Thursday, October 11, 2012

Key West Bound

 Two years ago we arrived in Key west in late Oct. just in time for the 7-10 day festivities they call Fantasy Fest. We had such a good time watching all the people we decided we would go back. Last year we went west (and froze) for the winter so no KW in late Oct. but this year we will be there.

 We left Escapase headed to KW but we had plenty of time to get there. We stopped off in St Louis and spent a night at the casino, then on to Cumberland Gap to visit friends and family one last time this year. From KY we stopped off in northern GA to visit friends, (even though some of them took off the day we arrived) and to wait out a front that brought plenty of rain.

 North Ga Led us to Southern Ga where we visited a cousin we hadn't seen in 11 years. After a couple days in Vidalia GA we continued on to Ft Stewart GA where we got to see our son Jonathan a couple times before he is deployed back to the sandbox. (Afghanistan) We could have spent more time there, but the three days we were there he was busy, and we wanted to get on into FL.

 The etch-a-sketch showed us stopping off in Kings Bay to check out the submarine base. I hear the fam-camp there is one of the best, but the etch-a-sketch got shaken up and we wound up in Mims Fl. Once in Mims we had to check out the Atlantic ocean,
While most of the US was hit by a cold front we enjoyed the FL warmth.
We were surprised when we found out Ron and Elaine has bought a lot in Titusville, it gave us a chance to spend an evening with them.
Tomorrow we will pack up and leave this PassPort America Park ( Seasons in the Sun) and head deeper south. Just before entering the Keys we will stop at a casino to spend the night. It is a little over 200 miles from here to Miami, and another 120+ to KW so we will make it a two day trip. If we are lucky at the casino we may make it a there day trip... I guess that is why we have all our plans on the etch-a-sketch...


  1. Nice "catch up" blog post, Joe. Glad to hear about your travels. Miss you both and wish you well during the winter in KW.

  2. Thanks for taking us down to the warm weather in KW, just wish we were actually there. Have a great winter and we will see ya down the road.

    Stay Safe


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