Monday, April 8, 2013

Hanging out in Mims

We left KW a week ago, spent the first night at the casino where Beth (Marcia's BFF from KY) treated us to the seafood buffet. I think it was $19.95 and she got a buy one get one free coupon for signing up for the casino's players club. I'm not a sea food guy, but I do like my crab legs and shrimp. Beth and myself did a number on some grab legs that night, and I have to say they were the best crab legs I have ever had. All of them were huge legs and they had them hot or cold. Thanks again Beth...

The next day we drove to what has turned out to be one of our favorite Passport America Parks, Seasons in the Sun. It advertises as a motorcoach resort, but there are a lot of 5ers and a few tag alongs mixed in with the "motorcoaches". The park has a nice clubhouse, two swimming pools (1 heated) and my favorite, a hot tub.

 We enjoyed the sunshine at the beach a couple days before Beth had to fly back to KY. I know we always say our home on wheels entertains 8, dines 4, and sleeps 2, but there are a few people we make exceptions for, like our kids and Beth. Then we had a couple days of "bad" weather, a cold front came through and there were a few thunder storms north and south of us, but we we blessed and only got the rain and wind. When the front came through it got the better of me and I spent a couple days in bed re-couping.

 Today Ron and Elaine stopped by, they are the first Escapees we met while on the road back in 2007. We were both staying in the Lexington KY area and Marcia and I road our motorcycles to the CG they were staying at and spent the afternoon together. Tonight we enjoyed an outstanding Chinese buffet here in Mims. Thanks Ron and Elaine for a terrific afternoon and evening.

 Now we are hanging out waiting for our appointment to take the rig to a shop to have a few things repaired. The AC/heat pump we had replaced a couple years ago is making a lot of noise so we are having that checked out. Our water pump quit working a few days ago and since we bought the extended warranty we will let them change it out and pay the deductible which is half the cost of the pump, and I don't have to do the changing.

 After that we will take the Kountry Star back to Cummins and have them fix the gen that quit working just after we had them change the fuel and air filter back in Jan. I'm thinking the guy that changed the fuel filter messed up the cooling system when he was fighting with the upper fuel hose while changing the fuel filter, so I want them to fix it if it does turn out to be their goof-up.

 Depending on how long the repairs take I'm thinking we will move up to the Jacksonville area sometime next week. There are several military fam-camps in that area and I want to check them out.
 From Jacksonville we have nothing on the "etch-a-sketch" until Marcia's eye appointment in Knoxville TN the last week of May.

Sorry no pictures today, but there is always tomorrow.....

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