Monday, February 13, 2012

Pio Pico

 We left the Palms Spring area and drove south to Jamul CA where Pio Pico RV Resort is. We checked in and had to drive through the park to exit so we could enter on the other side of the road. The problem was the other side of the road has two dump stations but no sewer at the sites. Which is really no big deal, but you combine that inconvenience with the fact there is no cell service and the only TV you get off the bat wing is Mexican stations, and it makes for unhappy campers.

 We had decided we would stay for a few days to see the area, but we wouldn't be staying for the two weeks we had reserved. Friday we drove to Jamul, and 5 minuets later we were on our way to see the Pacific Ocean. Not much to see in Jamul.

 We found La Jolla Beach and walked around a bit. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, cloudy and cool on the beach so we drove on up to watch the para-sailing. From there we could see the famous Torrey Pines Golf Course. I really don't think there was a tournament going on while we were there, but it was interesting to see it.

 I tried to get Marcia to take one of the sailing rides, but when she saw the $150 price tag she opted out and I was really glad she did. so we watched awhile before driving back to Pio Pico. Once we got back we saw the park was having a fish fry in their restaurant. Well the fish fry was a mistake, the food was terrible. How do you mess up fried fish? Don't cook it enough, and add sweet relish to the cole slaw to ruin that and we were left with cold fries.

 Saturday we drove around the mtns and took in the views. We had a nice time and the views were spectacular. Later we made another mistake, the park was having a steak diner for Valentines Day and we had already paid for it the night before, so we went. ( if we hadn't have already paid we would have left early Saturday) So we watched the Cats play on direct TV and then enjoyed the hot tub.

 Sunday we packed up and left. We wound up in Yuma where we will spend a couple days before heading to Ajo sometime this week..............

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  1. I worked in La Jolla back in the 70's. It is a wonderful area. Such beautiful beaches.


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