Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where have I been????

It is safe to say I haven't been on the PC doing my blog.

Things are a little on the busy side here in SE KY. Dad has been in and out of the hospital too many times, and the worst part is he is in the hospital now. He is doing better, but all the therapy he had has been lost with this last set back. On top of his bad lungs, and failing heart, he has an ulcer in his stomach that acts up way too often, but we aren't ready to give up, and neither is he.

 We found out today that Wal-Mart didn't mount my wheels right on the jeep. The wheels are uni-lug which requires a washer to be placed "correctly" between the wheels and the lug nut which they didn't do on half of them. After Wal-Mart in Fountain City decided they couldn't fix them they sent me to one of the shops that covers their mistakes. That shop didn't have the washers or lug nuts that we needed replaced, so I wound up taking it to a wheel and tire shop to get the lug nuts replaced. Now I have to take it back to Corbin to get the wheels replaced that they scared up removing the messed up lug nuts.

 We did make it to Raccoon Valley SKP Park for their dine in tonight. It was really good to see some of our RV friends. Sue and Niel are back at Raccoon Valley, Carl is there, and several others we have met in the past four years. We left some pamplets about the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park at the office, and I was shocked to find out some people don't know about the park or all it has to offer.

 So that has inspired me to do a blog about the park. In the next couple blogs I'll be telling a little about the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and some of the things you can enjoy if you happen to be lucky enough to visit this little part of the world. And now that "Blackberry winter" has passed the weather should be just about perfect. Blackberry winter is the last cold spell in this area, so I will be a happy camper......


  1. Hello guys !!!

    Continued good thoughts going out your way for your Dad


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