Saturday, January 15, 2011

Topless down Duval Street

 We are still hanging out in Key West, still enjoying the warmer weather than most of the U S had been having. Although 52 sounds good to most people, it is cold for K W and for me, and I am very happy it has warmed up down here.

 Yesterday  class of 2007 mates, Jim and Nancy, came down to visit. Someone didn't have an I D so they couldn't come to the rig because the base has 100% I D check going on. So we met them at Home Depot where we all piled into the jeep so we could show them what little we know about Key West.

 The four of us went topless from the gulf of Mexico all the way to the Atlantic Ocean on Duval Street in the jeep. I was surprised at how many looks we got, but going topless in a jeep down Duval Street isn't as common as one would think. Then we went to the Southern Most Point in the US before heading back to the gulf side of Duval where we parked the jeep and walked Duval.

 Hunger had already set in before we found the Rum Barrel, a pretty good eating place just off Duval near the docks. Everyone had something different and everyone claimed their food was good, so I have to put the Rum Barrel on the return to list. Once we recharged with food and rest we walked back to the Jeep. Mallory Square was closed off because they were having some fight there. I'm sure it was on pay per view, but none of us were interested in it anyway.

 On the drive back to Home Depot it was really cool in the jeep with the top off, and I offered to stop and put the top back on, but everyone was in agreement to finish the drive topless. I know, you thought because I said we did Duval topless I was talking about our shirts, but it was the top off the jeep that made us topless.

 Until the next time..................


  1. Yeah when I seen Topless on Duvall that's exactly what I thought. Topless in the Jeep is good. Sounds like you all had a good time. You guys take care

  2. I saw a lot of topless ( without shirts,) during Fantasy Fest. Some were plain old NAKED .


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