Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Greatest Dad

 I'm sure almost everyone thinks they have the greatest dad ever, and I feel really sorry for those that don't. I know I have the greatest dad, but his time here on earth is short. He has been in the hospital or rehab since March the 20th, with the exception of one week he was able to go home.

 Today the decision was made to get him back home with hospice care. He said he was just too tired and it hurt too much to continue with the rehab. When the social worker explained the hospice care and told dad they would make him comfortable he decided that was the way to go.

 Tomorrow we will head back to the old home place, if hospice can get everything lined out that dad will need. He requires so much oxygen that most of the rehab centers couldn't help dad even if he wanted to continue with the rehab. Tomorrow night I will make us a large pan of biscuits, and Marcia will make plenty gravy. Dad will be home and most of his family will be there to welcome him back home, and maybe some day I will tell you a few reasons of why I KNOW I have the greatest dad.........


  1. Butch we will be happy to be home....our thoughts and prayers continue to head out your way.


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