Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time for an Up-Date

When I looked at my blog last night I noticed it had been a long time since I made a post, so today I will will bring everyone up to date.

While at the Thousand Trails park in Wauchula we got the chance to visit Walt, (Donna was visiting family in VA). Walt and Donna was the first couple we met as full time rv'ers. We met at the Life On Wheels rally in Bowling Green Ky back in May of 2007. Walt is the type of guy that has to be doing something all the time, and I guess that had something to do with him failing retirement 101. But we had a good visit at their new home in Lake Land FL, and we hope to see them more while we are in FL.

 After our two weeks had passed we headed  S L O W L Y  towards Clermont where we will spend another two weeks starting tomorrow. Corey, Jennifer, and Miss Jaelynn will be visiting us next week. They have big plans while they are here, Mickey and Minnie and all that stuff. I will babysit the rig and Leo while they run around.

 We spent a week at a small park near Tampa resting up from the long drive from Wauchula. (about 60 miles) The resting up didn't work out too well for me, we played corn hole and another game the had me bending way too much and that got my back aggravated. Add in the cold front that came down and I wound up spending a couple days in bed trying to get over the pain.

 Now we are at Sumter Oaks with many friends that we have met in the past five years. We always feel "at home" here because we know so many people here. When Marcia was a "host" with the Escapees we spent four months here and a lot of the same people keep returning to this park.

 Our friends Wanda and Wallace are managers here now, and any time we are around them we have a good time. A couple days ago "The Maine-e-acts" pulled in from Maine, three rigs full of-em. It had been a long time since we had seen them, and it is always good catching up with them.

 Tonight the park is having their weekly "dine in" and they will be serving meatloaf and mashed tatters. It will be our last night here so we will saying our good byes to everyone tonight. Tomorrow we will make the long drive to Clermont, ( about an hour drive ) I think I'll be able to drive it in one day. There we will rest up while waiting for Miss Jaelynn's visit Monday.

 Maybe I will post more often, but I guess that will depend on the weather, the weather I do it or not........

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