Monday, December 24, 2012

The Kids visit Mickey

 We moved from Sumter Oaks last week to the Orlando Thousand Trails Park so we could be close to Disney World while Corey and his family were in town. We arrived a couple days early so we could be well rested for the busy week Jennifer had planned at Disney.
 We spent the weekend resting up and Monday the kids arrived. It was pure pleasure seeing them and the little Miss Jaelynn was the icing on the cake. Her smile with that long curly red hair had me wanting to squeeze her tight.
 They went to their morel room after diner and we returned to the RV. The plan had been set for the next day, I was taking Marcia to Shades of Green to get the tickets at a discount using our military I D card. Then we were to meet the kids where I would drop Marcia off so she could go with the kids to Disney while I returned to the rig to wait for a call to pick Marcia up.
 Around 6 pm I started towards the "Mouse"s House" to pick up Marcia while the kids did a late night thing lasting until midnight. I was about a mile away from the pickup point when I got a call to pick Marcia up. I thought I was doing good until they ask for McDonald's hamburgers. One hour later I was almost back to the pickup site with burgers, fries, and a Mickey Dee's Sweet Tea. I won't get into where the GPS sent me to find a McDonald's, only that it took me an hour to get back to where I was.
 All the kids had fun at Disney, Marcia included. I was wore out from the two trips I made and could only imagine how tired they must have been after walking all day fighting the crowds, and standing in lines. I decided I would just wait at the RV the rest of the week and let them have their fun.
 They all spent four days running around the Mouse's House and then Saturday morning Corey Jennifer and Miss Jaelynn had breakfast with Mickey and his friends. Miss Jaelynn wouldn't eat her waffle because it had Mickey's Face on it, but she had no problem eating the Mickey shaped pancake Sunday morning the Marcia made for her.
 We had a good day together Saturday at the CG. Even though it was on the cold side for FL we were still able to play a round of putt-putt. Miss Jaelynn did really well for her first time playing. Later the kids gave Marcia and myself a surprise birthday party. Since we are almost never anywhere close to the kids on our birthdays they felt it was a good time to give us a little party. Thanks Kids!!!!
 The kids loaded up and left out this am, it was great that they were able to visit and everyone had a good time. Now that nothing else is planned we are free to head south anytime. We have the reservations here until Friday and haven't seen much of Nick and Terry, or Dave and Jean so getting in some visiting is on our list before we head deeper south chasing the 70's and trying to avoid the cold nights........

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