Saturday, February 26, 2011


 We have met many new friends since we left Middlesboro almost 4 years ago. We meet thousands of people, you pull into a campground, or rest area and you meet the other campers, or the ones in campers at the rest area, or Wal-Mart, or where ever. Some of the people you never expect to see again, and some you will keep in touch with until the day you die.

 Here at "Florida SKP Resort" it is no different, we have met a lot of people here, and some we may never see again, and some we will keep in touch with through the phone, internet, or in person until we go to the great campground in the sky. Like Peg and Norm, or as I call them the "mane-e-acts", we met them at Sumter Oaks two years ago, and I expect we will keep in touch for ever.

 Escapees is a very large club, and it has some fantastic people that belong to it. Although like any club or group, it has some people that you don't care for, and then there are the ones that stick out and you will remember them forever. A few nights ago I wasn't feeling well so Marcia went to the club house to play games. She came home pretty quick, and when I ask her why she said they said all their games were for couples. It really hurt her to be excluded because I wasn't with her.

 The next night I told her we would go to the club house and play "Hoof and Mouth", or hand and foot with the skip-bo cards. I figured she and I could play or we could invite anyone else to join in. I was really impressed when Char interrupted the game she was playing with three others to invite us to join them. She went out of her way to make us feel welcome, as did Maryanne, John and Dave. They are what the escapees is all about, and some of the other escapees should take note.

 We have spent several evenings playing cards with Char, John, Maryanne, Dave, and the Mane-e-acts" here at Wauchula. As for the lot owners here at Wauchula, I find them to be friendly as long as you don't interrupt their daily routine. Like Friday night, we were playing cards near the pool, (because they lock the clubhouse at 9 PM) and we noticed a lot of the "lot owners" taking food into the clubhouse. We could see they were having a big party, and we knew we weren't invited.

 The jeep isn't going to be ready until next week, so we will be hanging out here for a few more days. That is OK with us, because Pioneer Days start the second of March, that is Wauchula's big event this time of year. We were told they have a big flea market with vendors selling almost anything and everything, and there should be a few selling RV stuff, and since we are looking for a few things for the rig we are excited about attending our first Pioneer Days. I'll tell you all about it in a future blog so keep reading.......

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