10 days they call for scattered thunder storms, and 30% chance of rain. We will just have to wait to see what the weather will do, because the forecast is so generic.

OK we are off to win gas money at bingo tonight....

Beautifull Sunshine and the 80's

I am happy when the weather is nice, give me warm temperatures and plenty sunshine. I don't even mind a day or two of the liquid sunshine, the rainy days gives us more appreciation for the sunny days.

Wednesday was one of those days, and I piddled around doing the little things that I wanted to do. (except for the trip to Wal-Mart) I vacuumed the swimming pool to get all the pieces of dead leaves out that the wind keeps blowing in. I think I would have to build a screened in room around the pool if I was calling the shots.

I rode my "City BUG" down to the office, and around the CG. I needed to run down the batteries some so I could charge them back and test the charger. Now that I know the charger works, I will find out how far, and how long a full charge will last.

I will start washing the rig so it will be clean when we leave Livingston, the trip from FL to TX in the rain really made a mess of it. I just want a day that isn't windy so the over-spray doesn't cover the neighbors. I would hate to mess up the neighbors rig and have to wash and dry it. Maybe I need some of Smokey's dry wash?

Until the next time, be safe....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On to serve

Jon took off this morning, he had us up way before it was time to get up. When I got up around 6 AM, (yes there is two 6 s in the same day) he had already made a trip to Wal-Mart and was in the shower.

Marcia was up too, and we said our good-byes to our son the GI. He will be at Ft Huachuca until he PCS's (permanent change of station) in November. He may find out where he will be going in Aug.

After Jon left Marcia went to put her 8 hours in at the office, and I helped the "Too Crazy Ladies" with a couple projects they needed done. They didn't like the handles on the cabinets in their new to them rig, so I put the new handles on, and checked the roof for a leak or two. Beth will pick up some chalking tomorrow and I will attempt to chalk the seams before the next rain here.

Tonight Marcia, Beth, Red, and myself went to eat at the City Grill. The food was real good, the portions were too much, (as were the prices) and the waitress was terrific. It was a good evening, and we got a little closer to the Crazy Ladies.

The Too Crazy Ladies have a business making name tags, signs, badges, ect... They do a good job making all kinds of stuff, and if you need a name tag you can order one from them online at WWW.TOOCRAZYLADIES.COM. I had them make a few of the original SKP CLASS OF 2007 stickers. I hope I have enough to hand out to all the class that attends the Escapade next month.

If you are interested in a SKP CLASS OF 2007 sticker and will not be at the Escapade you can order them from the Too Crazy Ladies.

Monday, April 20, 2009

#1 SON visits

This AM about 4 AM the phone rings, it is our son Jon asking for directions to the park. I gave him directions and told him to call when he turns onto 146, and then I get dressed.

The phone rings again and I give him directions to the rig, we await with great anticipation. He pulls in, and we get our long awaited hugs. After talking for a while I bid him good night as I try to catch a few more ZZZ's before daylight. Jon decides to watch TV while we sleep.

We had a good day talking and sharing stories about the past year. He tells some of the Iraq war stories and we tell some of the RVing stories. Marcia makes pancakes, and we gulp them up.

Jon and I hit the pool table while Marcia does the cleanup and gets dressed. Jon is like me shooting pool, we can make some unbelievable shots, but can't make the straight in shots. After a while Marcia joins us and we decide to make a trip to Onalaska to see what is there.

Onalaska is on Lake Livingston and there are a few marinas, restaurants,and that is about all we found, so we drove back to the rig with a stop at Wal-Mart on the way. At the rig Jon and I check out his car, the oil, water,and we tried to figure out what was wrong with the AC. My fixing cars diminished several years ago with the computers, and Jon doesn't know what a wrench is.

Later we took my plane to the field next to the Oaks, I flew it until the wind caught it and carried it out of range and into a large pine tree. Marcia walked towards the lost plane and Jon and myself took the tracker. Marcia found the plane lodged in the pine tree about 25-30 feet off the ground.

Jon the arm, takes a large piece of glass we found in the yard and throws it up to knock the plane out of the tree. After several attempts he hit the plane and it comes crashing down. We elect to fly the plane after the wind dies down, so this gives us time to go eat.

After eating at a Mexican joint we head back to the field where Jon shows us what flying is all about. He fly's the plane like he has been doing it all his life. I guess his experience with the video games has paid off with the plane flying. After he runs the battery almost dead we recharge the battery and let Marcia have a turn flying.

Marcia flew the plane for a short time and then handed the controls back to me. I make a short flight before the battery gives out. We gathered up the plane and headed for the rig. back at the rig Jon decides he wants revenge on the pool table.

We walked over to the activity center where I school Marcia and Jon in a game of cut throat. I think Jon wants to stick to flying the plane. Now is rest time, he has 1100+ miles to drive to get back to Ft Huachuca, and I don't want him driving when he is too tired.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Waiting Game

Today we are playing the waiting game, we are waiting on our son Jonathan to stop by for a visit. Jon has been in KY on leave from the Army where he is currently stationed at Ft Huachuca AZ. He and his unit returned from Iraq back in March and he is on his way back to AZ.

Today I made a hanger for Marcia's SKP windsock. I got the ideal from Kathy and David last week, and picked up the supplies to build it the other day.

This is what I started with,

I cut the pipe to the desired lengths.

I attached one piece to the awning.

Then I fit it all together, and glued the joints.

When everything was assembled I lowered the awning so I could reach the piece I attached to the awning, and put the finished product onto that piece. I put one small screw in the union to keep the windsock from blowing off, or the hanger from turning in the wind.

