Friday, July 26, 2013

Another season almost gone

 Where does the time go? It seams like yesterday we were pulling into our site here at the CGNHP, but in reality we only have four nights left here. Marcia will put in her time at the visitors center this weekend and then we will start packing everything up and getting everything done before we head out on the 31st.

 Marcia has been busy this year, she has done several hikes with the last one being almost 12 hours. Marcia, Beth, Ranger Caroll and Corey did the hike up to the sand cave and the white rocks. The white rocks has been a land mark for travelers for many many years. Daniel Boone used the white rocks a guiding landmark when he blazed a trail from the east to the wild wild west.

 We took a day trip to Big South Fork National recreation area. It is a beautiful park with a very nice campground. It has two campgrounds one in KY and one in TN, we checked out the one in TN. I was SHOCKED when we saw only two campers in the entire park, and one of those was a host. The only draw back was the road going in from the east, it was a winding road with very steep grades and sharp curves. Driving the road in the truck showed me not to take the RV there, and that might be why the CC is empty.

 When we sit for an extended time it makes it really hard to do a blog, so maybe when we leave I will do better at keeping the blog more up to date....
 But until then it is what it is...........................

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