Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inverter Issues

We have had issues with our inverter ever since we bought the rig, for some reason we have to have the inverter on to watch tv, even if we are plugged into shore power.

I put a post about it on the escapee forum, http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=95202
and got some good information about what the problem is. As you can see in the picture if you close it has a circuit breaker that is messed up. For some reason the electricity coming from the shore power is not getting through the inverter to the TV without going through the inverter. The conclusion is a bad transfer switch inside the inverter, possible caused by the messed up circuit breaker.

The main reason for this blog post is so I can have a link to the picture to post on the forum so the guys helping me can see it.

We will be leaving Yuma tomorrow if the etch-a-sketch doesn't change overnight. We have enjoyed being here at Kofa Co-op, enjoyed a couple trips to Mexico where Marcia got new glasses, and contacts, and we have enjoyed the hot tub here. ( I enjoy them anywhere).

Tomorrow we head to Gila Bend. Not much there, but at the air station we can have full hookups for $7 a night and free use of the laundry room. We will make a couple day trips to see sights we want to see, some for the first time and some to see again.

Until the next time.............

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