Friday, March 26, 2010

Elite Eight

The KENTUCKY WILDCATS make it to the elite eight in the NCAA mens basketball tournament. If you know me you also know I am not a sports fan, unless you are talking UK football or UK basketball, and then I try not to miss a game. Pro sports in my opinion is just a waste of money. Too many people make way too much money, and that has driven the cost up so high most people can't afford to go see a game. Even in college sports the cost is way too much for most people to see a game. At any rate you will find me glued to the TV Saturday when KY and WV meet to see who advances to the final four.

My VA appointment today went south, when we arrived they said they were running late and we had another hour before I would be seen so we drove around for a while. When we returned I was told they would have to reschedule the appointment. Next Tuesday is as soon as I could get another, so we decided to roll our wheels some. We drove across the state to Cocoa Beach FL. It was a quick decision but I detest sitting in one spot and not being able to move because of something I can't control.

We arrived at Patrick AFB just after 6 PM, the host signed us in and I got the TV set up to watch the game. Tomorrow we will explore some of the beaches.......

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  1. Yes Goliath beat David !!! Poor little guys from Cornell were beaten up by those mean Ol Wildcats if they wold only show Angelina Jolie more often. And for you Joe - GO BLUE !!!!


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