Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Keys

  We spent New Years Eve at Bushnell with the Escapees at Sumter Oaks, Wanda and Wallace put on a pretty good show for our entertainment. New Years day we just lounged around doing nothing. On the 2nd we loaded up and took off for Okeechobee. I figured that would be a good place to get the skis fixed.

 I was not impressed with Okeechobee and all the "fish camps" and we really wanted to head on to KW so we spent one night at Wal-Mart and then headed to Ft Lauderdale. At Ft Lauderdale I took the skis to a shop to get them fixed and wound up leaving them there for them to sell. The guy seemed to think I could get most of my $$ back on them, and I thought I wouldn't have to haul them around or pay storage so it was a no brainer for me.

 Tuesday evening we drove on over to the casino on 997. I figured that would be a good place to start our trip to KW the next day. We had to make our donations, but that turned out to be them making a donation to us. It wasn't much, but we walked out with more than we walked in with, and throw in the free parking for the rig and we came out pretty good.

 Wednesday we drove down to KW, it was a beautiful drive. Seeing all the water just makes you feel better, and knowing the LOW temps will be in the 60's makes it really nice. We are in the dry camping area on Sigsbee, that boils down to sitting in an open field with no hookups. (water, electric, or sewer) but our field sits on the gulf of Mexico and that is the view out our front window. We were told it would be about two weeks before a full hookup site opens up. They rotate into a full hookup site for two weeks, and then into dry camping until you number comes up again. We plan on being here until the end of Jan so we will get a week or so in full hookups before we leave.

 We have not done much except relax since we arrived in KW. We are enjoying the weather, highs in the 70's  and lows in the 60's. Most people would love this, but I could stand a few degrees higher. A cold front is due to hit towards the end of the week and the lows will drop down to the high 50,s, and the highs will only be 65, but that will only be a day or two. I know most of you reading this would almost kill for the 50,s or 60,s right now, and I really wish everyone could enjoy warmer weather.

 Sometime around the 1st of Feb we will head back to the Tampa area. I will fly to Lexington, rent a car, do my doctors appointments, drive to Middlesboro to see dad and Scott, and then to Corey's and Jenelle's, and Sunday catch a plane in Knoxville to fly back to Tampa. A lot of trouble for a doctors appointment, but I really like my doctor in Lexington, and he wants to see me at least twice a year, so I'll fly up.

 everyone try to stay warm, we will think about you while we are sunning on the beaches.............

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  1. I am so so cold right now I would give anything for some warm sunshine rays. Enjoy! Sounds like you got it all planned out. Miss you guys!

    How come no pictures on this post?


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