Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Sands National Monument

 This is our third time going through El Paso TX heading east. The first time was in 2008 after our graduation in Q. We met Fay and Jay Carter at one of the truck stops for lunch that day. I had called Fay to ask where they were and when she told me I realized we were only a few miles from them, so I ask her what was for lunch. I told Marcia we were going to the Carter Cafe for lunch, and she was shocked to see the Carters sitting at the truck stop when we pulled in.

 The second time in 2010 we were on a mission to get to the RGV. (a big mistake) So this time we stopped at the Fam-Camp at Ft Bliss and spent a few days. We both had White Sands NM on our bucket list. The weather was terrible the first couple of days. We didn't get out much because we didn't want to break out the heavy coats again. Monday was the first decent day with highs in the lower 70's, ( I like 70's) so we took advantage of the weather and headed to White Sands NM.

Once we got things ready I set the GPS, May Be Leen, for White Sands NM. We were both surprised when she said continue on hwy 54 77 miles. I was thinking it was only about 50 miles away. Oh Well!!!

When we arrived Marcia got her stamp in the visitors center and I got my sticker. We elected not to buy the $14.95 saucer to slide down the dunes on, even if they would buy them back at $5. Then it was on to the gate where my inter agency pass got us in without paying. I love my pass!!!!

Here Marcia is standing beside the Jeep, and if you didn't know where we were you might think this stuff was that dirty four letter word, SN**.

It is amazing how white the sand really is.

Kids young and old were having a grand time playing in the snow, I mean sand.

It really is a beautiful place, and if it is a sunny day you do need sunglasses.

More at play.

I thought this couple was going to belly flop and slide down the dune because at the top they were simulating a diving position as if they were on a diving board. But they chickened out and just walked down with him helping her all the way.

The park has a couple picnic areas with several of these shaded tables for anyone to enjoy.

Marcia did have to get some sand between her toes, but unlike snow she didn't sink in.

The 8 mile road that takes you through the center of the dunes is an easy road for any car or truck, and even though it looks like that dirty four letter word you won't get stuck if you stay on the roadways.

It was a good day and well worth the drive from Ft Bliss.

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