Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Solomon's Castle

The last update we were going to Solomon's Castle the following day, and we did.

Solomon's Castle is in Ona FL. Solomon moved to FL back in 1972 from Russia, he bought the land and started building his castle. Solomon recycles almost everything, the siding on his castle he gets from the local printing shop, it is the aluminum plates used to print the papers. A lot of the art work in his castle is made from junk auto parts. He uses chains to make hair for some of his statues, pistons for bodies, and the lists goes on and on.

 It was well worth the $10 they charge for the tour, although I think the tour groups could be a bit smaller than the 14 people the require to have a tour. we were lucky enough to meet Solomon in person, he is a small man in his mid 70's. His art shows how vivid his imagination is, and how talented he is with his tools, including his hands.

 Other than going to Solomons Castle we haven't done much here at SKP Resort. My back is a lot better, I can move now without cringing in pain. The Jeep Dealer is working on the jeep, we stop in to check on it every few days, and today they the right corner panel cut out and was getting ready to replace it and the piece under the tailgate. They say the jeep could possibly ready by Friday, and that would tickle us.

 Enterprise shocked us today, they called and informed us the Kia we had needed a service right away and wanted us to bring it in and exchange it. When I told him we were in wauchula he said he could have someone meet us to exchange the the Kia for a Silverado. (what we wanted in the first place) So now people here in the park think we trade cars every week.

  We did find a great place to eat, Paul's Kitchen. We ate lunch there today since we were detained by enterprise for the vehicle switch. I had a Grilled Ham and cheese (real ham) sandwich, fries, all you can eat soup, (chicken oriental today) and all the tea I could drink, (including a glass to go) for $4.95, and Marcia had the same except she had a grilled chicken sandwich for $4.95. Their other prices on the other foods was pretty good too. I'm sure we will make it back to try some of the other foods.

 I'll update again so stay tuned......

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