The main thing was Marcia liked it, and for about $5 it didn't brake the bank in supplies to build it.

Tomorrow we will spend the day with Jon....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Rainy Day

Today was another wet day in Livingston, it was raining when we got up, and it rained almost all day. I stayed in bed until around noon, and then we braved the rain and took a ride to Lowes. David and Kathy had a neat PVC holder made to hang his balloon and his POW flag, and I want to build one for the SKP windsock Marcia has. We found the peices I need and a few other things before we wadded the water in the tracker back to the park.

The rest of the day I watched movies on TV while Marcia made another donation to the Legion. Living the Full Time RV lifestyle has days where you do nothing at all, like today, and then we have the days where we see things and places most people only see in books, or in the movies.

when we left KY in 07 we were on the go for several months before we stopped at a campground in Oregon and enjoyed two days of sitting in the RV watching the rain fall. I was so happy to have an excuse not to see something new, or be in a new place. With Marcia hosting with the escapees rv club we have been forced to stay in one place for weeks and months at a time and that is a lot like living in a house. (you are confined to one place) Maybe we can start enjoying the FT life style more after she completes her obligation with the escapees, not in vacation mode like we was when we first started, and not being obligated to sit to long in one place. Until them I will try to keep posting about whatever....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day in Texas

Friday April 17th 2009 turned out to be a very wet day, it started sprinkling by mid morning, so we took off on a pop run. We really like Kroger brand pop, and there isn't a Kroger around Livingston so we drove to Porter Texas. We wanted to look around a different part of Texas anyway, so this gave us an excuse to either go pick up pop, or to look around a different part of Texas. Either way you want to look at it.

Once we found the Kroger store on 59 we had already missed the exit to get to the side road. Charlene wasn't any help because 59 is new through that area and they don't have an exit off 59 where Charlene said it was. We made a U turn 1.5 miles south of the Kroger store.

In the strip mall across the street from Krogers we saw a 99 cent store so we just had to check it out. Well it was closed, apparently the store was having problems with the local government, or the mall, and had closed the doors. All the stock was still in the store, but we could see what looked like a couple people starting to clear the shelves.

Next to the 99 cent store we saw a very rare sign at Burke's Outlet Store.

How many times have you seen a discount for people under 50? I truly think this was my first, and as luck would have it I am caught in between the young and old discounts. It really didn't matter to me because we weren't shopping for clothes anyway.

After we loaded up on pop, and checked out a couple other stores in the area we headed back to Livingston. We saw warnings on some of the advertising signs about a tornado watch being in effect, and we had plenty of rain all the way back, we even saw a few flashes of lightening.

We arrived at Rainbows End just in time for the 4 PM social hour. Last week Kay had ask a couple people to come to the front and tell a little about themselves. Now being ask to tell a little about yourself, and what you did for a living takes away from the RV lifestyle in my opinion. It would be one thing to talk about yourself with a few friends, but telling the entire park (or those who came to the social hour)is another.

I think it would have been different if someone ask you specifically to tell about yourself, than to ask if there is anyone that wants to tell about themselves. I saw it as a couple people wanting to toot their own horns. They didn't stop at telling what they did, they had to tell stories that happened to them along the way.

Now I am not trying to be negative but I see the RV lifestyle as people enjoying a lifestyle, (either FT or PT), not being put into a social class, and telling everyone I did this or I did that is just a start to "I am better than you", or you are not in my "class". I may be wrong about it, but I would rather hear RV related stories, rather than I flew planes, or I sent satellites into orbit, or I saved the world. What do you think?

It was a long social hour due to some boring stories (to some) (some may have enjoyed them) and it raining cats and dogs outside. Marcia and I had to leave before everyone had finished tooting their horn.

I look forward to hearing if you would like to hear others tell about themselves, and would you want to tell everyone about what you did?

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We feel deserted here in Livingston with all our class mates gone. We do feel honored that we have seen so many class mates here during the few weeks we have been here, and we are looking forward to getting these wheels rolling again ASAP. (as soon as possible)

Greg and Jean were the last ones to leave us, they pulled out just before noon today. Jean was feeling a little under the weather, I hope she feels better really soon. Maybe she was allergic to us and will start feeling better now that she is gone.

I played with the scooter today and discovered that one of the batteries is shot. The other one was a little weak so I will order two new ones tomorrow. I aired up the tires and rode it around the CG several times, (the hill area) and then checked the batteries. That is when I discovered one bad battery, it was all the way down to 8% and the other was at 75%.

Tonight Marcia wanted to try out the Legion for bingo, so we went. It turned out to be a pretty good night, the storms held off, we ate nacho supreme s, and I WON at bingo. I won a $150 bingo, and half of another $150 bingo, now you know something is going on when I win and Marcia doesn't.

Now that I won I can buy the batteries for the scooter.

Until the next time....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying lessons NEEDED

Tonight after we enjoyed a pizza dinner with some great people I tried flying my plane. There wasn't hardly any wind, so I thought I could fly it in the wide area of road beside the laundry room, after all it isn't like I could hurt anything if I crashed it.

I started out doing really well, Marcia was cheering me on and even chased down the plane a few times for me when I lost too much altitude and crashed. The next flight was going really well until the plane went too close to some trees, I couldn't get it to turn, (which happens sometimes with this plane) and I crashed it in the top of a tree.

