Monday, March 12, 2012

After Tucson

  I knew we was going to encounter some cool, or cold weather after we left Tucson. The extended forecast told me all about it, but I figured we would be at Ft Huachuca with full hookups so I wasn't worried. We arrived at Ft Huachuca Monday afternoon and all was well. We was able to get Jon's stuff and load it on the motorcycle rack.

 The thing I had not figured into the plans was "reservations", and apparently the fam-camp at Ft Huachuca does reservations. The weather was forecasting heavy winds for the 7th and 8th so I thought we could stay put and wait out the wind. Well because of "reservations" the park was full on the 7th and I chose not to move into the overflow area for one night.

 So Wednesday AM we pulled out fighting the wind. I was happy the wind was blowing the direction we were going. we made a stop in Douglas AZ and walked across the border and back so we could get another cheep carton of smokes. $10 a carton sure beats the $50+ they cost most places in the States. We did have a lot of dust to tend with driving to Columbus NM, some places you couldn't even see the road for the dust blowing across it.

 We did make it to Pancho Villa's State Park in time to slide back across the border to the pink store. We try to eat there when ever we are close because we get good food for a fair price, and they throw in free Margaritas. While there two guys made a comment on my U K sweatshirt, and after talking with them I found out one was a student and the other a teacher from northern KY. The teacher brings a group of students to El Paso where they stay in a shelter for 5 days. This was their 6th days so they were celebrating at the Pink Store.

 We did meet the remaining students as we were leaving, and the teacher said he may try to visit us this summer while we are at the Cumberland Gap National Park. It is strange that we can meet a group from KY while we are in Mexico. After we left the Pink Store we returned to the rig and rock and rolled all night with the wind.

 The next AM the wind had died down and we pulled out headed to Ft Bliss TX. Ft Bliss was my last duty station as a soldier. Coming back to Ft Bliss brought back many old memories, but everything has changed. We drove out to Biggs Field where I worked and lived, but nothing there was the same as when I left. All the buildings have been replaced with newer buildings.

 We spent an afternoon at the new Post Exchange Complex, WOW is all I can say. I see it as a total wast of good money. It isn't just a new PX, it is a complete mall. There is a new commissary, large class six store, 5 screen theater, a complete block of unrented stores, and then the PX and all the little shops you usually find in a PX.

 Yes the weather did turn cold for us, but we were able to keep warm running the heat pumps and electric heaters. I didn't get out much for a couple days so we didn't do a lot while we were here. Today we did make the trip to White Sands National Monument, and I'll do another blog on it after I down load the pictures.

Until the next time......................

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  1. Joe:
    I didn't know you were stationed at Ft. Bliss. I was stationed there after I got back from Vietnam. I was there from November, 1970 until August, 1971 when I was discharged. I have been back and you are right, everything has changed.


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