Sunday, March 28, 2010

The season is OVER

Yesterday we watched our KENTUCKY WILDCATS fall to West Virgina in the Elite eight of the NCAA tournament. Our boys couldn't put the ball in the hole, and WV was sinking the threes. I can only dream that the four players that were playing high school BB last year will return to the Cats next year, but would you turn down a multi million dollar contract to play another year of college ball?
I am proud of "my boys" for having a 35-3 season, although I do regret they didn't go all the way. The new coach at KY has a big thumbs up from me, and now that he has had a taste of the SEC maybe he will bring KY back to the dominating team they once was.

Here is a picture of the FamCamp here at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach FL.

Another picture of the FamCamp.

We spotted this guy soaking in the FL Sunshine the other day. He looks so harmless, but we all know he could be a very dangerous beast.

Here is a shot of the Main Gate at Patrick AFB, I'm standing across the street in a beach access parking lot.

Here I'm standing on the wooden walkway that leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is a shot of the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of water there.

We spotted this ship cruising along the coast.

This is Cocoa Beach FL looking from the beach across the street from Patrick AFB.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I know I enjoyed taking them. Now that my sports season is over until September maybe I will find more time to take more pictures to share. (the warm weather helps a lot too.).........

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  1. I know Joe is BLUE.....too bad !!! I hate (yes I know hate is such a hateful word) Bobby Huggins the WV coach.....


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