Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Etch-A-Sketch gets shaken up

Last Sunday we left the Cumberland Gap NP headed south, Sunday night we were parked at Camping World in Spartinburg SC. Monday morning we turned the rig around and headed right back to the Cumberland Gap NP.

 We got a call Sunday night telling us dad was admitted back in the hospital Sunday evening. He had phenomena and his heart rate was too high and fluttering, and that was enough to convince me to spend a few extra weeks in this area. we all know I try my best to avoid cold weather, but I really want to be here for dad in case he needs me in any way.

 So we have been spending a lot of time at the hospital keeping dad company. We have been making our donations to the bingo halls too. As much as my wife likes to play bingo, and as many places we have played all across the US, Middlesboro has the best bingo we have found.

 For $10 at the "yellow building" you can get a computer with 72 chances to win, or for $8 you get 16 chances on paper. The games range from $50 to $1000, but the bingo halls really make their money selling pull tabs. That is a lot better than paying $15 to win $50 like some places we have been to.

 We are also blessed by getting to spend time with our kids. Miss Jaelyen has really got us wrapped around her finger, but it is well worth it, and the best thing is we can give her back any time we want to.

 We really have no idea when we will leave here, but we will enjoy everything except the cold................

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