Monday, November 7, 2011


 Pam and Marcia decided Laughlin would be a good weekend getaway, mainly for Pam and Jon because we are already on an extended weekend getaway. Ours started in May of 2007 when we sold the house and moved into the RV.

 Pam worked really hard getting us all reservations at the Colorado Belle, but the main lady she normally deals with was not working so she could only get their room. She did however get it cleared for us to park the RV there for the weekend, so we all me there Friday.

 We spent several hours playing slot machines in the casino, and taking advantage of their free drinks. We all decided to meet up at 6 pm for dinner, and we had a pretty good meal in the "Brewery". They make their own beer, and serve all kinds of food. After eating we went to the RV to play some farkle, and that is when things went down hill fast.

 Barney Fife was on duty as the security guard, and he said we couldn't be inside the RV. When I tried to explain that we had it all cleared with the casino, and even had a parking permit from the casino. Well he quickly explained that the county didn't allow it unless the casino had a permit to allow dry camping, and they didn't have one.

 Now Pam was a little embarrassed, and we all were frustrated, but Pam went into action. She went inside and found the lady that gave her the permit, and explained it all to her. She agreed it was her mistake so she comped us a room for the weekend. I thought that was pretty good.

 The next day I was in the RV watching the KY football game, I had the generator running, kicked back and enjoying the game when another security guard stopped by and informed me that even though we had a room there we wasn't supposed to be inside the RV. But he said it was such a nice day that he would let me finish watching the game.

 I guess the county passed some law to make the casino's buy some permit to allow dry camping and the Colorado Belle didn't fork over the $$. The Pioneer Casino next door had " FREE DRY CAMPING" on a large sign next to the road, so I guess they paid the fees.

 Bottom line is we had a pretty good time with Pam and Jon, and they do have a pretty good deal going with the Colorado Belle, as they get all their food, and drinks comped by the casino, plus they get a suite with a large balcony over looking the Colorado River.

 I was really happy to leave, I like sleeping in MY BED. We are now parked at " HI JOLLY " a free area of the BLM land just north of Quartzsite. We will head to Yuma tomorrow or the next day for a week or two........

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