It wasn't a real big tree so I tried to shake it out with no success, I wound up using the skimmer from the swimming pool. (the one with the long handle) It came out of the tree without any problems. (I bet Leland is LOL) ( Cathy tell him to control himself )

Next it was a crash landing in the road that hung a propeller and jerked it off. The propeller was lying close to the plane and was a simple task replacing it. Now I am flying again and everything is going well. as Leland would say, I was getting some flight time. How that big tree got out in front of the plane is beyond me, but it did and the plane came crashing down through the tree limbs, but with me at the controls, and Greg as the co-pilot I thrust the throttle forward as it was falling. To our amazement the plane took off flying between the limbs before it hit the ground.

Greg and I were expressing our amazement at the save when the plane did about three circles and glided into a skid in the street. As I looked at the plane I saw Jean and Marcia leading a little battery powered scooter towards us.

I quickly walked over to assist the girls with the scooter.

The story behind the scooter is: Jean saw it on the bargain table in the activity center a few days ago. when she told me about seeing it I went to look at it but it was already gone. I razzed Jean pretty hard for not telling me sooner, and it became a joke with us that we were on the look out for the person that got the scooter, and now she and Marcia was leading it toward me.

I turned it on and took off on it, the battery lights showed a full charge, but it kind of died before I got it back to the rig. Now I know there is something wrong with the scooter, and tomorrow I will attempt to figure out what is wrong and if I can fix it.

Can People Change

I'm sure people do change over time, but their looks can change in a matter of minuets. Like Marcia left the rig at 11:30, and returned at 12:30 with a whole new look.

I can remember a time when her hair was cut similar to the way it is now, and I liked it then and I like it now. I know it will be a lot cooler and easier to wash for her, and I didn't fall in love with her hair cut, it was the beautiful person.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends Leaving, washing the pool patio and Flying the Planes

I said my good-byes to David, Kathy, and Marty last night because they were pulling out this AM and I didn't know if I would make it down to the office before they took off. Rodger and Brenda I saved for this AM because they were right across from us. This AM I went over and sat with Rodger while Brenda packed up the inside of their coach, and then I sat with Brenda while Rodger packed up their satellite dish.

A friend they had met last year in CO came by and they started talking so I excused myself and gathered up the pressure washer, and hose to take over to the pool. I started pressure washing the patio around the pool. I had told Don (the manager) that I would help with the pool while we are here, and it really needed a good cleaning around the pool.

I spent too much time on the pool, but I wanted it to look good. Rodger and Brenda came by to say bye, and Brenda and myself couldn't miss out on a hug. Later Leland came by and wanted to know when I would be ready to go fly the planes. And then Greg came by to ask if we wanted to try the Jacks BBQ, since it was closed the last time we tried eating there. About noon I quit washing and walked over to get Greg to ride down to Jacks.

Since Marcia was working I thought noon would give us plenty time to get the food and be back at the CG before Marcia got off for lunch. It was timed well, she was locking the door as we pulled up to pick her up. Jean, Greg, Marcia and myself enjoyed a nice lunch on the picnic table next to our rig.

Then it was back to complete our tasks, mine was to finish washing the patio so I could go play with my plane. Marcia's was to finish the day at the office, and I'm sure Greg and Jean had something going on.

When I finished the pool I grabbed my plane and went to ask Jean if Greg could come out to play. She said he had to finish cleaning his room before he could come out to play, so we agreed to meet at the air field.

Next it was over to Leland and Cathy's to ask if Leland could come out to play, and Cathy was all too eager to let Leland come out to play, but we thought we would figure that out later. For now Leland was allowed to play so we hurried off before Cathy changed her mind.

Leland drove us down to the office where I had to get permission from Don and Marcia to fly the planes in the unfinished part of the park. They both said OK, really Don was who we had to ask about the field, I just had to let Marcia know where I would be. You all know how it is when you do things without asking. don't you?

We drove on over to the air field where Greg pulled in right behind us. Leland got the "big plane" out and attached the wings, and prepared the plane for flight.

The big plane is easier to see at a distance than the little one, but it doesn't "hang" around like the little plane.

The little plane can almost hover in the same spot like a helicopter.

It can also get out there.

It is fun to watch it fly, Leland has had a lot of "flight hours" with these RC Planes.

After we got the "jet" adjusted, it buzzed us a couple times, and kind of flew out of range once or twice.

It was a fun afternoon, and for the $35 the jet cost I had a lot of enjoyment.

Later Cathy stomped us at Mexican Train, I guess you could say it was ladies night, with Cathy squeezing out first place, with Marcia right behind her, and Jean was a close third. Us guys thought we were playing Canada, because our scores were so high.

Sixteen more days....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookout in the Oaks

Today was a lazy day for me. I tried to fly my newly acquired airplane this AM but the wind was too much for its little motors, so it went back on the charger and I went back to bed. Marcia and Brenda was instructed by Cathy on how to make a fold out picture book. They worked in the Activity Center which left me alone in the rig to sleep.

Around 5:30 we all gathered at Kathy and Davids site down in the Oaks section of the park. David grilled the burgers, while Kathy prepared the fixings. Each of the girls brought a dish or desert, and like all our gatherings we had way too much food. It was all good, and my thanks goes out to everyone that was there.
David cooking the burgers.

Leland and I scoped out a place to fly his big airplane, the park has about 25 acres cleared for the park expansion, (which has been put on hold). There is plenty room for Leland to fly his big plane, and I will be able to watch and learn. I hope I don't get too hooked on these RC Planes because Leland said he acquired some that cost around $2500 each, and I don't want to get that involved.
David and Kathy


Jean and Greg

Leland and Cathy

Marcia and Joe

Rodger and Brenda, our honorary class of 07 members, we sure are glad they made a detour on their way back to Ft Smith to spend some time with us. They became great grand parents today and will be going tomorrow to see the little guy.

