Friday, June 25, 2010

Hot but I'm not complaining!

Marcia and I grew up in this area and I can't ever remember it being this hot this early. We have had 90 degrees + for the past two weeks. It has really been too hot to do much, but the pool here at Raccoon Valley has been a life saver.

Now to top off the heat wave, Marcia ask me Monday afternoon why I had the heat pump on! Everyone knows I like it hot, but not even I would have the heat pump on in 90+ degree weather, so I started checking the CCC (Climate Comfort Control). A fancy way of saying thermostat! Everything was A O K with the CCC, the problem was the front A C unit was blowing out HOT air.

Tuesday Corey brought the kids over and we spent the day at the pool, but after they left we returned to the rig to find it HOT inside. The rear AC was keeping the bedroom cool, but wasn't doing anything for the rest of the rig. We called a service tech, but they wouldn't be able to come until tomorrow.

Joe Myers runs a mobile RV service and he and his partner were here before noon. We found a burnt compassitor, and he happened to have one and put it on. Well that didn't fix the AC. After a call to Dometic, it was decided that the unit was JUNK, and would need to be replaced.

After doing some checking on-line and talking to Newmar and Duo-Therm I needed a SPECIAL AC/Heatpump, one like we put on the Santara last year wouldn't work. The Kountry Star doesn't have a hole in the ceiling like most RV's do so we had to order a unit that has the control board up on the roof.

Expressway Mobile RV Service could get us one, and for $60 more for express shipping we could have it by Friday AM. I was disappointed when the AM part turned out to be about 1 PM, but I was just happy to get the new AC installed today. So now we are cool inside again.

Just another rock in the road to shake up the etch-a-sketch.....

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