Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Got the "all clear" maybe.

Some how posting blogs don't seem to get done very often when we are sitting in one place too long. And spending time in Middlesboro Ky makes posting blogs a task I don't want to do, who wants to read about us going to eat with our kids several times every week?

Another bad thing about sitting in one place too long is the camera doesn't get used enough. I often think, "why didn't I take pictures"? Not only do I not get to share them with you all, I can't look back and see all the pictures I didn't take.

One interesting thing we did with the kids and two of the grands was a trip white water rafting. I must say I wasn't really into going until we got the boat in the water. We had a blast and I am very happy that I did do this with our kids, and as soon as the youngest grand gets old enough we will do it again.

I didn't take a single pic but others did and I'll share them with you all.

This was before we took off.

Here we are.

This is the lazy part of the river.

We did have two that "fell" out of the raft.

We had an awesome guide, he had us doing 360's while shooting the rapids. All the others in the other rafts were in awe, and the adventurous ones were wishing they were in our raft.

Then the next few weeks were more of the first few weeks, so I won't boar you with all the re-runs.

Today I got the all clear from my doctor, although he will be checking with the cancer doctors to make sure they don't want me for some reason or another. So unless I get a call or letter I'll be free to roam the country again until my next appointment in Dec. or maybe even June of 2013.

 Marcia has her final check up tomorrow, and we expect an all clear from her doctor too.

The next week will be busy getting all the things ready for our departure, sitting for two months things kind of get away from me so this is the week I catch up. This time next week we will be headed north..............


  1. Nice post, but we are suprised it wasn't you two who fell out!

  2. travel safe,see u in Sedalia.


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