Sunday, May 26, 2013

All most "HOME"

OK the title is a bit miss leading because home is where we park it and in the past six years we have been bless enough to be able to call home in all of the lower 48 states. Back to the title "home" is where we were born and raised, Middlesboro Kentucky, and we will be moving the rig to a spot the CGNHP provides for us when we volunteer that is in Middlesboro.

 Now we are at the campground located a few miles into VA. CGNHP is spread out over three states, KY, TN, and VA. The campground is located in the most western part of VA, only a couple miles from where KY, TN and VA meet. When people ask where we are from we often say, "if you look on a map and put your finger where KY TN and VA meet you will cover our old house.

 Since we left KW we have spent a few nights at repair shops, and I hope that doesn't start to be a trend. First it was the awning and water pump, then the gen set had to be repaired and serviced, and last week we had a circuit board go bad. So I hope we are good to go until we do a service on the rig for annual maintenance.  Since we will be sitting for most of this year I'm thinking we may wait until we come out of the keys next year before we do the annual service.

 It is good to see the kids, grands, and family we are looking forward to spending the next two months with them. Volunteering for the park gives us a place to park while we visit and it keeps us busy enough that we enjoy being parked for that long. ( 6 months in KW is going to be different )

 Tomorrow we will move the rig to "our" spot in Middlesboro (if the current occupants are gone) before we go to our first official family function, a cookout at Corey and Jennifer's.

Life is good, and we are blessed..................

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