Marty, Kathy, David, Rodger, and Brenda will be leaving the park tomorrow, we will miss them, but we understand they want to travel on to different places. Leland, Cathy, Greg and Jean will still be hanging around for a few more days. We have 17 more days here before we get these wheels rolling again. Until the next time....

Easter Sunday At rainbows End

Today is Easter Sunday, the day we recognize as the day Jesus Christ arose from the grave. This day is what separates Jesus and all the other worshiped people like Mahomad, and, Buda , ect... Jesus is no longer in his grave, but the others are.

It was a stormy, rainy, dreary day here so I kept going back to bed. I did get up to stay at about 1:30 because someone came by to look at the tow bar we have for sale. They mainly wanted information which I was glad to share what I had.

At 2 PM we gathered in the activity Center for an Easter Dinner.

We had 14 at our table, and everyone brought a side dish or desert to share with everyone at our table.

The park supplied the ham for a $2 donation per person. I did better than I thought I would with so much food in front of me, and Marcia did really well sticking to her diet.

Just as we finished dinner we saw our friends Rodger and Brenda pull in, they got a site just across the street from us. We had to run out and greet them, and then we left so they could get set up without distractions.

Once they were set up we met at Leland and Cathy's rig to watch Leland fly his remote controlled airplane

It was interesting watching him, and I could tell he had been doing this for a long time.

We watched as a bird flew down trying to attack the little airplane. It was a lot of fun just watching.

I have been thinking about trying to fly one of these RC airplanes for some time. A friend tried to get me and him to buy one back in the late 80's. And then Cody, my nephew got involved in them a couple years ago, but I always put it off not wanting to invest big bucks into something I wasn't sure I would like.

Today Leland was telling us that Wal-Mart had a cheap RC Plane that was really a fun starter plane. After getting more information about the plane, and seeing how much Leland was enjoying flying his plane I had to make a trip to Wally World. Cathy had been showing Marcia and Brenda some craft thing about making a photo album, and they needed supplies from wally world too so off we went.

I bought an Air Hogs RC F/A-18 Hornet. This thing is really light weight, has two motors and runs off of a small on-board battery and the receiver uses 6 AA batteries. Once we got back to the rig I started charging the battery and it only took about 30 minuets before I was ready to take the plane out for my maiden flight.

It was FUN flying that little plane, guiding it around the trees, RV's and power line wires. Leland said I did pretty good for my first flight, after all I only hit three RV's, one house, and went out of range only once. The plane is made of a foam like rubber so there was no damage to the plane or rigs.

After it got too dark to play with the plane we assembled inside the activities center to play Mexican train. We all had a good time spending time together. Tomorrow I will try to master the art of flying my hornet.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cleaning Day in Texas

Today was a cleaning day for us, last night we spotted a few ants, and there is no way we want to deal with them like we did last year. Last year we got infested by ants and it took us several weeks before we got rid of them. They will get in the walls and in between the floor and basement. They will send scouts out to look for food and you will only see a few at a time, but when you kill those few they just send out more until you find the nest.

Last year we got rid of them by removing everything from the lower cabinets and spreading ant killer in the cubby holes, behind the stove, refrigerator, and washing machine. So today we didn't wait on trying to kill them off a few at a time when we noticed a few crawling around the sink. We attacked them in the same way that we destroyed them last year.

Now the ideal way is by keeping them from getting in, so we usually throw out some killer under the rig when ever we park, but with us moving, and then the rain, wind and bad weather I neglected to do that and it came back to haunt me.

Today everything under the cabinets came out, we vacuumed where we could, and then we spread out the ant killer. Since we were cleaning we tore into the fans and cleaned the screens. The fan in the kitchen needed adjusting so we took it all apart and I adjusted the sensor so we can adjust when it comes on depending on the room temperature.

After all the cleaning and putting everything back we ask Greg and Jean if they wanted to grab some BBQ at Jack's, a place David and Kathy had told us about. They said yes so we piled into the tracker and headed to Jack's. One thing about the restaurants around here is they keep funny hours, Jack's closed at 3 PM on Saturdays.

We then decided on trying EL Burrito, a Mexican place if you couldn't tell by the name. I drove us south out of town on Business 59 and then turned north on the frontage road to EL Burrito.

I used a line on the waitress I picked up from Smokey when she ask me what I wanted to drink. I ask for diet tea, and she quickly told me they didn't serve diet tea, and then she got this puzzled look on her face and said we do have unsweetened tea. I told her I would settle for the unsweetened tea. She then caught on and we all had a good laugh.

If she did anything to our food to retaliate we didn't notice it, and everyone enjoyed the meal. The chips were especially good because they were warm, thin, and very fresh.

Back at the CG Marcia was ready to play some cards, and Greg and Jean wanted to play Skip-Bo hand and foot another time in hopes of remembering the rules to play later. Us guys let the girls win the first game so they would play another game or two. We didn't cut them any slack the other two games, just in case this happens to be the last time we get to play.

All in all today was another good day in Livingston, the weather was decent, we got some things accomplished, and we spent time with some great friends and class mates. I need to remember to take my camera when we leave the rig so I can share the pictures with everyone. Maybe I will drive back to EL Burrito to snap a few shots to share....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful Day in Livingston

Friday morning brought us some beautiful weather, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, partly cloudy skies, or mostly sunny skies, and very little WIND. What more could you ask for? So we took full advantage of the day by doing very little.

