Saturday, September 28, 2013

WOW, it has been awhile

I just looked at my last blog post and we have put on a lot of miles since I made a post.

 I guess Face Book and the smart phone has just about replaced doing a blog. When you can put a post online right then and there almost anywhere you are makes it too easy and I forget to sit down at the computer and type out a blog post.

 So I will try to catch you up....

 We left Raccoon Valley as soon as I had finished my doctors appointments. Our first stop was the casino in Cherokee NC. Marcia was driving Jon's car and I was driving the MH pulling the jeep. Corey was keeping Jon's car for him while he was in Afghanistan and we were taking it back to Ft Stewart so Jon could have it when he returned home.

 After driving the MH over the Smokey Mtns from Pigeon Forge to Cherokee I was ready to relax for a day or two. We parked the MH in the designated RV area. We went in to make our donation and to let them know we would be spending the night there. We had intended on spending a couple days there, but the casino has a one night only rule, so the next morning we headed south.

 It was a good day for driving, but Marcia driving Jon's car and me driving the MH wasn't as much fun as when Marcia is in the MH with me. Vidalia GA was our next stop, we would spend a couple nights there while we visited Lisa and her family.

 The next stop would be Ft Stewart GA. George (the camp host) had some disturbing news for us when we pulled in, he informed us they only had one site available for 4 nights. That wasn't what we wanted because Jon would be home until the fifth night. Tuesday morning when the Fam-Camp office opened we went in to pay and check on staying longer. Kathy (the manager) informed us they would be full but she would do some checking to see if she couldn't work something out.

 Later that day George came by and told us we could stay 7 days but we would have to move to a different site. We were happy because that would give us two days past the day Jon returned. We figured out the reason for the Fam-Camp being full in southern GA in August. The fam-camp has 20 sites, one taken by the camp host, and 15 being used by active duty soldiers. Apparently some of the active duty stationed at Ft Stewart have chosen to buy an RV and live in it rather than living in government housing or renting a house there. The major problem with that is the fam-camps aren't set up to be government housing.

 We did our week there, we welcomed Jon and his unit home from a 10 month deployment. We got to have dinner with him and a few of the others in his section. With Jon having all the debriefings and getting settled in to his new room in the barracks we didn't get to spend as much time with him as we wanted to, but we were thankful for the time we did get to spend with him.

 Our next stop was the Fam-Camp at Mayport FL. This Fam-Camp is NE of Jacksonville FL, it is on the St Johns River and the Atlantic ocean. You can sit in your rig and watch ship go in and out, or you can walk a half mile or so to the beach. A very unique military installation.

 Our next stop would be one of my favorite, Seasons in The Sun RV Resort in Mims FL. We stopped there a few years ago and liked it so we keep returning when we are in that area. Most of the time we are there, there aren't too many other campers there. Most of the regulars haven't made it to FL for the winter, or they have already left for the summer. I guess that is one of the things we like best, we have the entire park almost to ourselves.

 We delayed our departure a couple times for one reason or another, the latest was because our rear ac unit quit working and we couldn't get it into a shop until Wednesday. We enjoyed the quiet of an almost empty rv resort for almost two weeks. For several days the rear ac wouldn't work, but when the service tech checked it, it worked perfect. I know the good lord upstairs had some reason for us spending half a day at camping world (the only place that could look at the ac that week).

 Now we are at John Pennekamp Corral Reef State Park for a week. This will give us a chance to see what the upper Keys has to offer......................


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