Saturday, November 24, 2012

Headed to the Mouse's House

We finished a month in Key West and started our   s l o w   journey to visit Mickey Mouse. Our first stop was at the Biscanyne National Park near Homestead FL. Marcia got her National Park Stamp and we filled out applications to volunteer there in the future.

Our next stop was at the casino at the junction of 41 and 997 just outside of Miami where we planned on spending a couple nights. We went inside where Marcia got our pass to spend the night and I started making my donation to the slot machines. It was turning out to be a pretty good night as I was up several hundred dollars.

 We then took advantage of their 24/7 steak and lobster for $9.95, one of the best deals you can find without having the discount coupons the casino mails out. After eating we went back to the slots, Marcia was still just making a donation and I was up and down, so we decided to call it a night and I was up about $400. Marcia wasn't telling how much she had donated.

 The next morning it was a little cool and the wind was kicking up some but I wanted to see South Beach. South Beach was listed in the top ten beaches of the world and I wanted to see it so we made the drive. Because of the weather there wasn't very many people on the beach but I got to see why it is in the top ten beaches of the world.

 The road running along the coast in that area is lined with condos and hotel high-rises. With all the buildings comes all the people that dwell in them so needless to say it wasn't for me. Each of the condos and hotels on the beach side had a little shack on the beach where people staying there could get cabanas or lounge chairs. Some even had small bunker like areas carved out in the sand for the little kids to play in. I guess it is a good way to keep the kids in an area so someone could keep an eye on them.

 Back at the casino we went back inside. I had already put most of my winnings up in the rig so I wouldn't donate it all back to the casino. I was a bit shocked when I found myself up about $200, and then the real shocker came. Marcia found me sitting at a slot machine, she came running up hitting me in the shoulder screaming, "I just won $1200" "I just won $1200". She was so excited! That was enough of a win that the attendant had to come and get all her information so they could send her a 1099 for taxes. I was happy that they didn't take the taxes out on the spot.

 The next day we continued our trip north, ( I know, wrong direction) we made it to Immokalee FL where we spent the night at another casino. This casino wasn't as giving as the one we had just left so we made it an early night. At 8 am they were knocking on our door telling us we had to leave because they were having some hog fest going on over the weekend. Charlie Daniels was playing Sunday and they had others for Friday and Saturday.

 We were gone from the casino by 10 am, long before the noon deadline they had given us. We drove to the Peace River Thousand Trails Preserve near Wauchula FL. We are trying to use the membership we purchased a couple years ago, so we plan on spending two weeks here. The sites are plenty big enough, the hot tub works, and we have 50 amps so L I G. (life is good)

 Heinze and Anne-Lise came over this week and spent part of the day with us. It was really good seeing them again, and we had already washed all the salt off the Kountry Star so it was looking pretty good when they came. Heinze and Anne-Lise is the couple we bought the Kountry Star from almost three years ago, and we try to visit them every time we get close to Sebring where they bought a park model.

 The weather is not as good as I would like it, and I told Corey tonight not to plan another trip to FL in Dec and expect us to meet him. He is bringing Jennifer and Jaelynn down to Clermont in Dec and Marcia is going with them to Disney World, ( or Land which ever one is in FL ). I will guard the rig while they go stand in the lines.

 We did have an excellent dinner Thanksgiving day, the park provided the ham and turkey and everyone brought a side. It really didn't look like there were as many sides as there were people, (not even half allowing for couples) but there was plenty food for everyone. We got really tickled at one guy that had a serving platter for his plate, and after his third trip Marcia said she was glad she didn't have to cook for him. There was enough left that they told everyone to take some ham and turkey home with them, so all was good.

 We have another week here before we inch a little closer to the Mouse's House, we have reservations (oh how I dislike reservations) for the 14th of Dec at the Thousand Trails Preserve in Clermont FL which is really close to the Mouse's House so we won't be until the next time.........

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