Marcia tackled a project she had been putting off, the cabinet above Leo. It had become the catch all cabinet with a little bit of everything stuffed in it. I got the task of finding a place for all the little items that were hinges, spare parts, and things a long those lines.

Later in the day we attended the Friday Afternoon Social Hour hosted by Joe and Kay Peterson. Kay starts by having the new people come up front for introduction, and today she made the mistake of saying she had not met Marcia. When Marcia told her we had been here awhile she wanted to know how long, well it was a little embarrassing to Kay when Marcia told her we had been here for three weeks. Kay quickly moved on to Cathy, so Leland and Cathy got to go up front.

After supper Marcia went to play bingo at the VFW, they have about 10 games, 7 pay out $150, two pay out $300, and one the pays $750, so I just sitting around waiting for her to come home and say she won several hundred dollars. Tomorrow you can find out.....

Friends, Trains, and Mail

Today started out with the wind blowing, storms being forecast, and Marcia doing her half day. I had to catch up on the mail that we had sent from SD. Not calling to get the mail often enough can create problems. The insurance on the tracker was due last week, but we got the notice today. I called and paid it over the phone, and set it up so I can deal with it online from now on.

I got a letter from the state of FL concerning a speeding ticket I got in Webster. (46 in a 35 leaving town) The county had returned my check and said I had to pay it by Money Order, or a Cashiers Check. Did I miss that on the ticket when I mailed the check? I guess I did, so I called them. They had already put in the paper work to suspend my license. The girl I talked to said I could pay it online, and if they got the payment before they actually suspended my license they could stop it. Why didn't the ticket have a place to pay it online?

With all the immediate things delt with I checked to see how much profit the RV place was making on the motion porch light I was looking at. The girl there had to call to get the price, it was $199 for two lights. I showed her the printed sheet showing the web site where you can order it online for $77.88 each. She and I decided it would be better to order it online.

The day was pretty laid back once all the mail, and rv shop was taken care of. The weatherman missed again and there were no storms, and it was a pretty nice day. We had supper, and then we met Greg, Jean, David, and Kathy at the Activity Center for games and drinks. The Margarator was used for a Blue Hawaiian drink, some brought wine and others had their beer.

Greg taught us the play what he called Polish Poker with Jean's help. He even had to call a friend to ask a few questions. We found out the name wasn't polish poke, it was dirty bingo, or something like that. It was an OK game and would have been better if Marcia had not supplied all the pennies for it.

After the polish bingo, we played the Mexican Train Game. I thought it was going to be my night when I went out the first two hands, but the third hand I wound up in last place. Yes the game can change really quick, and isn't over until the last round has been played.

It was a really good night with everyone having a good time. When we left the Margarator was empty so I was a happy camper.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last time for Florida's Kitchen

Florida's Kitchen is rated in the top 40 in some Texas Magazine, and it really has some good food, but I won't be spending anymore $$ there. Tonight we went there with Kathy, David, Marty, Greg, and Jean, I had built the place up as a really good place to eat, I even led us there on one of their closed days.

Marcia and I ordered the Florida Sampler, like we did the first time we ate there. We had all noticed the red letters on the bottom of the page saying double ribs for $3 and triple ribs for $4 extra, so we ordered the extra ribs. (I was thinking about lunch tomorrow. Marty and Greg ordered the rib dinner and the double ribs. Everyone else ordered different things.

The waitress brought our drinks out, and we sat chatting while waiting on our food. The waitress came back and said "Florida said the double and triple ribs did not go with the Sampler Platter". I didn't like it, but I didn't say anything. Later she came back and brought the salads, and Marty and Greg ask if they could change their orders from the double ribs to the triple ribs. She said OK and that she would tell Florida. I guess Florida was cooking tonight, and we could tell the waitress was new.

I got really upset when the waitress returned and said " Florida said the double and triple ribs only applied to the two meat orders". We all complained some, and I showed her on the menu the red letters saying double and triple ribs for $3 and $4 extra. She said she knew it looked that way but Florida said it only applied to the two meat dinners. So I ask her to ask Florida to come out to see us, and she left.

She returned a short time later and informed us that Florida said she was too busy to come out to see us. I started gritting my teeth trying to keep from coming unglued right there. If I had drove, and not been riding with Dave and Kathy I would have stomped out, letting everyone know I was pissed. But since I didn't drive I just bit my tongue, (almost bit it off).

The waitress did tell us Florida said she would send Tammy out to explain it to us. I can read, I know what the menu said, so what was she going to explain? I told her to tell Florida that I had been there several times in the two weeks that we have been here, but this would be the last time, and that I would tell everyone I saw about tonight. I really wanted to rant and rave on my way out of there, and I will never ride with anyone again when I go out to eat.

We got our food, and it still looked pretty good, but wasn't near as good as it could have been. Shortly after we got our food Florida graced us with her presence. She ask us what the problem was, and I told her exactly what it was. She apologized, putting most of the blame on the new waitress. I then showed her the menu and then she started throwing the blame towards the printer, and attempted to smooth everything over by saying she was going to have that changed when she printed new menus. She also admitted others had had the same problem.

The only problem was she was not honoring what the menu stated, and that she was inconsiderate enough to tell the waitress to tell us she was too busy to bothered by a dissatisfied costumer.

Something about Texas and me are not jiving. It seems every time I turn around something is going way wrong. Yesterday at one of the RV parts dealers I tried to purchase a couple latches. They were $6.49 and I gave the girl my CC to pay for them. She quickly informed me that they charge $2 for a CC transaction if the amount is under $20. I just took my CC back and thanked her, and she apologized. I told her nothing else had gone right for me in Texas so why would this be any different!

