Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life on the Island of KW

We have been on Key West for 4 days, we have drove up and down Duval Street top-less in the jeep several times, We even walked it a couple times. You can see some really strange people walking Duval. We have also rode around the base, and have enjoyed the perfect weather. Today the high was 83, and the low tonight will be 76, so I am a HAPPY CAMPER.

 The cold I picked up a few weeks ago hasn't gotten any better so yesterday I went to see a doctor. I tried Monday but here you have to call at 7:15 to get an appointment to see a doctor, and I just drove over to their office. That is when they informed me about needing to call first, so yesterday I called and saw the doctor at 10 AM.

 He gave me several perscriptions to take, a Z pac, prednisone, mucinex, and a jell cap for the cough, so maybe the meds will kick in and I will be able to enjoy KW even more.

 The skis are still down, I am going to change all the fuel lines, the filters, and the gas. I got on a ski-doo forum asking for instructions and they gave me several things I need to do to get them running right. The bad part is here on the base you can't work on anything, so I will have to take them to the auto hobby shop on the next island up to do the things I need to do.

I guess that isn't too bad, at least the weather is good, no it is GR8................

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  1. Don't think you will find too many people who wouldn't change places with you two, sounds like you have found your "70's".
    Hugs, Kathy & Chuck


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