Monday, November 21, 2011


 We spent almost a full week in Gila Bend, the Aux air station has a fam-camp with about 60 sites. Full hook-ups and free laundry for less than a lot of places charge to dump your tanks. The only problem is there is NOTHING around there.
We left Yuma last Tuesday and drove to Gila Bend. We got all set up in the fam-camp, was greeted by several of the rv'ers that spend the entire winter there, and made it to the 4 PM happy Hour. We were introduced to all that were there, and had a good time listening to all the gossip.

 One bad thing about this fam-camp is that don't have the same rule as Escapees have about talking politics, or bringing pets to the happy hour. One lady was very outspoken with her political views, and you could tell she enjoyed being that way. And one couple had to bring their "puggsly" to every get together, I really enjoy the Escapees Boondockers rule about not bringing your pet to gatherings. You may love your pet more than anything, (and that is the main problem) but I'm not an animal lover, and watching some one's pet sit and stare at someone eating is disgusting. ( I'm not an animal hater either )

 The following day we drove into Gila Bend and had lunch at McDonald's. Then we drove around town look things over. After that ten min was over we headed back to the rig. I got caught up on a lot of things I have been wanting to do. I finished Corey's walking stick, fixed the leak in the water hose where I had installed the water filters' and got started on a chair I'm re-doing.

 The next day we just chilled, and the following day we drove down to Ajo. Ajo is another small town but there are many paths to play around on in the jeep. We spend a couple hours just riding around in the desert admiring the beauty.

 We had so much fun in Gila Bend that we decided to leave a day early. We really did enjoy our time there, but I can only take so much of nothing. Even though we were paid up until tomorrow we left today. Our plan was to spend the day at the casino in WHY AZ. but they don't allow overnight parking there so we didn't stay.

 I really would have liked to spend a day or two in that area, there are plenty 4x4 trails and the Organ Pipe Cactus N. M. is a beautiful place. The cactus are so plentiful and they are so huge it is really impressive. So I'm thinking we may head that way when we return from KY next month. I know there are plenty of places to dry camp around Why, but I just wanted a casino to park at.

We will hang out here for a couple days before we head up to my aunt Arlene's for a couple weeks..........

Thanks to any of you that did the survey I posted, our daughter thanks you too.......

Why is a small town in southern AZ, it was named after the roads that form a Y.

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