At the next RV shop I stopped at I found the latches for $4.50, (but this pack didn't have the mounting screws) I ask about a motion activated porch light. The girl said they just got one in and she would go to the back and get it. I wanted to know the price before I bought it. She returned with the owner and the light, he said they were really proud of them because the price was $199.99.

I explained to them about Bob telling me he got his for about $85. He wanted to know if it was the same company, and I couldn't answer him. He ask his clerk to look up the price to ensure there had not been a mistake. She called someone to find out about the price, and I attempted to call Bob to find out which company he ordered his from. Well why would it be different? Neither one of us got an answer.

She promised to find out the price, and I agreed to stop back by and get the results. Well tonight Marcia found the light on the net for $77, so tomorrow I will take the printed copy of the web site to her and find out just how much the light will be there.

So we have 22 more days here in Livingston for me to tell as many people as I can to avoid Florida's Kitchen, and the RV Shack. Oh yea we can't forget the tacos at Jack in the Box either.

Maybe someone is telling us/me to not even consider coming to Texas for the winter? You know the slogan "Don't Mess With Texas" I think it is right, don't mess with Texas, skip/avoid it at all costs. Oh well we have 22 more days, maybe I will just stay in the rig for the next three weeks.

Last time for Florida's Kitchen


A good day to piddle around.

Today was a perfect day to catch up on the "honey doo" list. The weather was perfect for doing all those things you don't want to do because it is too hot or too cold. I started out changing the latch I broke last week, the one that holds the door open to the LP tank, and all our hydrolics.
Cathy just happened to be doing laundry, and since we are right next to the laundry she was able to talk with me while we both did our chores. It was nice talking to Cathy about this and that, and we completed our tasks too boot. It is really good to see her up and about after her fall last month.
After lunch I had to tackle the water hose. Our water filter needs to be upright to work properly, and I haven't figured out where to mount it permanently yet. In FL I had it hanging off the motorcycle rack, and here it was just leaned up against the rear tire, because the hose was so cold and stiff when I hooked it up.
Today with warm weather the hose was flexible and I wasn't kinking it every time I moved it. Looking closely at the compartment that has all the water connections, I just couldn't see an easy place to mount the filter. I decided to just mount it to the m/c rack and let the hose run under the coach.
I gathered my tools, drilled a couple holes in one of the tie down bars, run a couple large screws in and hung the filter. It really took me longer to gather the tools than it did any thing else.
Tonight the "gang" is going to Florida's Kitchen to eat, I'll tell more about that later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice day after all.

Today turned out to be a nice day after the cold snap. My computer said it got down to 31 degrees this AM so I didn't get out of bed until almost 11. It was warm under those covers, so why would I get up?

It did warm up, and the computer says it is 66 now, but the wind has all but died, the sun is still out, and I am actually sitting at the picnic table as I type this out. How cool is it that technology has advanced so much that I can sit outside at our picnic table and post to my blog. I don't even have any cords running into the rig. Batteries are wonderful.

After it warmed up I did get out of bed, I even got out of the rig and drove around town getting some prices on tires. I just think $58 to mount and balance each tire is too much money. Add in the $14 per tire for disposal fees, on top of the already inflated tire prices, and the mounting fees, and then the taxes, I guess I'll still be looking for tires. I can't see how someone can charge prices like that without holding a gun on you to make you feel a little better.

Back at the CG Leland and Cathy showed up at Rainbows End today, and it was really good to see Cathy moving around, even though she moves real slow and has to be really careful. The last time we saw her she was flat on her back in a hospital bed in Summerdale AL, recovering from a fall where she broke several ribs.

David and Kathy, Leland, Greg and myself attended the 4 O'clock social hour today, Greg and I knew Leland, Kathy, and David would be called to the front of the crowd to introduce themselves, and tell a little about themselves like we did at one time or another.

After the announcements, introductions, and jokes we all went on our separate ways, Leland was looking for rest, David and Kathy were looking for the ping-pong table, and Greg was off to walk their dogs. I was waiting for Marcia to complete her shift, so I watched David school Kathy in ping-pong. They were very entertaining.

Later we will play Mexican Train with our class mates, so until the next time...

Dinner for 7 and better days coming

Tonight we had dinner for 7, there was Greg and Jean, David and Kathy, Marcia and myself, and Marty. Marty had picked out Catfish Kings for us to eat at, but I had the bright ideal of eating at Florida's Kitchen again, so we drove to Florida's only to find it closed on Mondays. We then drove to Catfish Kings, it was hard for me to drive while I had my head buried under my seat because I had convinced everyone to follow me to a closed restaurant.
We made it and everyone was pretty good about not riding me too hard.

Our waitress was really nice, and followed a long with us as we cut up with her. She was also very proud to be a Texan.

We all enjoyed our food, and everyone knows the class of 07 knows their food.

After we returned to the CG Greg and I had some revenge to take out on Jean and Marcia. We let them win at Skip-Bo hand and foot last night so we could take advantage of them tonight. I don't think they will want to play with us anymore.

Tonight the cold will hit hard, but it does look like better days are coming. 69 tomorrow, which isn't bad if there isn't a lot of wind and there is plenty of sunshine. The forecast doesn't say anything about wind, and it shows plenty of sunshine, so I'll just have to sleep in until about noon, and then everything will be just toasty.

