Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still hanging around in Key West

  After spending 18 days with no hookups, water, elect, or sewer we moved to what is called the "Rock Pile" where we have full hookups. No hookups sound pretty bad to most folks, but the reality is most RV's have a fresh watter holding tank, that gives us plenty water for a few days, we can last about two weeks. A grey water and black water holding tanks, to store our waste water from the sinks and shower,and  the black is for storing the toilet waste until we get to a dump station where we empty them. RV's also have an onboard gererator to supply electricity, and several batteries to supply the electric while the generator isn't running.

 Now the Rock Pile is the oldest part of the campground here on Sigsbee, the sites are small and the ground is gravel, so it is the least preferred. Hollywood is another area with larger sites, concrete slabs to park on, and a few trees. Then there is what is known as the "Circle", with large sites, and large concrete pads, and it is  the cream of the crop  as far as sites go here on Sigsbee. Then there are the many sites and areas for the dry camping.

 We will be here for another week before we head back to Bushnell where Marcia will hold down the fort while I fly back to KY for my doctors appointments. I'll fly from Tampa to Lexington where our son Corey will pick me up. Corey being an RN, will go with me to the doctor, and then take me to Middlesboro where I'll visit dad and Scott. Jenelle (our daughter) will pick me up in Middlesboro and drop me off at the Knoxville airport where I'll fly back to Orlando where Marcia will pick me up. That is a lot of pick ups and drop offs, but renting a car was going to be too comlicated by picking it up in KY and dropping it off in TN.

 We still have a week here in KW and we will enjoy it to the utmost.......................

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  1. Whew! Your right a lot of picking up and dropping off. Hope your trip goes well. I know you'll be glad to see your Dad. Hope he is feeling better.
    One more week at Key West. I feel so sorry for you guys. Hey, were suppose to get to 50 degrees Sat and I can't wait. Think I'll pull out the flip flips. Marsha will be lost without you for a few days. Talk soon.


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