Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Etch-A-Sketch

As many of you know we write all our plans on the etch-a-sketch and they often get bumped around and changed on us. Our plans to spend a couple weeks in SC during June got bounced around so much that we will be spending June at the SKP Park near Knoxville TN.

The first bump was getting a base plate installed on the jeep. $700 for a base plate and to have it installed was a waste of good money in my opinion, but that is what camping world, and a hitch shop in Lexington wanted. Me being the cheapscape that I am I wouldn't pay it.

First off I think Blue Ox is way over priced on everything they sell, and second I think any shop involved with RV's charge too much. Like $100+ an hour to change a headlight, or to fix a broken sink. I can understand why the RV industry took such a hit.

I went to a machine shop and had the guys there design a baseplate for me. Well I guess I designed it and they built it, and unlike the Blue Ox baseplate the one I designed doesn't cost me any ground clearance. But the best part is it only cost $150.

Then Fathers day was right around the corner, and since we were this close to my dad, (and two of our kids) I couldn't see us leaving town just yet. I cherrish every fathers day that I get to spend with my dad. I know too many people that don't have that chance anymore, and I really miss mom on mothers day. So if there is any way possible I will be with my dad on fathers day.

Now that fathers day has passed we have a daughter that will be celebrating her 23rd birthday on the 26th. I missed too many of her birthdays in the past so now I will try not to miss anymore if I can keep the etch-a-sketch from fading out.

Cheif Neon, a real friend and class mate, (full timing class of 07) told me recently that there are three holidays we should have a place picked out to be parked on. Memorial Day, Labor day, and the FOURTH OF JULY, and since the 4th is just a few days after Jenelle's Birthday I guess we will stick around Raccoon Valley until it has passed.

After the Fourth the etch-a-sketch shows us heading towards Nashville for a couple days before winding up at Fort Knox. Fort Knox is close enough to Lexington for my doctors appointments, but far enough away that we won't get caught up in the rat race around the KY Horse Park. (something about the world horse show) Just keep in mind that the ETCH-A-SKETCH can get bounced around and cause us to change our plans.

So I think we will hang out here enjoying friends and family through this heat wave......

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