Maybe I will tackle some of my "honey doo" list while Marcia puts in her 8 hours tomorrow. Maybe I won't too..... the great thing about this lifestyle is you can have those days where you don't do anything at all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why did I leave FL

Today we have the Wind blowing, I guess it might be a Texas thing, but the bad is the temperature. The forecast says it will only get to 58, now 58 wouldn't be bad if you were in MI, ND, ME, Canada, but I am sitting in TEXAS.
I thought Texas was warm, or even hot, maybe I should come back to Texas in July or Aug to see the hot. I think not, we really enjoy the 70-80 range, and I have seen that here in Texas, but it comes and goes too often for me.
A look at the temperatures all across the USA.

And I am wandering WHY DID WE LEAVE FLORIDA?
I can only hope that this will be the last cold snap the Cannooks allow to drift down into the USA, at least the southern parts of the USA. Today will be an "inside" day for me, we may venture over to Wally World to kill some time, and then there is always the Monday Night Movie in the clubhouse with free popcorn and tea. What will be the movie tonight?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A what to do day

Today the weather was decent, the temperature was nice, so what would we do? I thought I should do some of the "honey doo" list, so hanging our water filter was on the list, and there is a Lowes close by. So I figured we could run to Lowes and I would pick up the things I needed and when we got home I could tackle my project.

We spent some time talking with our neighbors and class mates Greg and Jean. Jean showed us a neat free standing clothes rack made from PVC pipe the guy across the street has, and said it would by nice to have one. After listening to the discussion about where they would carry one, I decided I would pick up the stuff to build one while we were at Lowes, after all I had been wanting to build one for the ladder for us.

The trip to Lowes was not good for our water filter project, I looked all over the store for a 90 degree elbow that I need. I found all kinds of elbows but none that had the right threads. So I changed course and gathered up the stuff to build the clothes racks. Someone had told me a guy built them for the ladder and sold them for $30, and I thought the guy had to be making a lot off each one. Well after buying everything I needed to build a free standing clothes rack, and one that fits on the ladder we headed home.

When we pulled into the CG I unloaded the parts, and then got my tools out and went to work. There really isn't much involved in making these things, you just cut the pipe to length and then slip the elbows and tees on the pieces. Marcia had to make a trip back to Lowes for me because I grabbed two wrong tees, one was 1" X 1" X 3/4, and I needed 1X1X1, and the other had threads on one end.

By the time Marcia returned with the right pieces I had everything cut, ours strung, and was waiting. Jean had walked by and saw the free standing one and had commented about me being so quick. I didn't want to tell her it was hers until I had it finished so I made up a story about how the two would fit together.

Here is a picture of the one I built for us,

here is another view.

I didn't have to buy the string, and chose to use string instead of a chain to hold it up, so it didn't cost as much as if I had to buy everything, but the guy selling them for $30 is making about $24 off each one, if he doesn't use the plastic chain.

It is about time for the Ice cream social, and we are playing spades later, so that's it for now...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Nice Day

Today the weather was good for us. the wind was minimal, the sun was shining, and the thermometer climbed almost to 80. We did our run to Sams, which turned into a big hassle for us. As a host for the Escapees Marcia has access to the "company" Sams card, but when we tried to get it yesterday nobody could find it.

Today when we went to pick it up we were told that card had been canceled and we could pick up the new card at Sams. Well it turned out Sams has someone named on the card that nobody knows. We called back to the park and they was going to have that person fax a permission slip so Marcia could use the card. Well as I said before nobody knows the person listed on the card so no fax was going to be made.

Rather than waiting all day and hassling with them we chose to accept the offer of a free day pass to Sams. We looked all over Sams and wound up picking up a can of cashews, and a can of powered Gatorade, if we had brought the cooler we would have purchased some shrimp.

Next was Krogers, Charlene directed us right to the store, although we made a couple detours checking out yard sales, and a trade day. Nothing was found at the sales or the trade day, but we did stock up on diet Big K at Krogers.

Once we made it back to Livingston we stopped at Shrimp Boat Manny's for a late lunch. We had the shrimp appetizer, and the fish meal. The fish meal had four pieces of fish so we shared an order. It was fair, but I don't think I will ever return, there are too many other places to try while we are here.

I have come to the conclusion the weather here is a lot like the weather in KY, just a little warmer. You have a couple pretty days, and then you have a front move in and screws everything up. Tomorrow the wind is forecast to blow, Monday the temperature falls, and I feel the results.

Spending the winter in Fl was really good for my aches and pains, but TX has been really bad. I'm having a hard time figuring out my medicines to match up to the ever changing weather.
We all will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings for us...

Sunshine and Clear Skies

Today brought a pleasant surprise to me here in Livingston TX, Clear Skies, Plenty of Sunshine and the thermometer hit the 75 degree mark. The morning was a little on the chili side, I even had to put on a sweat shirt but that was OK.

We planned on making a trip to Sams today, but a lost card prevented that trip today. We decided to take advantage of the clear skies and check out the Lake Livingston State Park. Once we drove to the park we stopped at the check in station, where we found out they charge $3 per person to allow access into the park. Well we had not planned too well, we didn't have a cooler, no lunch, or even our blanket to sit on while we enjoyed the lake, so we didn't pay the fee to enter. I did note that they charge $10 for a campsite, I think with water, and $18 for a FHU site.

We chose to follow the road to see what else we could find around the lake. Much to our disappointment we found most of the lake shores are owned by private individuals. A few public boat ramps, and several businesses were also around the lake. After driving around the part of the lake that we did I see the main enjoyment of the lake would be to lot owners, the park, or boaters.

Back in Livingston we checked out Berkshire Brothers Grocery, there we found they were having a sidewalk sale. Sales is something we really enjoy, when we can buy a product for less than normal price we like that, especially when we need or can use the items.

