Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where does the time go?

 A week has passed since I last posted to the blog, I had big intentions of taking lots of pictures and posting everyday about the happenings here on KW. So Saturday I armed myself with fully charged batteries and my 4 gig memory card and headed for the heart of the action, Goomsbay!

 I was snapping pictures right and left, even over the top of the windshield of the jeep. We parked the jeep right on Duval Street and walked into the crowds of people and food. Lots and lots of food, all Escapees would be proud to see so much food. My problem was I think some of the piles of food were the same piles we saw Friday night. Although I never heard of anyone getting sick, never saw anyone barfing, or saw anyone that even looked like they weren't enjoying the food, I could see a pile of burnt sausages. I really think it was the same pile of burnt sausages I saw Friday night except today they had some cabbage grated on them.

 So here are some of the pictures, I will put captions on some and the rest will need none.

Here is Bahama Village where the music and festivities are for GOOMSBAY.

                                                                  FOOD ANYONE

  Bobbie has threatened me with Better Than Sex Cake, and has mentioned a few things better than sex, so when we saw the Better Than Sex Desert Restaurant I had to get a picture to post for her to see.
                              People walking down the streets of vendors on their way to GOOMSBAY.

 This building has three bars, The BULL, on the first floor,The WHISTLE STOP,on the second floor, and THE GARDEN of EDEN on the roof. The Garden of Eden is the clothing OPTIONAL bar where you don't have to hide behind the leaves.
                                                             HARD ROCK CAFE
                                               Key West's only "HIGH RISE" motel.
                                                        More of DUVAL STREET

                                THE SOUTHERN MOST POINT IN THE UNITED STATES
                                                           that is not on a military base
 You wouldn't think of a school being on KW, but they do have their very own High School on the island.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures because I quit taking my camera into town. When I have a camera strapped over my shoulder, or in my hands everyone treats me like every other tourist, but without the camera I kind of fit in and we get the "locals" discounts on almost everything. The mosquito pest control even gave us a couple cans of off because we were almost locals, even though I haven't seen a mosquito since we left Naples.

 Some time after the excitement of Fantasy Fest I will continue the blog, but for now this is it. I will need to spend every free minute resting for our next trip to Duval Street. There is so much to see and so much going on. The people in their costumes, or lack of a costume, or the paint job on the ones brave enough to walk around with just paint covering them. I spend way too much time and energy enjoying Fantasy Fest to let it be interrupted by sitting at the lap top.

 I will do a blog on Fantasy Fest, but it will be later, after I have recovered from the 10 day festival....

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  1. Oh, thank you, Joe, for the photo of the "Better Than Sex" restaurant sign. Hope we meet again soon and I'll make you another cake for sure!

    Bobbie C


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