Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Update

We spent a couple days at the Ranch in Lakewood NM. The Ranch is the second (I think) co-op park started by Joe and Kay Peterson. The story I got was Joe wanted a park close to where he grew up so he ask a childhood friend about some property. He was offered 15 acers anywhere on the ranch, so he picked 15 acres in the middle of the ranch.

 So"The Ranch" got its name, it also has an electric fence around it to keep the cattle out of the park. The Ranch also has the reputation of being the friendliest park, and I have to say everyone we saw was very friendly. They have recently added R/O (reverse osmosis) water to every site in the park, and it is almost worth the drive to the Ranch to fill your fresh water tank with the R/O water.

 Another good thing about the Ranch is it is miles from anywhere, which is also one of the bad things, so we only stayed long enough to visit Roswell and see the park. We headed to Pecos TX where the last of the 9 rainbow parks was for us to visit. We can now say we have been to all the rainbow parks, and need only 3 more co-op parks to have been to all the escapee parks.

 The park in Pecos didn't impress us at all, and I was really happy we didn't go there when Marcia was camp hosting. The office is open from 8 to 10 am and 3 to 7 pm, and I "assume" that is to accommodate the workers that stay there. The clubhouse is an old mobile home and it was locked at 11 ish when we arrived, and that was all I needed to tell Marcia we were not staying. We have been there and that is good enough for me.

 We fought the TX winds all the way to Del Rio TX where we found the fam-camp at Laughlin AFB. A beautiful little park where we just sat for two days waiting on the winds to settle enough to head on east.....


  1. We spent a week in Pecos one night.

    Safe Travels!!

  2. Maybe we'll live vicariously through you (and Jim & Nanc's comment) and skip Pecos all together. ;-)

  3. Hay we stayed 2 nights in Pecos with Lesle and Bill just because of the wonderful Alberto's Mexican Restaurant in town...one of the top two best IMHO. The best being The Pink Store! The museum is very interesting also.


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