Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still Hanging Out in Key West

While we have been here in the Keys I have taken a few pictures, and thought it would be nice to share some of them with everyone.
This is one of our "dry camping" spots. This one was when we first arrived in Jan.
Marcia is always looking to help any way or any where. This is where we volunteered to help with the "Bone Island Tri-athalon", and they way we were treated it will be the last time we help them.

                             This is one of the flying fellows we have encountered here on the island.

An afternoon at the "Turtle Krawlz" and enjoying their "bucket of bones" (ribs)and this was our view.

Another volunteer gig that had us down town before sunrise, this was for the half marathon and they really treat their volunteers well. I ask them if the would wait until noon next year, but they said the runners would get too hot so I guess we can get up early one day a year.

We bought a Sea Eagle Kayak to enjoy here in the Keys, and anywhere else we may find a body of water to explore. It folds up pretty small when you let the air out.

Friends and Class mates Ron and Linda made it to Key West this year and what is a trip to the keys without a picture or two showing you were here?

This is one of the sunsets at Mallory Square.

When Bob and BJ arrived we had to have a get-together.

The famous, and endangered Key Dear

Yes the MARGARATOR has made a few appearances

Bob celebrated his 70th birthday here in the Keys and we were honored to help him. This is the view at Giger Key Fish Camp and Marina where we had his birthday dinner.

Wayne and Sandy, Ron and Linda, Bob and BJ, and Marcia and myself waiting on the birthday cake.

After a few drinks and a terrific dinner we stopped by the rig to mix up some more margaritas before heading down town to continue celebrating Bob's birthday. (as if we needed a reason to celebrate)

Several of the crowd were sipping heavy on the margaritas so a trip by the southern most point with pictures was in store. We did have designated drivers so all was good.
Ron and Linda

The Birthday Boy and BJ

Wayne and Sandy

Here is a view from the roof of our rig when we returned to dry camping.

Now we are in full hookups and this is the view I have while sitting at my desk.

And this is the view out the front window.

Life on the Island has been pretty darn good this year, The weather has been pretty good too, and some of the people we have met and spent time with is priceless......

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