Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving Day

Today was our moving day, we drove all the way to the dump station and then parked the rig across the street from where it was yesterday. At least I did get the tanks filled and dumped, and turned the wheels.

 Friday dad was released from ICU and transferred to a rehab center about 6 miles away. Even though it was only 6 miles he did cross state lines. Crossing the state line created problems with his meds because the quack doctor that is filling in for his regular doctor didn't write the orders for his meds.

 Monday dad started his therapy and all was really good. He did several sets of therapy because his shortness of breath limits him in how long he can do it. The doctor he has at the rehab center has never seen dad, but after we had complained about dad not getting his meds it was decided he needed an EKG. The EKG showed that his heart rate was way too high, so he was sent back to the hospital where he was admitted back into ICU.

 So now that his regular doctor will be back Tuesday, and that he will be getting his heart meds maybe his stay in ICU will be short and he can get back to his therapy so he can get built back up and go home.

 Marcia and I are enjoying being close to family despite the weather and the hospitals. The park is terrific if only we could spend a little more time in it, and Marcia is getting her BINGO fix almost every night. We will be here for another two weeks before we need to dump the tanks again, and maybe we will move to the other side of the park for a change then.

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