Monday, May 6, 2013

Slow migration north

I knew we should have stayed longer in the Keys. I have been telling myself that ever since we left, and next year Marcia's camp hosting position will keep us down there long enough. We stopped along the coast of GA and got caught between two nasty lows.

 The weatherman explained it all on TV, how the low in the Atlantic was just hanging around, and another low in the Gulf was slowly moving our way. The problem was the low in the Atlantic wasn't moving so the low in the gulf couldn't move, and we were caught in the middle. That gave us several days full of rain, wind, and nasty weather. We did survive, and tomorrow we will move a few more miles north.

 We still have a couple weeks before our first doctor appointment in Knoxville TN, so we will ease into SC tomorrow where we will spend a few days, maybe a couple weeks, at the TT Park. The length of the stay will depend on how we like the park and the area. Our two weeks in the TT system would be about the right timing for us to wind up in Knoxville for the first appointment. (we can stay at one park for two weeks in the TT system)

 We do still want to spend a day or two at the casino in Cherokee NC, and a night or two at a CG in Gatlinburg TN to visit a friend we met in KW a few years ago. Billie is unable to make the trip to KW for the winter anymore so we will have to see her in TN.

 Maybe the blackberries will bloom out soon.............

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