Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenelle

Saturday June 26th was our daughter Jenelle's 23rd birthday. We met dad at her house to spend the day. I spent the first few hours putting together a BBQ Grill. There is a lot of screws holding them things together.

Jenelle had invited a few of her friends, Dad, Marcia and myself to her house. The plan was to cook some dogs and burgers and hang out. We got dad hooked on bowling on the Wii game. He really enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching him. I hope he isn't too sore tomorrow.

It was great spending the day with her, we even coaxed dad into trying a jello shot. After he had downed one he said there was something in it, we had to confess, and he decided one was enough. Then the water balloon fight got started. I am glad I am old and the "youngens" showed enough respect, (or fear) to avoid getting me and dad.

Happy Birthday Jenelle.............I hope you had a GR8 day.............

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