At the sidewalk sale we found the low carb peanut butter for twenty five cents, and that was for a 16 oz jar, and the normal price was $4. Needless to say we bought all they had which was only 6-8 jars. Marcia was excited to find low carb peanut butter since she is on this diet, and it got me thinking about mom's peanut butter fudge.

I can almost smell the aroma of the fudge as I remember the times mom would get up during a commercial while we were watching a TV program and come back shortly after the show had started again with the pan and a couple spoons. We got to scrape the excess out of the pan after she poured the fudge onto her serving platter. Marcia and I have tried to copy mom's peanut butter fudge many times, but it never turns out quite like moms did. Oh well I just gained 5 lbs thinking about moms fudge.

After we finished checking out the store we tried Jack in the Box for lunch. They advertise tacos 2 for $1 so I had to try them out. Well I can say we tried it, I guess that had to be the worst taco I ever had placed in front of me. Marcia had the burgers without the bun and what she got was the meat and a slice of cheese. Unlike the way McDonnalds used to put all the toppings on the meat on a bed of lettuces. Needless to say Jack in the Box will not be on our places to re-visit.
Back at the rig I took a long nap while Marcia cleaned out the cubards. I think she cleans them out and re-arranges things so I don't mess around in the kitchen. About the time I figure out where things are she cleans and re-arranges.

After I woke up from my nap I sat outside enjoying the 75 degree weather, there was just enough of a breeze to move the leaves on the trees. I sat there as I watched Greg walk one dog, and then another. We distracted him before he was finished with the second trip. We sat around talking long enough that Jean had to take the third dog out.

I know people love their pets, but for me they are restrictions I don't have to deal with. Leo is Marcia's pet, and Leo can be left a lone for several days, all we have to do is make sure he has plenty food and water. We do have to listen to him fuss at us after we have been gone a couple days.
Later I did get to watch Friday Night Lights on the TV so all is well and I am a happy camper. Tomorrow is another day and only time will tell what happens or what we will do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks for turning OFF the FAN

Thanks to the man upstairs for turning off the fans, yesterday morning I was awakened by a passing thunderstorm. We had the thunder, the lightening, and plenty of rain. There may have even been some hail mixed in from the sound of it hitting the rig, but I didn't look out to see.
By 9-10 AM the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. I have heard by many that the wind in Texas is just something you deal with. It wasn't as bad yesterday as I have seen it when we were in AZ last year, but it was bad enough.
Marcia did her 4 hours yesterday, she does two 8 hour days and a 4 hour day equaling the 20 hours required. 20 hours in exchange for our FHU site isn't a bad deal, I know others that do way more than 20 for their site, some even do more than 20 hours per person, and that is very cheap labor, or a very expensive site.
Around 11:30 I drove down to the office to wait for Marcia to finish her shift and while I was there I got to visit with Marty, Greg, and Jean. Greg should be moving out of the trees today into a site next to us on the hill. Marty had started a task we need to do. Cleaning out every nook and cranny of his rig, getting rid of the things he has carried around for two years and has not used. I think I will make that a project for June when we will be close to the kids.
Today the sun is shining, the thermometer should hit the mid 70 mark, the wind isn't blowing, and we are undecided in what we want to do. A trip to Conroe is upcoming, but not sure if it will be today. Conroe has a Sams Club, and a Kroger store, although I have never been very fond of paying to shop, (membership shopping)we have access to a sams card and while in FL we found sams to have a pretty good price on powered Gatorade, and nuts. And Krogers is Marcia's favorite grocery store, and we like the Big K pop you get at Krogers.
We will try our very best to have a good, or maybe even great time today, and I will tell you about it later....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A different use of SOLAR

As I was working on setting up and changing the oil yesterday I was approached twice by two of our new neighbors, wanting to know what that thing was on our "batwing" TV antenna. The first guy just plain old ask, "what is that thing on your antenna". The second guy not wanting to impress me as being dumb ask, "is the a new contraption for the digital conversion for TV?"

Each time I had the pleasure of explaining the need for some way to locate your rig when you are parked out in the desert and you return to your rig in the dark. You walk over to the camp fire while there is still some daylight left, you spend an hour or two or three or four shooting the breeze around the campfire with some very interesting and friendly people. And then you start to return to your rig and think "where is it, where am I", because the darkness has set in and it gets DARK out there where there is no lights.
Some people have the blinking lights they use when riding a bicycle stuck in their front window, you can see them in red, blue, white, and even multiple colored lights. And then some have the red or blue balls in their satellites, or ham radio antennas. We even have a couple of the blinking lights, but we don't use them because I had a different ideal.
I took one of our solar lights, the ones you stick in the ground to mark a walkway, or to light up a flower bed, that we had broken. All that was left was the top part that illuminates and protects the bulb. I drilled four holes in it, and then I climbed up on the roof and attached it with some wire to our batwing antenna.
I felt sure it would last the two to four weeks we planned on being in the desert, but much to my amazement it is still there after almost 18 months. It still glows every night, and now when we are walking from the clubhouse to the rig we can see the solar light guiding our way.

Some good friends came to Rainbows End last week and it was dark when we returned from eating and met them. We took them for a tour of Rainbows End and it was really dark when we returned to the Oaks area of the CG where we were parked. They ask us where we were parked as we walked towards their rig, and we just pointed to the light sticking way up on an antenna and said there we are.
You can see all kinds of different things while traveling, and in the different RV Parks (or places where RVs are parked) When someone puts their mind to completing a task with limited or unlimited resources.