Thursday, February 17, 2011


  We are in Zolfo Springs, just outside of Wauchula FL at the Escapees Co-Op. It is a very well maintained park, and all it is lacking is a nice hot tub. Swimming pool, pool table,clubhouse, dog run, and nice wide roads. We are in what is considered the overflow area and have water and 20 amp electric, which is a pretty good deal for $11 a night.

  We arrived last Wednesday, and after setting up I took Marcia to the ER. She had a headache, (besides me) since the gal rear ended her in Orlando last Sunday. The doc said it was muscle strains and with a few meds and a few days rest she should be AOK. And my back was feeling better after straining it changing the tires on the jet ski trailer, so things were looking up.

  Thursday we took the jeep into the dealer to get the estimate on getting it repaired. After Skip looked it over we set everything up to bring the jeep in on Monday and we would have a rental waiting on us. Marcia had worked things out with the insurance to get us a SUV because I have such a problem getting into the low sitting cars.

  Friday things went down hill in a snap, a snap in my back. As I was putting the tow bar in the MH bay because we had to empty out the jeep, I heard and felt, the snap in my back and that was it for me doing anything. This is something that I have been through before, and the doctors have me stocked up with the meds to treat it. It just takes several days of not being able to move, or moving very slowly.

 After taking the meds and lots of ice and heat pads I felt pretty good today, I think I have the back problem under control as long as I don't over do it for the next couple of weeks. So I won't be running in and marathons, or doing any weight lifting competitions for quite some time.

 We will be going to Solomons Castle tomorrow with Norm and Peg, (the Mane-e-acts). We have heard a lot about the castle and I will give a detailed report in a future blog. As for now the weather is almost perfect, plenty of sunshine and temps in the mid seventies, so I am a happy camper.

Until the next time.............

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