Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Northward Bound

  Spending the winter in Key West can spoil someone. We arrived in KW Jan 6th and left the first of April, the coldest temps we had was 57 degrees. A little below my 70 mark, but not near as bad as the last couple nights in Columbia SC where it got down to 44 degrees. This is mid MAY and it shouldn't get that cold, or I shouldn't be that far north.

  As everyone knows we brought a jet ski from Orlando to deliver to our son in Cumberland gap. Pulling doubles doesn't bother me at all, it does make getting fuel a little tricky if you don't watch out.
Monday Marcia left me sitting in Columbia SC. She took the jeep and the jet ski and took off to Cumberland Gap and I was left with the rig.

 Now for all of you out there that is just waiting for me to kick the bucket so you can latch on to the best wife in the world, or for the ones wanting to hook up with me to get all my $$ (both dollars) Marcia wanted to see Miss Jaelynn graduate pre kindergarten, and I wanted to stay where it was warmer until the last cold front moved through, so we decided she could go a head with the jeep and the ski and I would wait until the cold front passed before I brought the RV to Sevierville, and we would meet at River Plantation RV Resort today.

 Last night being one of my "those nights" I was up before the sun, in fact I had ate breakfast and had the RV ready to roll before the sun came up. I still had to have my headlights on as I pulled out of the FamCamp at Ft Jackson SC. (one of the hidden gems of FamCamps) Leaving that early I avoided most of the traffic around Columbia, and was eating lunch in Sevierville.

 As I pulled into the RV Park I noticed Marcia pulling in right behind me. I spent a couple days alone all hunkered down waiting on the cold front to pass, and Marcia had spent the time with our son and his family. It was pretty good timing for her to pull in right behind me.

 We visited with Billie Ford, a lady we met in KW a few years ago. She is unable to spend the winters in KW because of health reasons, but she still stays in her RV here at River Plantation during the summer. Tomorrow we will tour part of the Smokie Mtn National Park, ( Marcia needs to get her stamp from there) and Friday we will move the rig into the park or we will move to one of the state parks between here and the CGNHP where we volunteer June and July.

 It has only taken us six weeks to go from KW to Sevierville TN, and we have two more weeks to make it on up to the CGNHP.......... that will be a lot of driving in just two weeks..................

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