Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Waiting Around

  Once we left CGNHP we wound up at the Escapee RV Park near Knoxville. I.m not fond of a few changes the Escapees have made to their park systems, in fact the only reason we will be staying at any of the escapee parks is to visit friends. Raccoon Valley is no exception, the "dub -u-s" Wanda and Wallace are here for a couple months.

   One of the changes to the escapees park system is you pay for your site up front. That causes me to determine how long or how many days we will be here, and anyone that knows me knows that isn't something I know nor is it something I want to decide right now. (unless right now is when I want to leave). So in an effort to save a few $$ I was forced to say a week, (with no refund if you depart early).

  We had a few good meals with the "dub-u-s", and Corey brought Miss Jaelynn over a couple times to entertain us. We took a day and got the rig all cleaned up, it was as bad as it has ever been because the rainy wet summer here kept me from cleaning all summer. Figure that in with the rain under the trees at CGNHP and you can imagine how bad it was. But thanks to rangers Caroll and Scott the walnut tree that has stained our rig for the past three years will stain nothing else. It was cut down the day after we left.

 Our week at Raccoon Valley ended and I had to make another decision, stay, go, how long to stay???? Figuring in my appointment (s) (another one has been added) and the fact that Jenelle is selling her house and everything she has to move to Lutz FL to finish her graduate school, and the thoughts of saving a few $$ we paid up for another week.

 Thursday Corey brought Miss Jaelynn over, this was her last chance before starting school so they spent the night. Corey must have heard about our rig entertaining 8, dinning 4, and sleeping 2, because he brought their air mattress and they slept in the back of their SUV. Even though they are on the short list of exceptions we make for spending the night in the rig.

  Friday didn't go exactly as planned, we decided Jenelle needed our help more than we needed to play. I used the pressure washer to clean her driveway, patio, and front porch, while Marcia and Corey manned the yard sale while Jenelle kept busy going through her stuff deciding what she could take with her and what she had to get rid of, and Jaelynn entertained Aidan, ( Jenelle's Dog).

  We were very lucky with the weather because the rain held off all day Friday while the yard sale was going on, and all day Saturday too. Sunday was a different story though, the rain is back, and so is the pain in my back. Something about the deteriorating disks in my back and rainy weather just don't mix.

 Monday will be a free day with 0 plans, but Tuesday and Wednesday we will be doing the doctor things again. No way I could get the two appointments for the same day so we will be driving up Tuesday and back on Wednesday. If rain had not been forecast for so many days we would have driven the rig up and headed east on I-64 out of Lexington, but the rainy forecast convinced me to hang around and do one night in a motel.

 Thursday or Friday we will leave here headed for Ft Stewart GA where our son Jonathan will be returning from Afghanistan. This is his second tour in the "sand box", one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, he also did two tours in Korea while serving our country in the U S Army. It will be really good to see him home again.

 From there we will slowly drift south to the Southern Most Gated RV Community, in Key West FL.

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