Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cummings South Orlando

 We left the Thousand Trails Park Friday with the "etch-a-sketch" showing a quick stop at Cummings to get an oil drip from the drain plug fixed, and then south to warmer weather. I guess the road was a lot rougher than I though because the :etch-a-sketch got shaken up pretty bad.

 Back in Aug. we had taken the rig to MI where the chassis was built to have it serviced. I though that since they built it they would be the best to service it, but I was wrong again. I noticed an oil drip around the drain plug back in November so I called Spartan and complained. The guy at Spartan was really nice and said to take the rig to any Cummings dealer to have it fixed and they would cover the costs.

 Everyone knows I'm a little slow at some things and it took me until yesterday (Friday) to get it to a dealer to have it fixed. Once the mechanic looked it over he found not one, not two, but three leaks. The oil drain plug, the hydraulic reservoir, and the main seal. From no leaks last year to a visit to Spartan for service, and now three leaks???? Spartan is taking care of the costs on the oil and hydraulics, but won't cover the main bearing. We do have an extended warranty so it should cover the main bearing and we won't be out much $$.

 All three leaks could be fixed in one day if (mighty big word for just two letters) they had the parts on hand, and they hand the go from the insurance. Spartan has to send the gasket for the hydraulics and that could take a few days and because New Years Day and the weekend we will be here until Monday, Maybe even Wednesday if they don't get the part and the OK Monday AM.

 So now the "etch-a-sketch" has us sitting here until all the work is finished. We really don't have a problem sitting here, Cummings does have 50 amp service and water set up in a nice area in the back corner of their lot. Behind us is a nice large pond, (they called it a lake) and then past the pond is a golf course. There are four sites here, and tonight there are three rigs, the property is all fenced in and we have the code for the gate so it doesn't get much better.

 This does put the brakes on us heading south, but the weather isn't going to be as cold as it has been so we will be A O K..............

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  1. Its never good when one of us writes about repairs. Hope your heading south soon!


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