Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where does the time go?

  Just yesterday I did a blog about us hanging out in Mimms, well at least is seems like yesterday but looking at the calender I see we have been here at the Thousand Trails in Clermont for two weeks already.

  We left Mimms and went to Campers Connection to have some things repaired on the RV, (nothing major) that was two weeks ago today. They guys at Campers Connection were great, they did the inspections required for our extended warranty and told us they would call us and let us know when to bring it back for the repairs.

 Our membership with the Thousand Trails came in real handy since the Orlando TT is only a few miles from Campers Connection, so that is where we went to hang out until we got the call to take the RV back in for the repairs after the extended warranty gave their approval.

 The park is OK but not one of my favorite choices. The hot tub is nice, the two pools are heated, the weight room has several tread mills and a couple weight lifting gadgets, and the club house has a lot to offer in the way of things to keep you occupied. But a lot of the people seem to go from one TT park to the next and we have a hard time connecting with RV'ers that want a TT park to be their home. Nothing good or bad it's just not our desires.

 We got to see Jean and Dave while we were here, but I didn't get one of Jean's famous Massages. ( she is the best ) And we did meet several new friends here, Marcia played "pickle ball" a few days. Thanks to all the pickle ball players for helping her out, she is learning. I even hit a few balls with her a couple times, but it didn't take long before I knew I would be paying for it later. In any competition I want to give 110% but my medical conditions won't let do the physical parts so I end up paying the next day.

 We got our direct TV straightened out, the guy came out and checked out the KVH dome on the roof, set us up with two regular boxes and arranged for us to send the gennie back, and our monthly bill dropped almost $20. Although we are not happy with the used box he gave us trying to save us a few bucks and make a few extra bucks for himself. If we don't get it straightened out I will be doing a very negative blog about him in a couple days.

  The other day Walt and Donna drove over to visit and we went to Manny's for a fabulous steak. Walt and Donna just happen to be the very first rv'ing couple we met back in May of 2007 at a Live on Wheels rally in Bowling Green KY. While we were visiting and enjoying the good steak at Manny's we talked about some good times we have had together. One of the "good times" was at "The Oaks Bar and Grill" near Seffner FL.

 We had such a good time at the oaks we decided we would find out if they still do the all you can eat rib like they did two years ago when we all were in that area. (its about an hours drive from where we are now) Walt being the good guy that he is offered to find their number and call to see if they still had the all you can eat ribs, if it was still $10, and what night they had it.

 The following day we got the call, Tuesday nights, YES, all you can eat ribs, and YES still $10, so we got the "Etch-a-Sketch" out and made the plans for a rib devouring night. ( I might have traced over the lines with a sharpie so they wouldn't get erased by that Etch-A-Sketch).

 Yesterday afternoon as soon as the mail room here at the TT park opened we got the package to send the gennie back to direct tv. Then we were off to Lakeland FL to meet up with Walt and Donna at their new home, then Walt drove us all to THE OAKS BAR and GRILL where we pigged out on some FANTASTIC RIBS. Where else can you get all you can eat ribs for 10 bucks? Now these are some good BBQ ribs that fall off the bone when you pick them up.

 Today we take the rv back to Camping Connection to get the repairs the extended warranty is going to pay for, and as soon as they are finished we head to Cummins of Orlando to get the gen repaired, (that's a whole nuther story)..
SO stay safe and until the next time....................

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